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  • Whistler Creates Mobile Lift TicketsThe Whistler Blackcomb app is here, and will add another level of flexibility to users who just do not want to wait in line in order to get their lift tickets. The new app will be available, for free, to both unlocked iPhone 4 and Android users. The new app will allow for users to get a number of features that skiers would be interested in having.


    First of all, you will be able to see the weather on the hills which is definitely something that most skiers and snowboarders would be interested in. Then, you will be able to see the kind of condition that the hills are in, which is another important part of taking a ski trip. Finally, you will be able to take a look at the status of all of the lifts in the park, take pictures, and even look at some of the cameras that they have set up around the park. You can even track how high you are on the mountain, and then share it via your favorite social networking site.


    Perhaps the best option that the app will have is the ability to use their cell phone such as unlocked Sony Ericsson Xperia Play as their lift ticket. Users will not have to purchase a paper ticket any more and instead will be able to purchase the lift ticket on their mobile device, and present that to the lift operators at the top of the park.

    Whistler Creates Mobile Lift Tickets

    The app is not currently available but the company said that they expect it to first become available in the near future. It is undoubtedly one of the best and most innovative apps for skiers and snowboarders that we have seen yet. Look for other ski resorts to adopt similar technology here in the near future. It is definitely something that any skier or snowboarder would be interested in.

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  • Google Gets Rid of Malware Posed as angry Birds AdditionsGoogle has been hard at work to get rid of the apps that have made it into their marketplace that contain malware for the Android operating system such as unlocked Samsung Galaxy II, Xperia Play from Sony Ericsson. This is the third time a batch of Android malware has been discovered and has essentially been labeled “Plankton.” Apparently the app had the ability to access a server for instructions on what the app should do next.


    This is a pretty stealthy was for these developers to get their malware into the Android marketplace. With all of the questions that have arisen in recent weeks as a result of all of the malware that has been found in the Android marketplace it is apparent that Google is doing everything in their power to root out the issues.

    Unlike previous apps, Plankton did not use holes in the security of the phone to attack the user, but instead called to instructions that were stored on another server to do its dirty work. They also chose to promote the app as an add on to Angry Birds, which is easily one of the most popular games in the history of mobile. It will certainly be interesting to see how these apps are packaged in the future to get an idea of what to avoid. The hackers also packaged the apps as Cheat Apps for Angry Birds, which helped the apps to spread much more quickly. Previous apps utilized trojan horses that infiltrate the phone such as LG Eve GW 620 unlocked, HTC Desire, etc.. and send text messages to numbers, driving up the cost for the user. Google continues to fight the malware attacks but it is clear that people are looking to exploit vulnerabilities in the operating system. It will be interesting to see how Google responds to these threats moving forward and whether or not they will be able to put an end to the uploading of illegal materials.

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  • New Sharp Android Phone Leaks
    Posted on June 6, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    A new Sharp Android phone has made its way online, and some of the details are suggesting that the phone could be the next version of the popular Sidekick. Judging by the pictures that have leaked online, it definitely looks as if it could be the next version of the Sidekick, although there is no definitive information suggesting that it is the Sidekick at this time. The reason that many people are doubting whether or not the device is the new Sidekick is because the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G was recently released and has been quite popular for the company that was recently acquired by AT&T.

    T-Mobile Sidekick 4G

    The phone in the pictures shows a slide up screen in the same way that the Sidekick as used its screen for the last few years. The device will reportedly have a 3.2 inch display and will also have GPS and a HVGA resolution. Everything seems to be falling in line for the phone to be the next Sidekick, but do not expect the company to announce it any time soon.


    It would not be surprising to see the next Sidekick be on Android such as Unlocked LG GW620 Eve, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc etc.., as they are looking to re-enter the US market in a big way. The device will hopefully have some beefed up hardware that will allow the phone to be used with some more popular apps and games.


    Do not expect the company to comment on this story at this time. The picture that leaked is probably of a prototype and could be of a completely different phone, even if everything that can be told so far points to the phone being the next Sidekick. At this time it is not completely clear where the picture first surfaced from, which will further add to the speculation that the phone might actually be a prototype.

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  • XPERIA Play and HDMI Output
    Posted on June 3, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    One thing that many have wondered is whether or not the XPERIA play has an HDMI output, which would really make the device as a whole much more valuable to users considering the device is meant to play games and many users would like to be able to play games on their television sets if they so choose to. The unlocked XPERIA Play is a device that has been highly touted by does lack a few features that many find themselves yearning for. Sony should have released the device with an HDMI adapter for the mini-USB input, but they have not done that at this time. Most users would like to be able to see the beautiful HD gaming graphics on their HDTV, but apparently that might be a feature that most will have to wait for the next version of the device before receiving it.

    XPERIA Play and HDMI Output

    However, a new developer version of the phone that looks as though it will be making its debut at e3 next week has given some users quite a bit of hope. The device features a new port on the left side of the device. The area of the phone was previously just a place where the chrome face of the phone was, but now it looks like they might be prepping the phone for an apparent addition of an HDMI output, which would answer the requests of many of their users.


    XPERIA Play and HDMI OutputIt will be interesting to see what they have to say at E3 tomorrow. The XPERIA Play unlocked is a device that has received a lot of attention as the first PlayStation branded mobile device with its own dedicated game marketplace, and it looks like Sony is dedicated to fleshing the idea out despite sales that have disappointed many in the early months following the release of the device. However, Sony has remained committed to providing an excellent upgrade with each release of the device.

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  • Pantech will be releasing the worlds first 1.5 GHZ dual core phone for the masses. It is definitely something that a lot of people will be interested in and will qualify as perhaps the most powerful smart phone on the market. The company also announced that they have plans for an upcoming tablet in the works as well, which would compliment the release of the phone quite well, given that the power is more suited for a larger device.

    Pantech to Release Worlds First 1.5 GHz Dual Core Phone

    The company is based in Korea. At this point they do not have a large smart device presence in the Western countries, but they have been able to put together a good line of Android devices like Unlocked Motorola Atrix, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, etc..that compliment other devices well. It looks as though their phone will have the Qualcomm MSM8660 Snapdragon chip, which has been highly touted when used with other devices. It will also come with a gigabyte of RAM and the Adreno 220 GPU.


    The display of the device will be 800 x 480 WVGA resolutions along with an eight mega pixel camera and a 1650 MAh battery. The phone only weighs 120 grams which is surprising given all that the phone comes with. Also, Pantech has announced that they will be getting into the tablet industry when they release a companion tablet for their high powered device.

    Pantech to Release Worlds First 1.5 GHz Dual Core Phone

    The company did not announce when they would be releasing the devices or provide any insight into when consumers can expect to find them on the shelves. If they are official confirming the device it will probably not be all that long of a wait, of course they could just be attempting to build anticipation for the highly powered device. When it is released, it will easily be the most high powered phone on the market, hopefully the price will be reasonable.


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  • PSN comes Back
    Posted on May 18, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    PSN  (PSN comes back) has been down for so long that many users forgot what it was once like to take their PlayStation 3 online and play games with their friends. However, now they are rolling out updates and have put together a huge security patch to ensure that the hacking that the company suffered would not happen again. In the early goings of the hack, the network went down and Sony was mostly silent while they took a look at the damage that had been caused. After quite some time, they stated that they believed that some credit card numbers had been broached, and the federal government got into the investigation. Other personal information was leaked as well. In all, over one hundred million user accounts were compromised.

    PSN comes Back

    The firmware update has created some problems of its own. After Sony put the update out there, users were asked to change their passwords. Sony said that it would take some time for the update to roll out across the country, and that they would be rolling it out in segments to ensure that no further issues were experienced.


    It is clear that Sony has to win the trust of their customers back again. Already the leak of all of that sensitive data has caused quite a firestorm, with federal authorities investigating who might have been behind the attack. Sony has remained quiet but open throughout the process and has released a number of public relations videos detailing what they are doing to win back their customers and to help them turn around their image in the wake of one of the biggest leaks that the country has ever seen.

    PSN comes Back

    Although the company has made their efforts as clear as possible, there are still those that believe that they were wronged in the process and the outcry around the Internet has affected the way that many view the company. Now they must attempt to win back customers faith that they may have potentially lost with the caption "PSN comes back" .

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  • Research In Motion is a company that has heavily targeted the business use of their phones throughout their history, but in recent times has realized that they also need to provide personal use features if they wish to stay competitive in the constantly shifting mobile market. They have continued to lose market share to android devices and have been looking for new ways to expand their features to target more users.

    With the announcement of their new “Work Life Balance” technology, the company will be looking for new ways to put together a winning combination, which they hope will be what the Work Life balance provides. The phone marker announced that they would be releasing features that would allow for users to separate work and personal life contacts and data to be separated from one another for more easily access. The new software looks to benefit both the users of unlocked BlackBerry cell phones as well as the companies who use their technology as well.

    This announcement shows that they are taking the criticism and feedback from their users safely. Separating the personal and business content has always been something troubling for many users and the hope is that this software, whether in its first or second iteration will be able to provide users with enough features to help them more easily access their data and determine which data is work related and which is not. This is something that many users will find to be beneficial in the long run, and will provide a secure and cost effective way for employees to remain in touch with their personal contacts, but also will limit the loss of productivity as a result. Hopefully the Work and Life balance software will be something that employers find to be useful for their business applications.

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  • The Guinness Book of World Records will be releasing a new game for unlocked cell phones, and will be printing the high scores from the game in their book. Up until this point, Guinness World Records have made it a point not to publish the high scores of games that are not popular on a national level within their book. This will be the first time that they have published the high scores from a game that was not popular on a national level.

    The game, which will reportedly be called “Guinness World Records: Gamers Edition Arcade” and will feature a number of different games for which the high scores will be tracked. There will be five different min-games in total. One, called Monkey Country will have you take out as many primates as possible in just one minute.

    There has been no word as to how the company will track the games to make sure that people have not found a way to exploit the different facets of the game. As with any mini game, inevitably someone figures out a way to beat the programming and garner the high score. It will be interesting to see if they put any kind of anti-cheating in place to ensure that no one sneaks their way into the Guinness Book of World Records. They are usually quite strict, and require that the actual event be recorded.

    If this idea is successful, look for the company to consider more ideas like this in the future. The goal of getting into the book is one that many people have, but few are able to do. Now, they have given a way for people to get in without having to call out an inspector.

    PureMobile carries a wide range unlocked cell phone accessories and unlocked cell phones like unlocked Sony Ericsson U5a Vivaz, HTC 7 Surround, etc.

    This post was posted in HTC, Sony Ericsson and was tagged with unlocked Sony Ericsson U5a Vivaz, unlocked HTC 7 Surround

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  • Although the kind of technology that can be seen with their smart phones might suggest otherwise, a data analytics company has recently reported that for the first time in the history of the nation smart phones are outselling feature phones. This is a global trend, but Japan is the first country to officially have more  cell phones in circulation than feature phones. The numbers were collected between March 28th and April 3.

    This is the first time that this has ever been recorded. The analytics company has said that Android such as unlocked Samsung Captivate i897, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, etc.. was the main reasoning behind the recent shift, because the operating system has become insanely popular in recent months in Japan and continues to grow quickly in popularity.


    The report wasn’t really a surprise to most. Japan is known for their smart phone crazes, and has been at the forefront of developing and creating mobile technology for quite some time. It will certainly be interesting to see if the numbers continue to surpass one another. They typically shift from one week to the next, but this is the first time that there has ever been a lead on the side of smart devices. Both types of phones share about 50% of the total phone market at this moment.

    Watch as smart phones continually become much more common in the coming months in Japan and in other countries. Although Japan may be at the forefront - other countries are not  that far behind themselves. Look for perhaps the United States or other countries to see similar numbers at some point in the future. In many American homes, cell phones have virtually replaced the use of landline phones, although this is not as common in Canada and other surrounding countries.  Japan might be the first, but rest assured they will not be the last.


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  • Sony Ericcson is pushing very hard to get their new Android devices that will be coming out this year in front of the eyes of the public. A number of other devices have already been announced, including the Arc, U5a Vivaz pro, unlocked Xperia X10 and the Neo looks like another solid addition to that line. The device will be powered by the already highly popular Android 3.3 Gingerbread operating system.


    This is the first time that the device has been shown to the public. There was not word on when customers could expect the device to be released, and the advertisement was only seen along side a “coming soon” warning. So far there isn’t even any information about which carrier the device will be available on. Alongside the device in the advertisement, a few specs and facts about the device were made available. First of all, it will utilize their new CMOS sensor, which allows for users to take great video and pictures, even when they are in very low lighting. It will also feature their Reality display on the BRAVIA Engline,a nd will have a built in HDMI port, which has been a hot commodity for smart devices in recent weeks and months.

    The Neo will have a 3.7 inch display, along with a hearty eight megapixel camera that will be able to capture up to 720p video in HD. The standard 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor was used in the device. Although not all of the information about the device is available at this current juncture, the site did make it clear that it will be available in three colors; white, blue, and red. It will be interesting to see how well received the device is moving forward and also what carrier it will be available on straight out of the gate. IT is possible that it could be rebranded and be available on a number of different carriers, but there is no information to support that at this time.


    PureMobile carries wide range of unlocked android phones such as HTC Desire unlocked, Samsung Captivate, etc..

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