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Moshi for iPad
  • Palm is a leading mobile products company which has been manufacturing PDA’s and smartphones. The PalmOne Company was established in the year 1992 and since then it has been providing high quality services to its customers in the field of communication. Palm phones are known for their distinct style and great functionality. It has been manufacturing powerful mobile devices that can cater very well to business needs. The Palm mobile phones combine features of a GSM phone and PDA in a single handset. Some of the smartphones from its product line are listed below:

    Palm Centro:  The Palm Centro supports a palm operating system 5.4.9 that can run the applications released on the previous versions of Palm as well as other latest applications. This smartphone is a complete package containing a full QWERTY keyboard, touch screen, 1.3 MP Camera, 64 MB memory, micro SD memory card, document viewer( Microsoft office 2007 files, Adobe PDF files), Google maps, Bluetooth v1.2 and more. It is available in both GPS as well as CDMA technologies.

    Palm Treo 680: This phone is a successor to its previous version Palm Treo 650. Palm Treo combines several features like QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth wireless technology, MP3 player, a digital camera, email, organizer, messaging, and web access all in a single handset. You can choose this cell phone from a range of four colors arctic, copper, crimson, and graphite.

    Palm Treo 750:  This is the first mobile from Palm which works on Windows Mobile Operating system rather than on the Palm operating system. This superb looking phone combines several features of its previous versions along with some additional features. The phone comes with a GPS/GPRS standard, UMTS, a 3G wireless-networking, 1.3 MP camera, memory card slot.

    Palm Treo 800w: This is one of the latest phones from Palm which is also equipped with Windows Operating System. This is a great phone that can simplify your business needs. The phone contains an easy to navigate QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi button, Outlook for reading e-mail, GPS, Palm shortcuts, touchscreen for viewing and reading documents.

    Palm Treo Pro: This phone is meant for highly active people and for those who need to find a quick solution to their business problems. This smartphone works at a speed of 3G and hence you can use this smartphone to quickly respond to your email needs or to keep a track on your appointments and contacts. Using Wi-Fi you can easily access your popular websites like Youtube for sharing and videos and some other websites for viewing the latest news and sport updates. Stay connected with world through this exquisite phone.


    Palm has come a long way in the past few years.  Being written off and left by most consumers the company has definitely bounced back and we at are definitely looking forward to what the future holds for Palm

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