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Moshi for iPad
  • The Unlocked  iPhone 4 was long-awaited by people all over the globe. It is a phone which is feature-packed to the brim, and its camera was the finest in its class. The camera is a 5 megapixels, with a LED flash. The camera can shoot videos in high definition, and the flash can stay on while videos are being shot with it. But people are still in doubt regarding the iPhone 4’s camera capabilities.

    It seems that the iPhone 4’s camera is having some yellowing issues with its photos. Images shot with the iPhone 4 camera in indoor lighting and without any flash sometimes have a yellow or green cast to them. The same photo taken with a 3G camera is not having these problems.

    It is still not clear how many of the unlocked iPhone 4s handset  are having the same problem, but if the problem is widespread, then it will be a major concern for Apple. People were excited when they first learnt that Apple was going to upgrade its phone to 5 megapixels. Apple’s main aim was to make the light sensors better for low-light pictures. But now, if all these pictures are going to come in yellow, then it’s all a useless effort on Apple’s part.

    Apple’s smartphone launch has been plagued by bad omens right from the very beginning. It has seen many problems with the phone. The major problem that first cropped up was the reception issue. The iPhone 4, with all its high-tech gadgetry, had reception problems that made users fumed. But Apple has said it has looked into the matter, and will be introducing a software update within a few weeks.

    But despite all these problems, people are still crazy about the iPhone, and still want to get one. On its launch weekend itself, Apple shipped out 1.7 million units. But still it was not enough to meet customer demands. More and more people want the iPhone 4 Unlocked handset. Hopefully, the crazy fan-following of the iPhone 4 will still persuade buyers to invest in one, and turn a blind eye to its camera problems.

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  • Are you one of those crazy soccer fans who just can't have enough of football? Here's something for you to gorge yourself on: the Paragon Software Group, which is a premier software solution provider for mobile phones  and desktop PCs,  along with the German reference book publisher Langenscheidt have launched a version of the UEFA football dictionary for mobile phone users. The application has been launched specifically for Unlocked Apple's iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch and provides definitions as well as translations in the three different official UEFA languages- German, English and French.

    This unique trilingual dictionary contains as many as 5,700 different words which include everything related to the game. Additionally some topics of special interest such as stadium details and security, equipment, medical facilities, media issues, management and administration have been included in this unique one of a kind software.

    Each term's definition is followed by an explanatory note, replete with several examples , synonyms and cross-references wherever applicable. This reliable and authoritative lexicon helps sustain multilingual communication on the field as well as on the sidelines.

    This application is priced at 15.99 USD (12.99 EUR) or at a special promotional price of 11.99 USD (9.99 EUR) valid from June to July 12, to be acquired via download from the App Store or at the Langenscheidt's Web site.

    Salient features include:

    • Over 5,700 specialist terms
    • No Net connection necessary
    • History stores the last 100 articles.
    • Clear the search history.
    • List of similar words in case of misspelt words.
    • Special wildcard card search
    • Flash Card Quiz enables you to add new words to flash cards and test your knowledge as many times as you wish.
    • Landscape mode support.
    • Hyperlinks between articles and directions

    It is compatible with the iPad, iPhone 3GS unlocked gadget  and the iPod touch, running OS 3.0-4.0.

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  • Hike in AT&T’s ETF from June
    Posted on July 7, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    From June onwards, AT&T has hiked up its early termination fees (ETFs) to $325 in what might well be a move to ensure that iPhone users are kept locked in.

    The ETF is the fee that a user is to pay when he/she terminates the service contract. The early termination fees are being raised by the company from $175 to $325, which commenced from the starting of June. Incidentally, this roughly coincided with the expected release date of Apple's unlocked iPhone 4G/HD. This increased amount will be applicable to fresh contracts only and on the other hand ETF on feature handsets will drop down to $150. Renewal of a contract for a new iPhone will however get you into the province of this new ETF.

    Naturally this new policy change is rather a hassle but the underlying logic behind AT&T's decision is not that difficult to fathom. Apple's unlocked iPhone 4G/HD will in all probability be having an entry level price of $199 although AT&T has to shell out around $500 to $600 for a single set. Counting that in the reckoning, along with the number of people who are going to purchase the item, it totals up to quite a tidy sum in subsidies. They should certainly be able to get that money back over time due to the mobile data services of the users. Still, this does give enough of a prod for a rethink of strategies. It's an even greater problem for AT&T as many owners of  iPhones 3GS unlocked handset compulsively upgrade to the latest version on an annual basis, expecting the introductory pricing.

    This move is close on the heels of Verizon's hiking up of its ETF to $350 on "advanced devices" citing similar causes. The increased ETF may be another impediment for current AT&T customers to change, especially after rumours that Apple might go with Big Red, thus endangering AT&T's exclusivity with the iPhone.

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  • Details were obtained about Apple’s "streaming iTunes" feature at the beginning of July. This move by Apple seems to be a neat way to gain entry into the future which will be heavily in favour of cloud-computing. Most signs point toward the fact that we might be in for quite a wait because the various music labels haven't agreed and their approval is required for this to go through.

    Greg Sandroval, who deals with the digital entertainment and media portion of CNET, is of the opinion that the music labels have not acquiesced to this form of service until now, and naturally Apple Unlocked Iphone 4 will not be eager to trigger a confrontation with those that supply its online music store.

    It should also be noted that Apple has not yet obtained the requisite licenses from the four major music recording companies, as has been told by insiders in the industry to CNET. They also confirmed that Apple was indeed discussing the matter with the music labels but the record executives have not yet been intimated of the entire details.

    In the eyes of a few of the top music labels, Apple could allow iTunes users to be able to stream music from a home PC to other devices without the need for fresh negotiations. However, if Apple were to stream songs from its own servers to other computers and other gadgets then Apple must broker a fresh deal, as told by these sources to CNET.

    As an industry, the music sector is still in regressive mode, yet to accept the open-sharing nature of the Internet. Mobile music might be essential in boosting the industry, as exhibited by Rhapsody's iPhone4 Unlocked headset app, rivals Google's Android's streaming and Microsoft with its Zune Passup. Apple iTunes streaming could cross both of these, thanks to its established users, whenever it gets into the scene.

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  • Android’s new baby, the 3.0, or what is more popularly known as the Gingerbread is soon to released but it has come to our attention that the rumor mill got a little over excited and certain news that we had got are not entirely true. This in fact has been confirmed by Android though not through any official statements but tweets. However, we will look at that later. Let us see what the Gingerbread actually does offer us.

    Okay, first and foremost we can definitely say that this version of the Android will be providing the user an experience which is far better than its predecessors. Usage is far easier and smoother in all aspects. The main aim for this enhanced user experience which they have admitted is that they want to be bringing the experience of the little green robot as close as possible to the Unlocked iPhone 4. Although historically this has not been the case as the Android experience has been behind the iPhone. However, we feel that Android should keep in mind that the mainstream Android users only want a smooth user experience.

    Moving onto the looks, Google wants to weed out the need for third party skins as fast as possible. However this is somewhat difficult as the mobile handset manufacturers will be coming up with their skins ala the MotoBlur or the Sense, such that they maintain a unique image in the market.

    Coming back to the false rumors that we had heard, it was said that the Gingerbread needed a 512 MB RAM and a 1GHz processor. This meant that phones like the Motorola Unlocked Milestone  Droid would not be able to use this version. In this relation Dean Morrill Android’s open source and compatibility head has tweeted saying, “do not assume that any rumors floating around are true.”

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  • Android’s new baby, the 2.2 or what is more popularly known as the ‘Froyo’ is all set for its release on the Unlocked HTC (Desire), Legend and the Wildfire. So for the customers who are going to be buying either one of these phones there is a treat which is waiting for them.

    With a much more enhance performance specification, the ‘Froyo’ will give the users a really smooth experience of using their phone. This has in fact been confirmed by HTC. In an official statement which was released by them, company representatives have said, “We want all our customers to have an unbelievable HTC Sense experience on Froyo and are now trying to do what we can to get this update available to users as fast as possible. A variety of models such as the Desire, Legend and Wildfire will soon be getting these updates in the third quarter of the year.”

    Rest assured that if you are not picking these mobile phones from the store and want to go for a Droid or a Google’s  Unlocked Nexus One or even the EVO 4G then you will soon get them with the

    Android 2.2 OS, which in is fact already available on the Nexus One unlocked mobile phone. Customers can rest assured that there is a whole line up of mobile phones which will be carrying this new OS. If all goes smoothly buyers of the HTC Desire, Legend and the Wildfire will have the ‘Froyo’ by the month of July.

    Although there are no mobile updates which have been slated for users of the Desire or the Wildfire there have been announcements made which makes the Hero 2.1 update and the 2.2 update for Nexus One Unlocked handset available for the customers. Stay tuned to know more about this new update of the Android phenomenon.

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  • There has been much anticipation regarding the Unlocked Motorola Milestone ( Droid 2) . But rumors are rife that the Droid 2 will be hitting the shelves on August 23rd, and will be shipping in with the Android 2.2 (Froyo) out of the box.

    This will be the first device in the United States to actually come shipped with the Froyo. The Droid X will receive the Froyo, likely in August. If Motorola can get the Froyo running on the Droid X, then getting it to run successfully on the Droid 2 should not pose much of a problem. This could be an indication that the software will be released for other devices as well, in the near future.  The Droid X will be receiving the Froyo update this August. Moreover, if Motorola can get Froyo to run on the Droid X with its custom skin, it would be an easy task for Motorola to get Froyo on a stock Android device.

    But there is speculation whether the timing for introducing the Droid 2 is healthy for the Droid X’s market. The introduction of the Droid 2 can very possibly steer people away from the Motorola's Unlocked Milestone Droid (X). But some people are of the opinion that the majority will wait for the Droid X, and not opt for the Droid 2.

    The most significant difference between the two handsets is their software. But other than this, the Droid 2 has a QWERTY keyboard. On top of that, the Droid 2 will receive its software updates before the Droid X. So, these are the places where the Droid 2 beats the Droid X. But if people are looking for an entertainment device, then they should opt for the Droid X.

    There’s much speculation over everything; so, its better that people wait and hopefully, the Droid 2 will come out on 23rd August. People will then know for sure which one is better- the Droid 2 or Droid X.

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  • A look at Sprint’s Epic 4G
    Posted on July 6, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    The recent release of Sprint's Epic 4G showcases it's place of pride in Samsung's Unlocked Galaxy S series of devices. This new range of smartphones offer cutting-edge standards in screen real-estate, speed and quality of content resulting in a remarkable user experience.

    Says Steve Elfman, president, Network Operations and Wholesale, "Sprint has now been able to branch out into a new, diverse field with the second 4G-capable smartphone. There are other powerful devices that currently offer such 4G capabilities and the Samsung Epic 4G is the latest recruit.  We value all our customers and as such leverage increased data speeds, thereby providing all users with the ability of gaining all the required functionality and high definition entertainment they need. "

    The Epic 4G boasts a full QWERTY slide-out keyboard has well as WiMax connectivity - somehting which only the Sprint device has in the Galaxy S series, making it quite future-proof as far as connectivity issues go.

    The handset itself is robust and looks like it can stand up to wear and tear. The physical QWERTY keypad is quite easy to manipulate with fingers and doesn't add as much bulk to the phone as might be expected.

    The screen itself it 4 inches, quite large enough for easy use. It's Super AMOLED touchscreen produces brilliantly crisp images.It gives a very realistic rendition of color matching that of original content. The response time is considerably fast, which results in reduction of "ghosting" images.The wide viewing angles prevents distorted or blurred images. The design is on the whole more accurate and has a greater degree of touch-responsiveness.

    "With the Unlocked Samsung (Epic 4G) , we have been able to introduce a new member into our smartphone range. Users will be able to have a mobile fitted with various features including speed and enhanced functionality," says Omar Khan, chief strategy officer for Samsung Mobile.

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  • E-mails have been sent out by Unlocked Palm Pre to the webOS developer community intimating them of Palm's intention of a waiver for the $50 per application submission fee that is required to get on the apps catalog. Moreover, Palm has also said that all current developers are eligible for a refund of their fees submitted previously.

    After its takeover, LogicHP considers Palm and webOS to be “A great source of mobile fun, its not all sunshine and rainbows”. The number of apps in the webOS store has leveled out at around 2,600 for quite a while. The rather stiff $50 submission fee was also a substantial deterrent to coders who might have been interested in developing apps for the PalmOS platform.

    By following the present policy, Palm would have to pay over $100,000. This is not really that hefty a sum, considering its acquisition by HP. Moreover, in a market dominated by the likes of the iPhone 4 unlocked Handset  and  Android operating systems for mobile phones, this may seem like a sensible investment to boost the interest of developers and coders thus giving a shot in the arm to application development for the PalmOS platform. And the App Catalog could definitely use the extra apps that may be coming due to developers homing in on this "too-good-to-be-true" opportunity.

    This is a rather unusual move to entice developers by Palm. Earlier they had waived the submission fee and reviewing process for open-source apps. The present move may also be a desperate attempt to increase sales of its smartphones - the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus.

    There are several disadvantages to this as well. This literal opening of doors may result in spam, bug-prone apps, loss in robustness integrity of code due to an unrestricted submission policy and a lack of quality control.

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  • The T-Mobile company which has launched the Unlocked  Blackberry Curve ( 9300 ) which is better known as the Blackberry Curve has now been spotted in a new metallic purple color which appears much better on the surface from the earlier metal finish mobile phone body which it had earlier.

    The Blackberry curve adds to its popularity as it is really easy to use. In fact it is one of the easiest to use Blackberries which are in the market. This new color which we have seen along with its user friendly working makes this one a good buy. Although for one who may be looking for complex functionalities, they will be a tad bit disappointed. The photographs that we have received are of a purple ‘Kepler’ which is fresh out of the packaging.

    The memory for this mobile is supposed to be 256 MB. However from what we gather, it will not be carrying more than 128 MB which is somewhat disappointing. However you can install a SD card which you can use for your apps and music and videos that you might want to keep on your phone. There is provision for the platform for OS 6 as has been promoted before its release, but the version we have received contains OS 5. If you are looking for further features on this phone then you will be provided with 624 MHz processor and a 3.2 mega pixel camera. Furthermore there is of course the feature of Wi-Fi b/g/n which this phone is supposed to carry.

    This mobile phone is basically an upgraded version of the previously released Blackberry unlocked ( 8500 ) however with the OS 6 it will be a better draw. This smart phone is also available in a series of other colors which offer great combination which are suited for all purposes, be it business or the young buyer.

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