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Moshi for iPad
  • With the growing mobile payments space of around $68 million, AT&T and Apriva have come out with their new app which allows small business enterprises to take in credits and debit cards which their new AprivaPay and AprivaPay Pro applications for smartphones. This will convert all the smartphones which carry these into centers where one can carry out all their sales and hence more money will be flowing.

    It basically works on the principal that if there is a greater chance of accepting payments given to the enterprises then they will be able it increase their business and this will mean more revenue for all the parties concerned here. AprivaPay is an app for Unlocked Iphone 4 which can be accessed through the browser of your smartphone which you can use to get the credit card info down and hence carry out your transaction. The AprivaPay Pro is more advanced software which can be however downloaded onto smart phones and may be linked optionally with a card reader thereby allowing lots of flexibility to the owner of the business which is going to implement this device. This service makes economic transactions very easy for smaller holdings as infrastructure is still a problem in this sector. The AprivaPay can be bought at a rental cost of $14.95 per month and the pro is available at a cost of 5 dollars more and therefore for this small meager amount the enterprise is well set to increase efficiency.

    In terms of reliability, AprivaPay is pretty much a well known name in the world of wireless money payments and has numerous tie ups with several major bank networks all around the world and is a pioneer of the wireless payment technology in the world and they along with AT&T an equally well known entity in wireless mobiles will surely give your business the edge.

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  • RIM announced their financial results the previous night, sporting a grand increment in their revenues since previous year’s outputs and clearly and proudly signifying the extraordinary number of blackberry’s sold. The numbers from the report were astounding.

    • Revenue went up by over 20%, which is a rather humbling figure to come to terms with.
    • Incomes per share also catapulted. Blackberry Unlocked smartphone shipments expanded greatly during the same time last year to an unimaginable amount, almost over ten million. RIM shipped its 100 millionth Blackberry smartphone during this particular period.
    • BlackBerry subscriber account base increased approximately to a jaw dropping percentage of almost 60% over the last year to a hefty amount, aided by a humongous number of subscribers increment.
    • RIM’s Board of Director passed the bill on share repurchase program to buy for nullifying up to over thirty million common shares.

    In the perpetually exciting question period, quite a few number of interesting know-how’s are received. Co-CEO Jim Balsillie proposes a few strategies to this effect. He might have been hinting on gauging the market for companion and tablet devices in organizations and many will vouch for the fact that it was a slight nod of acknowledgement that RIM is actually working- on one. Balsillie also lectured in a fair bit about dual mode operating systems, which could make it possible to swap between “work mode” and “play mode”.

    Mike Abramsky from RBC Capital Markets said that they expected valuation to stick to range bound near term on competitive evaluations but for emotion to grow with rising visibility to improvised competition position and execution.

    William Power from Baird suggested that based on their store visit discoveries and product road maps they expect huger turnovers and better share gains from Android based gadgets.

    Google Nexus One Unlocked Android is sure gaining momentum, but it still remains a mystery how much fight OS 6 can put up.

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  • If the FCC gets its way you might be able to rest a little easier when it comes to your cell phone bill.  In an intitiative spearheaded by Joel Gurin, the head of the FCC’s Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau, the days of seeing an extremely high cell phone bill will become a thing of the past. Gurin is trying to eliminate “bill shock” through a system where phone carriers would notify mobile subscribers via an unspecified method if their current cell phone usage is likely to result in a bill that is significantly higher than their normal monthly plan.

    A similar system has been in place in the European Union since 2009 and has been a resounding success.  Said Gurin: “We’re issuing a Public Notice to see if there’s any reason that American carriers can’t use similar automatic alerts to inform consumers when they are at risk of running up a high bill. This is an avoidable problem. Avoiding bill shock is good for consumers and ultimately good business for wireless carriers as well.”

    I think this a great idea and will help protect consumers from running up an extremely large cell phone bill.  With more and more consumers switching over to smartphones they may not know how much data they are using if they are on a limited plan.  Instead of having to manually check in on their account all of the time the mobile carrier could send them alerts letting them know when they are nearing their monthly data, text or voice limits.  If someone would go over their monthly allotment then it is completely their fault as their mobile carrier did the best they could to alert them that they may be reaching their limits which would result in a higher bill.

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  • If you are a current subscriber to T-Mobile’s 5GB webConnect data plan the recent announcement made by the wireless network may be some good news or bad news depending on how you look at it.  T-Mobile recently announced that the carrier will no longer be charging its $.20 per megabyte overage fee for any data used beyond the 5GB limit.  Instead of these overage fees the wireless network will be implementing bandwidth throttling on any data used on top of the standard 5GB.  While T-Mobile did not say exactly how much they will slow things down this latest announcement effectively makes the 5GB webConnect data plan an unlimited plan. 

    This new data structure will also affect those customers who are on the 200MB monthly plan for their iPhone or other devices.  While these customers will not see any bandwidth throttling they will see their overage charges cut in half from $.20 to $.10 per megabyte.  Both changes are effective immediately.

    While it will depend on how much data you consume via your mobile device for how you view this latest announcement I would take it as a positive addition to their 5GB data plan by T-Mobile.  No longer will you have to incur those nasty overage fees when you use more than your allotted 5GB of data.  Instead now you will just have your data throttled which will mean slower loading times.  Of course if the loading time is so slow that you can not even use the data feature of your device it will be worthless but I do not see T-Mobile making the web that slow.  I know I will welcome the ability to use as much data as I want on my HTC Android device without fears of having an astronomical phone bill.

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  • For those eagerly awaiting the release of the Android 2.1 OS your wait might be over sooner than you think.  In a leaked statement it looks as if Sprint is set to roll out the Android 2.1 to the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment in April.  With all of the anticipation of the Nexus One joining the Sprint Android family of devices this has caused users of the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment to become even more intrigued about this Android 2.1 OS.  This new Android OS is sure to greatly enhance these two mobile devices and make them even better than what they currently are.

     In the leaked statement to Sprint employees it appears that Sprint is actively working on releasing the Android 2.1 platform to the Hero and Moment customers in the coming weeks.  Sprint realizes that consumers don’t only expect more from their wireless devices they demand more from them and are looking to be constantly connected.  With this realization Sprint is actively working towards releasing the Android 2.1 to their customers in the coming weeks.  More information can be expected in April.

    HTC Cell Phones

     Also, Sprint would like to remind their customers that they are the only carrier to have the HTC Hero which picked up top honors as the Best Mobile Handset at the 2010 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  Also, readers have nominated the HTC Hero as their favorite smartphone for the 2010 Reader’s Choice Awards.

    With the addition of the Android 2.1 OS these phones are sure to garner even more attention and praise.  When Sprint rolls out the new Android version customers are sure to be delighted with their mobile devices while waiting for the new products to hit the shelves that will come with even more power and productivity.

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  • Quick Look at the Blackberry Storm2
    Posted on October 15, 2009 by Pure Mobile

    There has been a lot of buzz lately about the highly anticipated Blackberry Storm2. Most have been wondering what improvements have been made and if they are significant enough to make an impact in the industry. Based on the specs we’ve sourced, apparently the Blackberry Storm2 is a good update to the Storm. Some of the new features include a 3.25’’ display with HVGA technology, 3.2 mega pixel auto focus camera, built-in GPS receiver and will be available in both CDMA and 3G networks with HSPA. The Blackberry Storm2 has a battery life of 13 – 15 standby and 5-6 hours talk time depending on the version you go with.


    Vodafone just released information on pre-ordering the Storm2 on October 26th, the phone will initially be available in Europe and South Africa by Christmas most likely meaning it will be available early next year in North America. Based on the buzz around the Internet the Blackberry Storm2 should be a worthwhile update getting RIM closer to having a strong alternative to the iPhone.

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