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  • One of the big issues surrounding cell phones these days is the ability to make calls to 911 services. Yes it does work but the current technology in place and not take advantage of all the features of a cell phone could offer when someone makes a call to 911. Ideally you should be able to send text messages, photos or videos to the 911 operator from your cell phone such as unlocked BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900.FCC Asks for All Phones to be GPS-capable by 2018

    The FCC has been involved in trying to set regulations on the matter for very long time. Recently, they issued a press release that stated that they were aiming to make enhancements to the 911 service by the year 2018. The goal is to fully utilize the GPS capabilities of cell phones and have better efficiency and the ability of pinpointing the location of cell phones. With increased accuracy it should help to 911 operators and their response times and providing the right information to those who are going to help the situation.FCC Asks for All Phones to be GPS-capable by 2018

    It is expected over 85% of all cell phones such as unlocked Samsung Infuse 4G will have GPS capabilities. This should make it easier to set up the proper infrastructure to support the other forms of communication to the 911 service. The downside to all this, is that there is not much support from the major carriers as they do not want to have mandated rules set up that they have to follow. Their belief is that it is not economically viable to impose that requirement as a rule of law. What's good about the FCC making a statement is that it sets the tone for change and will encourage the carriers to place the issue towards the top of their lists of service enhancements.

    There is still quite a bit of time for all those involved to come up with a solution that makes the 911 service better overall. It's fair to say that with the technology innovation that's happening as quickly as it is will most likely change the path to which the carriers implement the FCC mandate.

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  • Many of the cell phone carriers are secretly planning for the lineup of cell phones they plan to launch over the holiday season. Somehow the T-mobile lineup has been leaked and we are now privy to all of their plans for the next few months. For the month of October they plan to launch a total of four new phones and in November they plan to double that by introducing eight additional new phones by November 2.

    For a quick rundown of the timeline, the following is the information that we were able to receive from reports online. On October 19, T-mobile will be releasing three phones from three separate manufacturers, an HTC such as unlocked HTC Raider, a Samsung, and a Huawei. From there, we are set to see another release by Samsung on approximately October 26.T-Mobile Holiday Roadmap Leaked With Dates

    On November 2, T-mobile is set to release 6 phones all at once. We are not 100% sure what the exact models will be but it's fair to say they will conclude the lineup for the remainder of the holidays. There will also be to additional releases in November but it is speculated that one will be a tablet and the other a low-end phone.

    It is important to note that the documents leaked are somewhat old. Given that things change often in this industry, you can expect some slight variation from the noted schedule and the types of phones to be released. So don't take this information as fact but merely speculation and to provide a general outline of the mobiles plans over the next couple of months. If you're in the market for new cell phone such as unlocked Samsung Galaxy Ace and maybe an idea to keep note of this information and use it during your buying process. For all you know it can help you get a few extra bucks off with a competitor when you can mention what's planned by T-mobile.

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  • The web based Hotmail application by Microsoft has been a staple online for a very long time. We’ve seen very few updates and things seem to be more or less of the same. With of 365 million users you would think that Microsoft would try and leverage their base into applications that are more mobile friendly.

    Microsoft recently held a press conference called Give Hotmail a Second Look. It was designed as an event to showcase some new features of the service. Most were expecting and hoping for a radically change in the user interface to compete better with Google Gmail and other popular email based programs. Instead the new features are mostly under the hood and based around syncing you email with other devices such as unlocked cell phone like unlocked Sony Ericsson XPERIA PLAY 3G.Microsoft Hotmail App Available for Android

    The biggest announcement is the launch of an Android app for Hotmail. The main features of the app are support for calendar and contact syncing as well as 2-way email. You can now also automatically categorize you mail into folders and easily trash any email you no longer wish to receive. Microsoft will even assist in the process by communicating with the sender for you that you are no longer interested in getting email from them. Another important feature is the ability to flag messages. Think of it similar to the Google priority inbox, you can make certain emails from certain people more important. There is also a useful scheduling feature where you can set instructions / filter up to automatically process emails a certain why once it hit a certain date.

    The user interface has stayed the same but the new features are important to note as they help email management be a lot easier and also is starting to support native devices such as mobile phones like unlocked Samsung Nexus S. We assume that Microsoft will continue on the path of updating its services to stay in line with the times.

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  • The Best of Cheap Android Phones
    Posted on October 4, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The Google Android operating system is used by many manufacturers as the default software for the top of the line mobile phone offerings. The beauty of Android is that it is light and can be used on less than powerful devices. Of the phone available, we’ve selected what we consider the best Android phones for those on a budget but want the experience of a smartphone.

    The Best of Cheap Android Phones

    Unlocked LG Optimus One

    Most high end Android phone do not do so well on the battery life side of things. One of the benefits of a lower end phone is the battery consumption needed to perform various tasks. The Unlocked LG Optimus One has a 1500mah battery that is capable of holding a charge of for days and giving you 48 hours of talk time. Other features of the phone including a 3.2 inch screen display as well as a 600mhz cpu processor. You also have the ability to upgrade the phone to the Android 2.3 operating system.

    Unlocked HTC Wildfire S

    Next up is the HTC Wildfire S unlocked that has several enhancements to it predecessor the HTC Wildfire. You’ll enjoy 600mhz processor, a higher resolution screen with sharper images, a five mega pixel camera, and Wifi / 3G connections. The size of the phone is small and should be a favorite for those who want the power of the HTC Desire S but don’t want to shell out the big bucks.

    Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Mini

    Last but not least is the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Mini that is part of Galaxy family that has been so popular with Samsung. The screen size is 3.14 inches and comes with the Android 2.2 OS installed. The phone supports a MicroSD memory card and also has a rugged feel to it able to withstand a few drops.

    The Best of Cheap Android Phones

    There you have, our top 3 picks of affordable Android based phones. You’ll enjoy the experience of the Android operating system without putting to much of a dent in your pocket.

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  • Through filing by the FCC, it appears that Sprint is set to launch a new phone to their Android lineup. The goes by the name of the ZTE N860 which is not the greatest of names but as with others will probably change once it get closer to actually being released to the public.

    Sprint To Launch The  ZTE N860 - Gets FCC Approval

    Specifications of the device are not known, the only reference available online are a photo or two showing what the mobile phone looks like. Based on the photo, it appears that the phone is on the medium scale in terms of features as the user interface appears detailed enough suggesting a lot of features are included on the phone.

    Sprint To Launch The  ZTE N860 - Gets FCC ApprovalThe interesting thing about this release is that it marks the first time that a major national mobile carrier will carry an Android phone manufactured by ZTE. There has been a ZTE phone released in the past but that was on a local level when cricket released the ZTE Score. This could be a sign of things to come since ZTE is readily available in other countries around the world.

    ZTE may not be a commonly known name to date. Rest assured that they will soon be as common as some of the other well known brands. In fact, Microsoft has officially made ZTE an official Windows Phone Mango partners licensed to use it. With back to school in full swing and the holiday season around the corner, this release is the beginning of what will be a steady stream of phones getting approval from the FCC and Bluetooth SIG.

    There have been times where these FCC approvals do not end up getting released. The fact that the landscape of the industry changes fast does not guarantee it will be released.

    PureMobile carries wide range of cell phone accessories and unlocked android phones such as  Unlocked Samsung Infuse 4G, HTC Incredible, etc..

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  • Isis, which is a company that has been put together by a number of different carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile as well as Verizon, has had support flash of them by a number of device manufacturing companies including me venture Isis. The carrier led venture is one that is looking to really centralize the support for the NFC technology and take it to an entirely new level. All of the handset makers are now committed to introducing handsets that will include the Isys NFC related technology standards. They’re going to be representing a number of different carriers, and having the device manufacturing companies on board with the launch of the service is big news for them because it allows them to have a wider reach throughout the community. Other companies have also tried to launch their own services including Google with the recently launched Google Wallet program which is available for Android handsets such as Unlocked Samsung Infuse, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, etc...


    Mobile Manufacturers Pledge Support to NFC Tech Isis Company

    The technology that Isis uses is certainly going to become more popular in the coming months and weeks. Being able to pay for objects with a swipe of your mobile device is something that I think that a lot of people would like to have by their sides. Being able to bring it to as many people as possible is something that mobile carriers are likely looking to do. However, they’re not going to be able to do so without first getting as many companies on board with it as possible.


    Bringing this NFC technology to the forefront is ideal for the companies involved and will definitely be able to change the outlook of the general public in a more quick way. If they are not able to get the public knowledgeable about what this technology is, then quickly implementing it will be tougher than you think.


    PureMobile carries wide range of unlocked cell phone and cell phone accessories such as Cases and Skins.

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  • Men Looks to Find Best of Smart Devices
    Posted on September 18, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Finding what the users think is the best of everything is a little bit harder than you would think. Finding what users like the most is something that many companies strive to do but few are able to capitalize on. Now, the company is looking to find the best of everything. They’re going to be looking at all of the different devices and the different uses that they have to find the best of everything with a smart interface.


    They will be taking a look at a number of different devices to figure out which ones have the smartest interfaces of all. The new application for devices such as unlocked HTC Sensation, Samsung Infuse, etc.. That they have launched asks users questions, and allows people to either agree or disagree with them straight from the market price.


    They have beta tested a number of different ways for users to be able to do this and have also have been able to make some serious improvements in a number of user feedback on average that they receive. Being able to put together an application that is able to ask users about their favorite of anything is something that could seriously yield a lot of information. It can also yield them a lot of advertising dollars if they are able to go about it in the right way. User interface design is something that is becoming huge talking point within the mobile community over the course of the last few years, and it appears that this application is looking to really perform in moving forward in a way that made sense for everyone.


    The large number of different designs that they have tested out throughout the beta shows that they’re really looking for the best interface for their framework to run on. Constantly asking your users about what their favorite star makes it a little bit harder to put together a usable user interface than you would likely imagine.


    PureMobile carries wide range of unlocked cell phone and cell phone accessories such as Car Chargers.

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  • Despite the old cliché that men do not ever asked for directions, recent stats regarding the most used apps by both men and women show that men typically look for directions more than women do. This comes as a bit of a surprise to those that were expecting other popular applications to rank higher with men. The application data shows that men typically download Google maps more than any other application for their mobile device such as unlocked Samsung Captivate, Samsung Infuse, etc.. . A Google map is then followed by Gmail, which is followed by Facebook and then Google search. All of these different applications all have over 70%, with YouTube coming in the next spot with just over 50%.

    Google Maps Top Android Application For Men

    The numbers look drastically different when you take women into account. The most downloaded application for women is the Facebook application, being the only application other than the in-flight marketplace that has more than 80% active reach. It shows that women like to be more social with other applications. In second place for the women is Gmail. In third place for the women as Google maps, followed by Google search with YouTube coming in just below 50%.


    This shows that men typically use their devices more for entertainment, while women typically use their devices more for social interaction with other people. This is a growing trend that has become one of the most interesting analysis pieces that we have seen in regards to apps for men and women. It is interesting to see just how the two differ from one another in terms of the types of apps that they more typically download and utilize. Other popular apps that were downloaded by both include Pandora radio, Angry Birds, the weather Channel, twitter, and Google+ had climbed above popular applications such as Adobe reader and barcode scanner among men.


    PureMobile carries wide range of unlocked cell phone and cell phone accessories such Cases and Skins.

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  • Android Facebook Application Updated
    Posted on September 16, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The Android Facebook application has been updated to include a number of new features that users have been waiting  for a very long time. Not only does the new update at functionality, but it also adds a number of very interesting cosmetic changes that should make the application look better overall. This will be the update that brings the application to version 1.7 and will also bring the application on par with the IOS devices such as unlocked iphone4, ipad, etc.. in terms of the features that are available for it.

    Android Facebook Application Updated

    Some of the biggest upgrades to the application include an improved number of privacy features, the ability to be able to select which users will be able to read your post, and a new feed that has a cosmetic change that should make things easier to read, and select. Utilizing status updates as never been easier within the application, and this update has brought a number of features to the table that users have eagerly anticipated.


    Android Facebook Application UpdatedAlong with these updates, the photo section of the application has also received a bit of an update. This should make the photos easier for users to scroll through and also allow you to upload photos much more easily. Overall, the upgrades for the release of the highly rated by users and seem to make the application much more functional overall.


    The Android Facebook application has been a bit under developed over the course of the last few years, but it appears that Facebook is finally starting to put in the necessary effort to ensure that they are able to provide a top-notch application to their users on mobile devices such unlocked Samsung Infuse 4G, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, etc., since mobility initially helped the company to rise to popularity anyway. Overall the application has been greatly updated over the course of the last few months and has provided a number of upgrades that seem to make a whole lot of sense for users of the application.

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  • Are you interested in making purchasing a quad core, highly powered tablet such as unlocked HTC Flyer is some point? The CEO of NVIDIA has stated that he believes that quad core tablets are going to be launching later in the year. It is believed that the company is going to be utilizing their own quad core processor and will make it available in a number of different outlets by the end of the year. The CEO also went on to say that he believes that their company is the only real solid competitor against QUALCOMM. The company has been known for their high powered processors for quite some time and is well known for their prominence within the industry."nvidia"

    Of course, the company has made it very clear that they are looking to be one of the main players in the processor creation industry. They are also looking to ensure that their high-power processors will become available to users in tablets and smart devices moving forward. The company was known for their highly powered dual core Tegra 2 processors which have been very popular among mobile devices so far. It will be interesting to see if the new processors that they have created are able to garner the same following other previous devices that."Quad Core Tablets"

    they are also looking at releasing a number of processors that will be geared toward low-end devices while still offering high-end performance for these devices such as unlocked Samsung GT-C3500. NVIDIA Knows that they have to appeal to a wide range of different users if they want to be successful within the mobile industry, and are doing their best to ensure that they are going to be able to provide both high-end and mid range solutions for processors.

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