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  • We have already known for some time that AT&T was planning to upgrade its 3G network in a big way over the coming months but many industry insiders did not figure the upgrade would be as big of an improvement as tech websites Engadget and Gizmodo are reporting.  At a recent Reuters event in New York City AT&T’s Operations CEO John Stankey mentioned that AT&T is going to more than double the speeds of its current 7.2 Mbps 3G network by the end of the year.

    While AT&T has made significant improvements to their network in the past few months it is not expected to reach speeds anywhere near T-Mobile’s 21Mbps network.  Although I am sure that many Unlocked Quickfire  AT&T customers would be delighted if the network were to reach speeds of 14.4Mbps as expected by this announcement.

    AT&T’s network is notorious for being spotty and slow in major cities.  If this latest announcement is accurate AT&T’s network should see a great improvement and users of their 3G network will be greeted with a much better user experience.  With Sprint set to come out with their 4G network in the coming months AT&T had to do something to address their sometimes shaky 3G network.  This improvement that is expected to double the speeds of their network is better than expected.  If AT&T is able to double the speed of their 3G network I would expect more people to purchase Unlocked Smartphone with this cellular network leader.  Their upgraded network would be one of the best in the United States if this plan actually comes to fruition.  Hopefully they can complete this upgrade ahead of schedule so we do not have to wait until the end of the year to see these increased speeds.

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  • It appears to be a great time to be an Adobe employee right now.  Fresh off their successful launch of Creative Suite 5 Adobe employees appear set to enjoy the extremely popular Android handsets courteously of their employer.  As a show of support for Android Adobe may be handing out the handsets to its employees.  This distribution is expected to coincide with the highly anticipated launch of Flash for Android at the upcoming Google I/O conference.  However, no word on which Android device (various HTC models and the Nexus One Unlocked Phone have been mentioned) will be handed out to Adobe employees or which employees will receive these handsets.

    This announcement is a clear example of Adobe and Google “dog-fooding” their own products.  These two companies would love for their employees to spend as much time using Android and the Flash Player 10.1.  By giving Adobe employees a free Android device Google is attracting more attention to the ever increasing in popularity Android brand.

    This news makes you wish you were an Adobe employee doesn’t it?  Android devices are some of the hottest mobile phones on the market today.  Once Adobe Flash technology comes to these mobile phones sales are expected to increase in large part to Apple’s inability to include Flash technology on the Unlocked IPhone.  With this Flash program Android users will be able to access a wide range of streaming content online that other smartphone users will not be able to access.  The launch of Flash is expected to be a huge success when it is finally announced at Google’s upcoming I/O conference.

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  • If you are a movie aficionado like me then you will want to pay close attention to this post.  Movie ticket website Fandango announced today that will start selling movie tickets that can be scanned from your mobile device immediately.  Similar to the 2-D barcodes that are available with some airlines Fandango’s tickets can be scanned at the ticket booth at selected theaters.

    Currently this new technology is only available in a few select theaters and cities such as New York, Dallas, Houston and San Diego but is expected to be rolled out to more cities in the coming months if the tests prove effective.  The costs of movie tickets will be the same if you use this new feature on your cell phone.

    This is truly fantastic news if you like going to the movies but hate standing in those lines to get your tickets.  You will never miss a show again because of it being sold out while you are waiting to get your tickets.  You will be able to purchase your tickets to the show at home and then just skip the line all together when you get to the theater.  I am quite excited to use this new technology from Fandango and looking forward to save some time waiting in line the next time I am at the movies.

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  • The NFL and Verizon Wireless announced a new four year deal today that will bring the NFL Mobile programming along with the NFL RedZone channel to Verizon Wireless phones.  While not too much information was given about what phones will have the NFL coverage available this new service is set to start in time so NFL fans can receive coverage of the upcoming NFL Draft which is set to take place April 22-24.  More announcements are schedule for August when the NFL season is drawing near.

    Subscribers of the Verizon Wireless network will be able to watch NFL games on Sundays and Thursdays.  Users will also have access to live radio broadcasts of every regular season and playoff game for both the home and away teams.  These features will make this service appealing to just about any NFL fan as they will now never miss any of the exciting action when their favorite team is playing.

    Verizon Wireless also used this opportunity to announce how their upcoming 4G network will be a fantastic complement to this NFL package.  The new Verizon 4G network is reported to have download speeds capable of streaming live wireless conferences similar to your home internet connection.  With speeds like that the action will fast and furious come Sundays while you take all of the football action wherever you go.

    For any football fan this is a nice development as the Verizon network appears to be much more capable than the Sprint network, which used to be the home of this NFL package, of handling the necessary download speeds to have an enjoyable experience streaming NFL games on your mobile device.  I know I am looking forward to not being tied to my couch every Sunday for fear of missing some of the football battles.

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  • The question today is whether or not cell phones are actually used for making calls.  This is been something that's been on my mind for quite a while and I thought I might take a few minutes to do some pulmonary research to see if my suspicions were true.  With all the amazing things that are touchscreen smart phones, such as the iPhone can do, I began to think that perhaps we are not even using our cell phones to make that traditional phone call.

    I was browsing the web from my traditional PC, as I stumbled upon an article on the online version of the Wall Street Journal.  This begins to give me some general information that perhaps I was on the right track and that we are not using our cell phones for calls.  The article centered on some Harvard students that are involved in developing a new application geared towards those attending this illustrious school.  However, halfway through the article the conversation turned towards the fact that many of these students do not use their cell phone to make telephone calls.  Matter of fact, one student that was interviewed had to stop for a moment, as she had to think whether or not one of her friends had the ability to send and receive e-mail via her cell phone.  The student had to actually call using her cell phone, something that she does not do but maybe once a week.  The student stated that normally they would use their cell phones to call home and other than that they only use them to send e-mail and text message.

    So I began to think, surely there would be some statistics that would back up the fact that no one really uses her cell phone anymore to make telephone calls.  And I was right.  I found a report, even though it is slightly outdated, from the Nielson Company, 2008 that began to show some interesting facts.  The average number of calls back in 2006 per month was 198 per person and those same people received 65 text messages.  By the end of second quarter 2008 these numbers changed dramatically.  The estimated number of monthly text messages was 357 as compared to the 204 monthly phone calls.  I would imagine that if we had up-to-date statistics today we would see that our cell phones are predominantly used to send and receive text and e-mail, and that probably less than 30% of a mobile phones use is for actual telephoning.  Hopefully I will be able to find an updated statistical report that will prove my original theory.  My unlocked iPhone can help me do this as my PC is too slow!

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  • Text Messaging Etiquette
    Posted on February 6, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    The double set of rules that text messaging has had, tweens vs. adult, seems to have blown up in our faces. While text messaging was just beginning, our teens had it all figured out and a language to go with it. The problems began when in no time, our tweens became adults and the etiquette rules are a quite a few years behind in concern.

    Sure most adults understand texting while engaging in conversations with other people, out on a date, while others may be sleeping, or before someone has had their morning coffee is not OK. But there are a huge number of adults that have not been adults for very long. Texting all night long is probably a crime comparable to the phone cord pulled into your bedroom, or that first iPhone unlocked cell phone under your covers so your parents would not know you were talking to your best friend for hours at a time. So, to try to understand, tween habits die hard and hopefully a little guidance from some not-so-tween adults can help.

    On a personal level: Text message etiquette while you are with other people, dining, talking, or just hanging out watching a movie or the game on your tv is to enjoy the actual people you are with. If you really cannot live without your text buddy for an hour or two, then go be with them and leave the rest of the one-on-one interactors on their own. An occasional text is fine, especially when you get a new Apple 3G iPhone, but a steady stream of texting when with other people is just simply rude.

    On a business level: You will not get a job if you check your phone for a text while interviewing. Shutting your phone off for an important interaction is the best policy. Texting at work is unacceptable, if you are getting paid by the hour forget it. Although some employers do use texting for communication, drawing a business and personal line in the sand will keep your sanity in tack for both parties.

    Texting may be common sense for some, but when you grew up with the words unlimited text messaging being a literal meaning as an adult you may need some help. Perhaps some day these suggestions will be outdated and totally wrong, but today we still need to stick by some standard of text message etiquette for people to follow.

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  • Disappointment in Real Time: AT&T
    Posted on January 4, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    This is good news for those who are always disappointed with AT&T’s service; you can now get an app that will convey your disappointment with your AT&T cell phone or service to AT&T. The bigwigs at the telecom giant somehow have learned how to make nice, at least for the time being. Verizon has this app as well so maybe the make-nice-virus is also out this flu season.

    This however is not good news for those who really want to express their disappointment about AT&T’s service because 511 only address coverage gaps, dropped calls and other network problems. Therefore, if you have a problem with your outrageous bill, you cannot complain here, you would have to talk to the people at customer care.

    Mark The Spot is what this app is called and offers long-suffering customers an ability to send a message or to ping their carrier as soon as the problem comes up. No one knows yet how this is useful though so this disappointment app somehow has caused more disappointment than cheer.

    Because for one, why cannot AT&T monitor dropped calls automatically the way Verizon does? Another thing is how wills someone, anyone reports that he or she has no coverage if in fact, there is NO COVERAGE? Well, maybe you report when you get your coverage back, which will be utter, useless. So maybe AT&T is not trying to be nice, maybe they are doing a survey on dropped calls i.e. which of these dropped calls or how many dropped calls made are related to the network’s bad service or coverage. If this is a way to do a survey then it will probably not work.

    It is a rather surprising app though, something much unexpected indeed. No one knows what this app is really for but let us hope it will cover other “disappointments”.

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  • QVC Makes Shopping It Easy
    Posted on December 10, 2009 by Pure Mobile

    QVC the online multimedia giant does it again. In a bid to lure customers for Christmas shopping they have launched an easy to use application for shopping online through the iPhone and  iTouch. This application comes for yes. YES. Anyone using an Apple iPhone or iTouch can just grab this and start shopping from QVC right away. This is something for everyone including the mothers and grandmas to rejoice because with the click of a key and at the comfort of your house you can buy almost any multimedia product from QVC. What better Christmas gift would the young boys and girls ask for. All the new range of electronic multimedia gears is listed in the write with the daily offers and that includes the day’s special offers and even the offers that are one time value.

    iphoneThe application also features all the current items in the stock and has a checklist that you can use and refer later. This does not stop here. What about wanting to tell your friends that their favorite Christmas gift is just a click away? You can also do that by sending out emails via their sharing element facility. This facility application is linked to the I Tunes link, which can be downloaded for free. All you need is to get a little tech savvy and maybe you don’t have to queue up in the bitter cold anymore. That’s something grandma would rejoice as she can shop for her favorite grandchildren from the comfort of the house.

    What about gifting grandma an iPhone for a start? Now that is a booster for QVC as their I Phone sales itself may go up the ladder. It is not only electronics but QVC has stocks of kitchen items, Handbags, Beauty and Fashion items like jewelry, home improvement items and wellness and sports items and many more. Hence with an unlocked iPhone 3GS and QVC apps its shopping from home this Christmas.

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  • RedEye - The Universal Remote
    Posted on December 7, 2009 by Pure Mobile

    ThinkFlood has just released its iPhone universal remote –the RedEye.  Loaded with features and costs $188, it is a good deal. Average universal remotes cost about $150 so RedEye’s tag is not so bad. What makes RedEye different is that it utilizes the touchscreen of iPhones; it also uses iPhone hardware to power itself.

    The device is a must-have especially for iPhone owners. RedEye was used for beta testing some ages ago but now it is available in their website. This new universal remote has a great design. The quality of the hardware is as good as its design and it is durable. However, of course if you keep on doing a wrestling match with anyone in your household because of the remote –it probably will not survive the catastrophe.

    redeyeuniversalremoteWhat does it do?

    Well it connects you to Wi-Fi if you want to surf on your iPhone, and it does not have any problems with controlling the TV, the DVR, or Blu-Ray, no significant latency whatsoever –which is good. RedEye converts your precious unlocked iPhone into a remote. For those fond of their iPods, RedEye can make this into a remote as well.  This only works with IR equipped components of course, everyone would be surprised if you can control your dog through the said remote. It is not like one of those movies but hey, it has potential, to control anything that can respond to IR signals.

    Setting it up however is a little difficult but that is of course expected since it is a universal remote. Well as they say, no pain, no gain.

    Your home automation system can be controlled by your iPhone through RedEye. Its setup can maintain multiple controllers, users, and rooms all at the same time. Apart from that, it also has the capacity to control an unlimited number of gadgets along with unlimited commands. Now that is neat!

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  • By offering what they call “Social Beat,” Verizon and iSkoot have introduced a new, free social networking application. Armed with “Social Beat,” fans of the social networking sites can carry out all of their mobile networking with one single application.

    VerizonVerizon and iSkoot have made important adaptations to iSkoot’s Kalaida platform. Those adaptations promise to facilitate access to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Email, and close to 50 other RSS feeds. Thanks to the introduction of Social Beat, the information from those RSS feeds will now reach the handsets of a larger number of those that follow the social networking sites.

    Granted, there will still be some users of the Verizon phone line up that will not be able to enjoy the benefits of Social Beat. Verizon cannot guarantee that each member of its line of communication products has been equipped to handle the Social Beat offerings. However, Verizon has promised that at least 20 of its various handsets will do an excellent job of receiving the messages sent by way of the Social Beat software.

    Now the vast majority of Smartphone users will no longer need to switch from one application to the next, in order to acquire information from all of the popular social networking sites. They will not have to remain in suspense about what Sarah Palin has put on her Facebook page, after reading the recent tweet from a CNN correspondent.

    Most Smartphone users can see an end to worries about what new information has appeared on Twitter, while they have been reviewing their incoming Email messages. Thanks to Social Beat, those Smartphone users can anticipate a chance to switch easily from their Email account to the RSS feed from Twitter.

    News of Social Beat seems poised to spread fast, throughout the entire community of social networking sites.

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