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  • In the last few months, what we have seen is the media only dishing out some heavy criticism for the new Apple Unlocked  iPhone 4 for its reception problems and how the company has handled the whole fiasco. However unlike the media in America, the European media has not really singled this phone out and in fact they have said that the performance of this phone is more or less on par with other smartphones currently available in the market. A recent report a major Norwegian newspaper recently reported that the mobile phone did not in fact have any kind of flaw in its engineering and therefore was performing okay. They have also said that the phone has been well received by the major carriers Telenor.

    The above mentioned newsletter has based their conclusions on some testing which they have done with some of the most popular smartphones in the market. In an analysis done where they have compared the iPhone 4, Nokia Unlocked  E71, HTC Wildfire and the older iPhone 3GS, they say that they have found the same issues with the reception dropping due to the manner in which the phone is held. Amazingly they have also gone to the extent of reporting that the iPhone 4 does not actually drop calls if the signal is lost in the phone. Along with that, they also analyzed the data and the voice quality on the iPhone 4 and the 3GS and what they found was that both were superior as compared to the HTC and the Nokia counterparts. Although the voice was cut when the signal went down, the calls were not dropped, said the reports.

    To be honest, in the tests that we have done, the iPhone 4 Unlocked handset has not really failed us that much and its performance is not startlingly low as compared to other major phones provided by carriers.

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  • Nokia is soon going to be launched the still unnamed RM-626 which if early reports are to be believed, is a variation of the soon to be shipped Unlocked Nokia ( N8 ). This new phone will be either classified as N9 or may be as a part of the C series going by the C0 sign on the top left hand corner of the phone. We have managed to check out videos which show off this phone.

    Earlier Negri had given us a tantalizing look at this phone by giving a set of three photographs of a prototype phone from Nokia. However they have given us a four minute hands on video of this phone. After watching this video, we have seen that there is C0-00 marked on the back of the phone, although the phone setting says N00. However this is beside the point as this phone really succeeds in the features that it provides the users.

    In terms of looks, this phone looks really like the N8 but with only slight changes. It is thinner and has a sliding key pad which feels really smooth and dependable. Its keys look similar to the Nokia  N97 Unlocked Gadget which is not necessarily a good thing. However, on the plus side, it has 4 rows of keys rather than the 3 of the earlier. This therefore means that the space bar is finally where it should be. The RM-626 therefore will be a hit among the QWERTY fans.

    Although the N8 comes with a 12 megapixel camera with a Xenon flash, The RM-626 has an 8 megapixel camera with LED flash, however one need not be discouraged as the camera quality is not really that bad. As for the software, this phone seems to be using the Symbian^3 platform which means that the MeeGo and Maemo are going to be disappointed. The prices and availability is still unknown to us.

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  • Chances are that at some point in your life, you have cursed on Nokia unlocked phone because of appalling software issues. While this might be true, there is absolutely no denying the style and elegance that is attached to the E70-series of QWERTY phones. The newest Nokia model, the E73 Mode for T-Mobile US has a shipping date set for 16th June. Fitted with a 5MP camera having autofocus and flash features, the S60 is sure to be a stand out amongst its competitors. Fitted with free turn by turn Ovi Maps and Wi-Fi support, the E73 is priced at $69.99.

    Says Mike Slater, vice president of the sales department of Nokia, “Our latest concept of the E73 is designed in such a manner that it can bring all required functionality at an affordable cost for our customers. By working together with T-Mobile, Nokia E73 helps users achieve a complete balance between their work and life, by allowing businesses as well as customers to be as productive as possible.”

    The Nokia E73 is also the thinnest and slimmest Unlocked  Smartphone made available from T –Mobile. Mainly designed for business customers, the E73 balances the divide between form as well as functionality. If you are a T-Mobile customer, you can still expect to get much mobile coverage due to the Wi-Fi capabilities of the E73. At the same time, you can also make calls either through the Wi-Fi network or through regular cellular networks.

    Says Travis Warren, product marketing director for T-Mobile, USA, “We are committed to developing technologies that can better the way of life of our customers. It is for such a reason that we have partnered together with Nokia to create the E73 as we believe this is the device that can help parents bridge their work lives together with their family life.”

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  • If you are looking for phone that is slim and mighty, the Nokia Unlocked  2730 Phone may be the one you were looking for. It was first released in October of 2009 with its slim candy bar design. The phone measures 14mm in thinness and the 109mm x 46mm dimensions makes for a compact cellular device. Do not let this size for you, as it handles many of the features and applications, which are already installed, making it a great unit to own. It is not that expensive, especially for all of the features that it has.

    Some tissue the capability of being able to utilize your e-mail and other messaging features and uses a five way navigation system to help make it a smoother process. It has a decent call log in then it can retain 20 of your dialed, received and any missed calls. It comes with some preinstalled ring tones, but of course, you will also be on to download some of your favorites. The MP3 player can be listened to by either using the speakerphone or with ear buds. It does of course also have an FM radio. With over 13 hours of music playtime, you may not have to carry around those extra electronic devices. It also has a port where you can connect rectally to your computer speakers to listen to your favorite music. This mobile device has 396 hours of standby time and almost 8 hours of continuous talk time.

    The two megapixel camera does come with the auto focus function. The phone has some elegant styling, which uses black and magenta colors and has silver highlights, which makes it very sleek looking mobile device. The Nokia 2730 Unlocked Phone does work with Bluetooth 2.0, which will work with the headset in order to be ready to use it hands-free. It has the ability to download other applications and can make the phone a great personal or business unit. It is small enough to be able to carry easily and will give you all of the features that you may be looking for in the bigger phone.

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  • Great Ideas For Valentine's Day!
    Posted on February 5, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    Okay guys, Valentine’s Day is coming. Hopefully you already ordered the flowers and they are set for delivery. But maybe you should go a step further. You know she needs a new cell phone. So why not surprise her and get one of the beautiful pink cell phones. What a great way to let her know that you love her. You can even set up the screen with a picture of you with the message, I love you. This just does not have to be for your girlfriend or wife, you can also get a new phone for your daughter, mother or grandmother. By taking the time to personalize it proclaiming your undying love, you will most certainly take them by surprise and let them know that you have gone the extra step.

    LG Mobile KP500 Pink Unlocked GSM Cellular Phone

    Well, the question is which one should you get. Perhaps for your daughter’s first phone you may want to consider the LG KP500 Pink cell phone. This is a great phone because it has all the things your daughter wants a phone. It has the 3.15 camera, the FM radio, and that all-important MP3 player. It’s very easy to use with its 3 inch touchscreen. It has plenty of storage and with the stylus pen, she will be able to edit the many pictures that she takes. The bonus is the phone is a beautiful shade of pink.

    Nokia 7230 Pink Unlocked GSM Cellular Phone

    You now need to begin to think about your wife or girlfriend. A great phone for her may be the Nokia 7230. This slider phone is great way to be able to take pictures as well as to e-mail and instant message. This slider phone that has 3G ability comes with plenty of talk time, so she will not have to worry about her battery dying right in the middle of a conversation. The design is sleek and clean and with all of the right pink highlights.

    It is not too late to order and get your unlocked cell phone delivered just in time for Valentine’s Day. You have ample time to get it all set up and ready so all she has to do is open the box and start making calls and accessing all of the wonderful features.

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  • Nokia and Firefox Team Up
    Posted on February 4, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    Firefox has been working hard to get its web browsing applications to your Nokia N900 and N810 black unlocked GSM mobile phone .  They have taken all of their fantastic browsing tools and have put it into a great download for your phone.  The Firefox Mobile 1.0 is ready for you to use.  You can download it directly from the Firefox website by picking the one for your model of Nokia.

    Firefox logo

    So what all does it do?  Well, for those that are familiar with the fast browsing and enhanced security that Firefox has provided to PC users, you will love what it does for the phone.  It has many of the same features.  All of your tabs and controls will be able to be seen on your screen. They will be on the side of the screen for easy viewing.  Just by a quick touch, you will be able to bookmark all of your favorite sites.  You will simply touch to use any tabs or any of the plug ins.  You can even zoom in.

    Nokia N900 Black Unlocked GSM Cellular Phone

    The Awesome Bar will do your searching and get you to your favorite sites without having to type in the long addresses.  You can install any of the add ons to make the browser your own.  The password manager will remember those passwords so you will not have to keep typing them in over and over.  You can always see whatever tabs you have open by just touching them.  It has maps and local information through its Location-Aware Browsing.  If you use Firefox at home you can use Weave Sync that will transfer all of your history, tabs and bookmarks right to your Nokia N900 unlocked or Nokia 810.

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  • Nokia 1680 : Features and Review
    Posted on December 23, 2009 by Pure Mobile

    For those people looking for an easy and simple to use phone, the Nokia 1680 will fulfill their needs. It may not have the thin sleek body or the slider feature of others, but this phone will handle many of the same functions for those that may not need a high caliber smart touch screen phone. The Nokia 1680 will be much less expensive that these other phones, great for those just needing a phone for the basics.

    The Nokia 1680 has a screen resolution of 128 x 160. It is equipped with a VGA camera that takes adequate pictures. The video recorder does not have all the bells and whistles of more complex phones but will allow you to record up to 32 MB. The Nokia 1680 has a WAP 2.0 browser and one can send and receive email, instant messages as well as texting. There is a voice recorder to send messages to others. The phone supports Java 2.0 games and applications and will allow you to set up MP3 ringtones. There are wallpapers and screen savers to choose from as well as other that can be downloaded from the carrier.


    The Nokia Unlocked 1680 has several organizing tools: the calendar, alarm clock, calculator, notepad and to do list. The phone also features an address book, which can hold up to one thousand entries. The phone does have speaker phone and has silent and vibrate settings. It is not able to use Bluetooth, but with a clip, you can use the speaker phone function for hands free use.

    You may not experience the crystal clarity that you might with the higher end phones, but you can control the volume. You can send pictures and videos through the phone and enjoy receiving them. The screen has icons that are easy to use, and you can change any of the fonts.

    The Nokia 1680 is a good phone for anyone who does not want the complexities of other phones. It is great for those that do not have a lot of cell phone experience or just want a simple phone to use.

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  • Nokia Improvement Coming For Users
    Posted on December 7, 2009 by Pure Mobile

    According to a new press release at, Nokia says user experience improvements are coming in 2010. At the company’s annual Capital Markets Day event, senior executives noted Nokia Cell Phone core competitive advantages in the mobile devices market when outlining plans of success for the company. The goal of the annual event is to share progress and goals with the Nokia’s investors in order to maintain financial strength for the company.

    nokia_logoNokia’s CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, made statements at the event about Nokia’s plans to bring Symbian to new levels in 2010 by improving user interface experiences. Kallasvuo also said that the Symbain operating system has the flexibility and capability to become the world’s largest platform for mobile service and the company is going to push for global growth in the industry. A demonstration of Symbian user interface improvements was also provided at the event.

    Symbian is currently a popular Smartphone platform, but is facing serious competition from the Apple iPhone. Nokia is hoping to position smartphones down to new price points globally, but the company has recognized that in order to keep up Symbian has to become more appealing to its users. Some visual samples of Nokia’s plan are available at

    Nokia is pulling its focus towards speed and visual appeal in order to stay in the game. Plans are set for larger screens on their mobile phones with multi-touch and single tap controls for the users. The company is also hoping to make all this happen three times faster than the program currently does things.

    Overall, if Nokia says user experience improvements are coming, they have their work cut out for them. Several other companies are steadily working alongside them for a piece of the market share. Hopefully, all this competition will deliver some fantastic results to consumers.

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  • Nokia N900 Now Available Stateside
    Posted on December 3, 2009 by Pure Mobile

    The wait is finally over. The Nokia N900 is now available stateside. First introduced from Nokia World in September, 2009, the unit has released for the United States November, 2009. This follows months of delays and some speculated that the release would be delayed further. This internet table phone has some of the most powerful features available.

    Using the Maemo operating system that gives the phone better quality and touch screen ability, the Nokia N900 unlocked is indeed a portable computer. The phone has 32 GB internal memory and a full QWERTY keyboard. With a 3.5-inch screen, it makes viewing easier with this smart phone.

    nokia-n900The phone is a touch screen, which can be custom designed by the consumer and has 800 x 48 pixels for more accurate viewing. It has a 5-mega pixel camera, video and music players as well as an FM receiver. The unlocked Nokia cell phone (N900) supports Blue tooth technology and wi-fi capabilities.

    Surfing and internet capabilities are extremely powerful. The phone has a slide out 3-row keyboard with enhanced lighting capabilities. The phone is also loaded with GPS software utilizing Ovi maps.

    Currently a consumer can purchase the phone on line at Nokia, at Nokia cell phone retail outlets, and other retail outlets as well. American cell phone carriers have not currently introduced any kind of discount or incentive program for this phone as of yet. The suggested price for the N900 is six hundred and forty nine dollars.

    This hot item will ultimately replace the N97 and will become the premier product of Nokia. With its powerful technology and sleek design, it is sure to be the hot item of the holiday season. The variety of applications as well as the speed and operating system makes this the smart phone of the year.

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  • The Nokia 7230: An Unexpected Slider
    Posted on December 1, 2009 by Pure Mobile

    The Nokia 7230 is a quaint and compact sliding smartphone that is both practical and affordable. Time and again, Nokia has proven itself as the champion of simplicity and the 7230 helps to reinforce this reputation and at a price of just under $200, the Nokia 7230 promises to be one of the best potential buys for a low-range smartphone.

    Unlike the confusingly cumbersome bulk of rival phones such as the Samsung B3310, the Nokia 7230 unlocked contains an efficient and inconspicuous messaging board that fits easily and conveniently under its 2.4 inch screen, combining to form a comfortably portable 100 gram handset. The large display screen that sits atop its rounded contours gives it the sleek appearance of a touchphone.


    The 7230 also has a camera with 3.2 megapixels and 3G networking which will enable it to connect with rapid ease to the network and all those social networking sites. It is also Bluetooth compatible, has an operating system (S40), FM radio and a memory of 2GB. Perhaps one of the most interesting, but less ostentatious features of the 7230 is its battery life, which has the capability to run on standby mode for a full two weeks.

    The 7230 was only recently announced to the public but it will more than likely contain more features than are listed here. It may be good to know for those less-technologically-savvy customers who have come to identify such qualities as being exclusive to those handsets of iphone caliber. It also seems to be ideal for wither those who are still incredulous about graduating to the complexities of fully virtual smartphones, or for those who want a smartphone without having to spend a fortune.

    Scheduled to be released to the public at the beginning of next years, the Nokia 7230 will be available in six different colors.

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