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Tag Archives: Aino Unlocked

Moshi for iPad
  • Sony Ericsson recently released the second firmware update for their touch-drive Aino Unlocked phone.  This latest firmware update reduces the power usage, improves the overall stability and adds a bunch of themes.  In addition to the longer battery life the new Aino firmware also brings new video codec support (MIME-type MPEG4-generic), improved WLAN and Bluetooth coexistence and three band new themes.  You will also get a new game called Bubble Town 2.

    It appears as if Sony Ericsson is fully committed to delivering nice firmware updates through their entire line of mobile phones.  Earlier this year we saw new firmware updates for Satio, Yari and Xperia X2.  The Xperia X2 has been updated with video telephony and FM radio apps while the Satio’s firmware was given WVGA video recording, direct upload to Facebook and YouTube plus DLNA support.  The Yari also has two new games and improved battery life.  Also, Sony Ericsson recently announced a major Android 2.1 update to the Unlocked  Xperia X10 which is suppose to add HD video recording to the already impressive specs sheet of the smartphone.

    It is nice to see Sony Ericsson still paying attention to their current and older models of cell phones to enhance their users’ experience.  It seems that many times these cell phone manufacturers worry too much about releasing the next latest and great smartphone that they forget to pay attention to the ones they currently have on the market.  Often times there will be several bugs or quirks related to a certain phone and instead of fixing these issues cell phone companies will just release a new device hoping that people will upgrade their phones.  By continually adding upgrades to these devices they will surely keep their current customers happy and will more than likely be rewarded with repeat business.

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