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  • Unlocked HTC ( EVO 4G ) can soon be available for you at an amazing price of $149.99. The company does provide an initial $100 Best Buy rebate which makes this phone available to you for a price of $199. However it has come to our attention that Sprint is secretly offering the customers who are willing to deal with a mail-in discount. This gives the buyer a rebate of $50. Therefore, one can get this phone at an amazingly low rate of $149.99.

    In terms of features, this phone is definitely well loaded. It boasts of

    • 4.3 inch touch screen
    • A really nice 8 GB camera with dual LED flash
    • 1 GHz Snapdragon processor
    • Wi-Fi, 4G connectivity and the novelty of a kickstand for watching movies on the mobile phone.
    • Plus it works on the Android 2.1 OS like Google Unlocked  Nexus One and has the HTC Sense UI skin.

    However availing of this discount, does require some amount of maneuvering on the part of the customer. Once you can get this discount, the hottest Sprint mobile phone could be yours.

    Follow these steps to get the discount that you are looking for-

    • Apply for the phone by using the option which says “buy with new plan”. By this, you can get yourselves on their logs
    • Then you cancel your order. What will happen is that Sprint will mail you, offering you an additional $50 discount hoping that you change your mind. This additional $50 discount is compounded upon the mail in discount of $100.

    Do not fear, this is completely genuine as Sprint is offering the rebate which makes this phone available at this incredible price. This is really cool and we here really like this as it definitely will swing a lot of consumers who would otherwise not have gone for the HTC EVO 4G.

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  • The Drawbacks of the iPhone 4
    Posted on July 2, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    The iPhone craze has gripped the world by storm. There are millions of iPhone users all over the globe, and they are more than satisfied with their beloved iPhones. So naturally, when Apple announced the arrival of the unlocked iPhone 4, millions all over the world were in frenzy. There are many features, which makes the iPhone 4 stands above the rest. Among these features is its camera.

    The iPhone 4’s camera is the best in its class. It has a 5-megapixel camera, and a LED flash. The camera can take photos with excellent clarity and can shoot videos in high definition. The iPhone 4 camera shoots videos in 720p resolution. But there was something that the iPhone 4 could not do. Users found that the phone, what with all its superb features, could not upload videos directly on the internet. Now, this is a very easy task, and all would have thought that the iPhone 4 could carry out this task in the blink of an eye. But it was not so. The phone does upload videos, but minimizes its resolution, and is unable to upload videos at a resolution of 720p. The only way you could upload videos and keep the 720p resolution as well, is to connect the iPhone 4 to your computer, import the video using the import tool of your choice, and then upload it to YouTube or any other site.

    People buy the iPhone because it takes high quality pictures and videos. They like to share videos with friends and family online. They like uploading videos on the go. But the inability of the iPhone 4 unlocked handset to do so will strongly hamper its fan following. Apple spent hours in making a masterpiece, but forgot just this small detail. Hopefully, Apple will look into the matter and will see to it that no such glitches are there in the future.

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  • President Barrack Hussein Obama has introduced many things since his rise to office, and they have been enforced to a great extent also. His most recent enforcement is to boost mobile services for the good of the people.

    President Obama, along with his colleagues in the White House have issued a memorandum, which asks the executive departments and agencies to boost mobile services, so much so that 500 MHz of spectrum will be made available within the next ten years. The spectrum made available will be coming from commercial, as well as federal bands. The memorandum has been issued to the Secretary of Commerce, and the Secretary of Commerce is to work together with the Federal Communications Commission to make Obama’s drive possible.

    According to the President, the era in global wireless technology can only advance if there are more spectrums available. There will be multiple new developments in the fields of wireless devices, networks, new applications, which will help in the progress of economy. But to experiment with these devices and to successfully use them, more spectrums are needed. Since there is a shortage of spectrum, the available quantity should be used more efficiently.

    There has been the issue of scarcity of licensed spectrum available. No new operators are being able to provide wireless broadband services due to shortage of licensed spectrum. And if unlicensed spectrum is used, then there could be no guarantee of either connectivity or that of quality. As more and more people are using unlocked  smartphones and other wireless devices to access the web on the go, it could pose a serious problem for providers. The President’s drive will be a beacon of hope for consumers and providers alike.

    The Obama-led government sees the phone Internet as a major help in bridging the digital divide. The digital divide is in rural areas mostly, and Obama wants to overcome these shortcomings and encourage jobs and innovation.

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  • Electronics retail giant Best Buy wants to get into the cell-phone broadband service. It plans to launch Best Buy Connect brand that will allow store-branded mobile services along with the products it sells. This was posted in the Wall Street Journal, and according to reports, Sprint will be making this foray of Best Buy possible.

    The company has already started circulating advertisements. According to the advertisement, cell phone broadband services will start at $29.99, for 250MB of data service, without a contract. The high-end plans include data services of up to 5GB, at a monthly rate of $59.99. Service contracts with lower rates will also be made available. There will a $35 activation fee, but this can be waived, if the user signs for a two-year contract. Another offering by Best Buy is that customers will be given RewardZone points, which they can build up, and use for discounts and other promotional offers at Best Buy.

    Reports state that this will not be a full-fledged service, and will be limited to a small segment of devices sold by Best Buy. Laptops equipped with the Qualcomm Gobi chipset will be able to make use of this service. The Gobi chipset laptops can roam on either CDMA or HSPA networks.  The service will not provide 4G broadband services, but only 3G.

    This move by Best Buy is a strong, logical extension into its endeavors in cellphone broadband services and products. If Best Buy can both sell a 3G laptop and also provide the broadband service, its profit margin will be huge and unprecedented.

    Best Buy is looking forward to launching this service as soon as possible. It will be a huge step forward by Best Buy in extending its annual revenue income. As for us, we can only wait and see if this venture is worth it or not.

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  • If accessing social networking web pages is what you are primarily looking for in your phone then there is good news for you. Verizon wireless has decided to drop the prices of the Microsoft Kin cell  phones which allow easy access to social networking portals.

    Prices of the Microsoft Kins phones will change as follows

    • · The Kin One will now cost $29 in comparison to its earlier $50 pricing
    • · The Kin Two price will be cut down to half it original to around $50

    However we honestly feel that this will not go a long way in really helping the sales of these handsets to that extent. For the customer, it is important to note that all these handsets do come with the usual two year contract and additional data charges. When you buy these phones, you will be committed to a two year data plan of $30 per month which is comparable to the

    These phones are pretty good in the respect that they allow you to upload your pictures and even videos onto your profiles. However the drawbacks sadly for these nifty phones are numerous, such as;

    • · You cannot download any applications at all hence no games, and
    • · You cannot access special Twitter and other such special clients.

    On the brighter side, there are some updates slated for release from Microsoft which will enable YouTube access and social networking capabilities however we really think that this is not enough. In fact, Microsoft’s soon to be released smart phone platform the Windows Phone 7 which is coming out in a few months time. This sadly will be a killer for many of the phones like the kin. However on the bright side, the positive aspects of the Kin will find its way into the Windows Phone 7.

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  • Nokia is soon going to be launched the still unnamed RM-626 which if early reports are to be believed, is a variation of the soon to be shipped Unlocked Nokia ( N8 ). This new phone will be either classified as N9 or may be as a part of the C series going by the C0 sign on the top left hand corner of the phone. We have managed to check out videos which show off this phone.

    Earlier Negri had given us a tantalizing look at this phone by giving a set of three photographs of a prototype phone from Nokia. However they have given us a four minute hands on video of this phone. After watching this video, we have seen that there is C0-00 marked on the back of the phone, although the phone setting says N00. However this is beside the point as this phone really succeeds in the features that it provides the users.

    In terms of looks, this phone looks really like the N8 but with only slight changes. It is thinner and has a sliding key pad which feels really smooth and dependable. Its keys look similar to the Nokia  N97 Unlocked Gadget which is not necessarily a good thing. However, on the plus side, it has 4 rows of keys rather than the 3 of the earlier. This therefore means that the space bar is finally where it should be. The RM-626 therefore will be a hit among the QWERTY fans.

    Although the N8 comes with a 12 megapixel camera with a Xenon flash, The RM-626 has an 8 megapixel camera with LED flash, however one need not be discouraged as the camera quality is not really that bad. As for the software, this phone seems to be using the Symbian^3 platform which means that the MeeGo and Maemo are going to be disappointed. The prices and availability is still unknown to us.

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  • Based on certain tip offs given to us by our readers, we found recently found out that Sprint had indeed stopped their facility which allowed the users to get over the air software updates for the Unlocked HTC ( EVO 4G ) which some users had earlier downloaded. It has been found out that there were in fact certain issues regarding the updates and in the light of these problems, HTC and Sprint together decided to temporarily halt the availability of this update.

    Up till very recently the updates were pretty easily available as several users had downloaded the update, however with the rate of complaints increasing, the company has decided to suspend the availability of the software update. In this relation we did speak to the people at Sprint who gave us an official comment. They said, “We have received a handful of reports from customers having some issues with the update. In light of this, HTC Unlocked Hero and Sprint have decided to temporarily halt distribution of this software release until we can investigate further.”

    Consumers too have expressed their anger and helplessness in this regard. One of our readers Osilliac told us that, “During my update my EVO just turned itself off. The status light is not even on while it was plugged into the charger. I tried turning it back on but it will not respond.”

    However there are certain conflicting reports too as some readers tell us that at times when you leave the phone as it is, even after it turns off, the update does get completed. This is however beside the point, as there are definitely certain issues with the download. Therefore, it is pretty logical that the consumer will get freaked out when their phone turns off suddenly.

    So do send us your questions regarding this and we too hope that it gets solved soon.

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  • Based on certain photographs which we recently discovered, we are wondering whether AT&T will be soon greeting the Motorola Flipout. In those pictures, we have seen this phone showing certain applications which are definitely AT&T. However this may not be a good thing as AT&T have failed with the introduction of the HTC Unlocked ( Aria ) and Captivate and the Motorola Flipout is yet another sub standard release from the service provider.

    We reviewed the Motorola Unlocked Backflip recently along with the Motoblur. Hence you know what the Motorola Flipout is about as it is basically a smaller Backflip and has a different mechanism by which the screen flips 90 degrees to reveal the keyboard.

    There are however certain plusses to this phone. The Motorola Flipout comes with Android 2.1 and enhanced Motoblur which however we do not think will prove to be of much help to the users. However as is with the newer Motoblur, you can resize your widgets on the main screen thereby you can customize your home screen better which is pretty cool according to us.

    Although we say so much about Motorola’s low end phones, the keypad on this one is actually pretty good and we think that you can actually get used to typing on this keypad pretty well.

    Although we have said so much about the Unlocked Motorola ( Flipout ) coming to AT&T, there is still no confirmation but we think that it is only a matter of time before we actually get it available on AT&T. If Motorola are still trying to make its devices look different from others using the very same software, the company still has to do a lot to make their skins look better and more organized which is a vast change from the clutter that it represents at this moment. Be sure to stay up to date with this story.

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  • RIM announced their financial results the previous night, sporting a grand increment in their revenues since previous year’s outputs and clearly and proudly signifying the extraordinary number of blackberry’s sold. The numbers from the report were astounding.

    • Revenue went up by over 20%, which is a rather humbling figure to come to terms with.
    • Incomes per share also catapulted. Blackberry Unlocked smartphone shipments expanded greatly during the same time last year to an unimaginable amount, almost over ten million. RIM shipped its 100 millionth Blackberry smartphone during this particular period.
    • BlackBerry subscriber account base increased approximately to a jaw dropping percentage of almost 60% over the last year to a hefty amount, aided by a humongous number of subscribers increment.
    • RIM’s Board of Director passed the bill on share repurchase program to buy for nullifying up to over thirty million common shares.

    In the perpetually exciting question period, quite a few number of interesting know-how’s are received. Co-CEO Jim Balsillie proposes a few strategies to this effect. He might have been hinting on gauging the market for companion and tablet devices in organizations and many will vouch for the fact that it was a slight nod of acknowledgement that RIM is actually working- on one. Balsillie also lectured in a fair bit about dual mode operating systems, which could make it possible to swap between “work mode” and “play mode”.

    Mike Abramsky from RBC Capital Markets said that they expected valuation to stick to range bound near term on competitive evaluations but for emotion to grow with rising visibility to improvised competition position and execution.

    William Power from Baird suggested that based on their store visit discoveries and product road maps they expect huger turnovers and better share gains from Android based gadgets.

    Google Nexus One Unlocked Android is sure gaining momentum, but it still remains a mystery how much fight OS 6 can put up.

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  • The Verizon latest models would have to prove their mettle as soon as the iPhone is launched. Verizon is looking into various ways to up its market and make it look bolder and meaner. In fact, Verizon company is doing all that it can to show that it means business ahead of the launch of the Unlocked Motorola Droid ( X )  model and the Apple iPhone 4 model.

    It is rumoured that Verizon Wireless employees had been in a meeting just before the Sunday Store closures. Though store closures are a rarity in case of such big companies but it’s happening nonetheless, though temporarily. It happened in small selected areas before spreading throughout the entire company. The big news that’s making waves is that the Verizon Wireless will be scrapping of the word ‘Wireless’ from its name. The Verizon Company are not holding back on the advertisements and are doing quite a bit of publicity stunts to rake up their products just before the launch of the Apple iPhone 4. The name change is followed by new slogans such as “Verizon, Rule the Air!”

    Except the name change Verizon are leaving everything else just the same. The developers have confirmed that there will be no added extra features with the new Verizon models.

    Sources have confirmed that this is just a marketing strategy which will temporarily change the name of the company. The idea is to shorten the name so as it appears bolder and more intense.

    The meeting that had been mentioned in this passage earlier had also another purpose. It was to decide whether or not the company would incline towards the new  iPhone 4 Unlocked gadget model that is going to be launched recently. Reports are in that Verizon will stick to their android models and putt full effort on their latest Droid X cell phones.

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