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Moshi for iPad
  • It might sound a little outlandish, but American Eagle is giving out free smartphones if you try on some of their jeans. This is true as they have just launched an offer where you can try on their garments and you will be eligible to fill in a form and can choose from a huge selection of smartphones which you can have for free providing you sign a two year long contract with the carrier. This will help you save a minimum of $100 in the least and it is definitely a good offer if you had been looking to buy a new smartphone as it is.

    The phones that they are offering are the HTC Aria, LG Ally and even Blackberry phones of the nature of the  Blackberry  Unlocked Curve 8520 and the Bold. Other than these, there are also the Motorola Cliq XT, Backflip and the Devour. Therefore, we are really excited with this rather nice deal the company is giving. Although we still think that a pair of Levis is unbeatable. So what you have to do is that you try on the jeans and you will get the details that you will need to go online. Register and select the phone that you want and the carrier, yes they allow you to pick your carrier and all that is left for you to do is to wait for FedEx delivery to get it to your home.

    Fred Grover, executive vice president of marketing in American Eagle, has mentioned how they want to ensure that their customers are satisfied and go back home with not only a good pair of jeans but also a new smartphone. Other than this, the company has also said that they hope that this will show how confident they are in their line of garments and it will surely bring in more valued customers to their side.

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  • Hulu spends a lot of time in blocking workarounds, which make it nearly impossible for people to view Hulu on mobile devices or Motorola Milestone Unlocked Android. But if you were willing to pay $9.99 per month then viewing your most favorite shows would not be an issue anymore.

    Jason Kilar, CEO of Hulu has announced officially that Hulu Plus, a subscription, subject to invitation, will allow contents to be watched by fans worldwide outside If you sign up for the monthly plan of 9.99$ then Hulu will stream episodes of an on-going session and the whole catalogue of shows that are popular like Arrested Development and X-Files (sci-fi legend).
    Right now only select capable television of the Samsung-app, Samsung Blu-Ray Player, and iPad /iPhone owners can use Hulu app as their gadgets support it. However, Hulu Plus is expected to arrive soon on Android as many searches have revealed that the company is researching Android. Moreover Kilar’s statements support our speculation.

    He said that it was just the initial step in their mission to bring us (people) TV at every possible location. They were already working hard on making Hulu Plus compatible on other platforms and devices, especially with the introduction and launch of the Playstation. Considering the increased potential flurry of Google TV, increase in the number of Android applications and tablets, the Android is one of the strong contenders to offer Hulu Plus.

    Non-U.S. Readers need not ignore this notice completely. Even though Hulu now caters only to the U.S it’s trying to expand its service to other countries. There have been many different countries kept on the horizon for the latest developments. A number of financing and licensing deals need to be done in order to achieve this, but one can be absolutely sure that Hulu will not forget anyone.

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  • The messaging phone line up of T-Mobile has most of its hardware sourced from Samsung. But the Unlocked Motorola ( Charm ) is an exception to that rule. There introduction of the slider with a QWERTY pad will be bringing Android OS to the list of messaging phones that are affordable.

    This fact is known because the recenty posted back-to-school ads are by T-Mobile, where we can see the glory hanging behind all the Samsung messaging phones. These messaging phones include the Samsung Smiley, Samsung Gravity T, and the Unlocked  Samsung (Gravity 3). But the only difference there is, is that of the Motorola Charm’s Android OS. This project is part of T-Mobile’s back-to-school promotions. These advertisements will be enticing for parents, whose kids will be going back to their respective schools, once they reopen after vacation.

    Messaging phones are basically phones which concentrate mainly on messaging facilities. They are also known as dumbphones, as they lack the traditional smartphone OS, but they make up this deficit with a full QWERTY keyboard. The Motorola Charm is like a link between dumbphones and smartphones. It has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, with Android OS. Thus two problems are solved in a single phone.

    According to T-Mobile, their phones for messaging will be for free, making the Motorola Charm the cheapest phone with the Android OS.  In other words, it is the cheapest smartphone powered by Google’s Nexus one unlocked phone  operating system available with new contract, for free. Magenta is yet to announce the specifics about the launch, but there is a high chance the Charm may be introduced a month before school reopens. Hopefully, there will be many who would want to lay their hands on one of these babies, and hopefully, the Charm will work well on people.

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  • The initial order for the new Motorola Milestone Unlocked Droid ( X )had quite a stock shortage. But now the ‘Best Buy’ has stated that Motorola are again taking pre –orders for this Droid X version on Verizon. This pre-ordering has been started just recently. Best Buy has also informed us that there is still no specific launch date that has been fixed for this model but sources are pretty confident that it will be around the 15th of this month. Verizon has presented an offer for its customers. It is allowing them to switch to pre ordering of the Droid X model if they have already jumped ship to the HTC Droid Incredible model.

    The new model has a commanding screen space of 4.3” 854 x 480-touch screen. This Droid X model has a 2.1 GHz processor with an HDMI-out. Also in its arsenal is the 8 megapixel camera and dual LED flash 720p video recording facilities, a closer inspection reveals that much of its specifications and features have a striking similarity with another model of theirs- the HTC EVO 4G. Only major difference being that the Verizon provides a much better coverage than that of the Sprint’s WiMAX.

    The Droid is being launched with an initial price tag of $199. This will be done on a two-year contract with that of the Verizon Company.

    Though the Droid X promises a lot but this Android powered Smartphone will have its work cut out as it will face a lot of competition from other upcoming Smartphone’s. It will be under a lot of pressure to perform effectively to outdo the new Apple IPhone 4 that’s also going to be launched this time of the year. Not only the iPhone, but also the Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S phones or the EVO 4G will give the Droid X model with its packed inventory of smart features a run for its money.

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  • Android’s new baby, the 3.0, or what is more popularly known as the Gingerbread is soon to released but it has come to our attention that the rumor mill got a little over excited and certain news that we had got are not entirely true. This in fact has been confirmed by Android though not through any official statements but tweets. However, we will look at that later. Let us see what the Gingerbread actually does offer us.

    Okay, first and foremost we can definitely say that this version of the Android will be providing the user an experience which is far better than its predecessors. Usage is far easier and smoother in all aspects. The main aim for this enhanced user experience which they have admitted is that they want to be bringing the experience of the little green robot as close as possible to the Unlocked iPhone 4. Although historically this has not been the case as the Android experience has been behind the iPhone. However, we feel that Android should keep in mind that the mainstream Android users only want a smooth user experience.

    Moving onto the looks, Google wants to weed out the need for third party skins as fast as possible. However this is somewhat difficult as the mobile handset manufacturers will be coming up with their skins ala the MotoBlur or the Sense, such that they maintain a unique image in the market.

    Coming back to the false rumors that we had heard, it was said that the Gingerbread needed a 512 MB RAM and a 1GHz processor. This meant that phones like the Motorola Unlocked Milestone  Droid would not be able to use this version. In this relation Dean Morrill Android’s open source and compatibility head has tweeted saying, “do not assume that any rumors floating around are true.”

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  • There has been much anticipation regarding the Unlocked Motorola Milestone ( Droid 2) . But rumors are rife that the Droid 2 will be hitting the shelves on August 23rd, and will be shipping in with the Android 2.2 (Froyo) out of the box.

    This will be the first device in the United States to actually come shipped with the Froyo. The Droid X will receive the Froyo, likely in August. If Motorola can get the Froyo running on the Droid X, then getting it to run successfully on the Droid 2 should not pose much of a problem. This could be an indication that the software will be released for other devices as well, in the near future.  The Droid X will be receiving the Froyo update this August. Moreover, if Motorola can get Froyo to run on the Droid X with its custom skin, it would be an easy task for Motorola to get Froyo on a stock Android device.

    But there is speculation whether the timing for introducing the Droid 2 is healthy for the Droid X’s market. The introduction of the Droid 2 can very possibly steer people away from the Motorola's Unlocked Milestone Droid (X). But some people are of the opinion that the majority will wait for the Droid X, and not opt for the Droid 2.

    The most significant difference between the two handsets is their software. But other than this, the Droid 2 has a QWERTY keyboard. On top of that, the Droid 2 will receive its software updates before the Droid X. So, these are the places where the Droid 2 beats the Droid X. But if people are looking for an entertainment device, then they should opt for the Droid X.

    There’s much speculation over everything; so, its better that people wait and hopefully, the Droid 2 will come out on 23rd August. People will then know for sure which one is better- the Droid 2 or Droid X.

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  • If accessing social networking web pages is what you are primarily looking for in your phone then there is good news for you. Verizon wireless has decided to drop the prices of the Microsoft Kin cell  phones which allow easy access to social networking portals.

    Prices of the Microsoft Kins phones will change as follows

    • · The Kin One will now cost $29 in comparison to its earlier $50 pricing
    • · The Kin Two price will be cut down to half it original to around $50

    However we honestly feel that this will not go a long way in really helping the sales of these handsets to that extent. For the customer, it is important to note that all these handsets do come with the usual two year contract and additional data charges. When you buy these phones, you will be committed to a two year data plan of $30 per month which is comparable to the

    These phones are pretty good in the respect that they allow you to upload your pictures and even videos onto your profiles. However the drawbacks sadly for these nifty phones are numerous, such as;

    • · You cannot download any applications at all hence no games, and
    • · You cannot access special Twitter and other such special clients.

    On the brighter side, there are some updates slated for release from Microsoft which will enable YouTube access and social networking capabilities however we really think that this is not enough. In fact, Microsoft’s soon to be released smart phone platform the Windows Phone 7 which is coming out in a few months time. This sadly will be a killer for many of the phones like the kin. However on the bright side, the positive aspects of the Kin will find its way into the Windows Phone 7.

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  • Based on certain photographs which we recently discovered, we are wondering whether AT&T will be soon greeting the Motorola Flipout. In those pictures, we have seen this phone showing certain applications which are definitely AT&T. However this may not be a good thing as AT&T have failed with the introduction of the HTC Unlocked ( Aria ) and Captivate and the Motorola Flipout is yet another sub standard release from the service provider.

    We reviewed the Motorola Unlocked Backflip recently along with the Motoblur. Hence you know what the Motorola Flipout is about as it is basically a smaller Backflip and has a different mechanism by which the screen flips 90 degrees to reveal the keyboard.

    There are however certain plusses to this phone. The Motorola Flipout comes with Android 2.1 and enhanced Motoblur which however we do not think will prove to be of much help to the users. However as is with the newer Motoblur, you can resize your widgets on the main screen thereby you can customize your home screen better which is pretty cool according to us.

    Although we say so much about Motorola’s low end phones, the keypad on this one is actually pretty good and we think that you can actually get used to typing on this keypad pretty well.

    Although we have said so much about the Unlocked Motorola ( Flipout ) coming to AT&T, there is still no confirmation but we think that it is only a matter of time before we actually get it available on AT&T. If Motorola are still trying to make its devices look different from others using the very same software, the company still has to do a lot to make their skins look better and more organized which is a vast change from the clutter that it represents at this moment. Be sure to stay up to date with this story.

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  • The Verizon latest models would have to prove their mettle as soon as the iPhone is launched. Verizon is looking into various ways to up its market and make it look bolder and meaner. In fact, Verizon company is doing all that it can to show that it means business ahead of the launch of the Unlocked Motorola Droid ( X )  model and the Apple iPhone 4 model.

    It is rumoured that Verizon Wireless employees had been in a meeting just before the Sunday Store closures. Though store closures are a rarity in case of such big companies but it’s happening nonetheless, though temporarily. It happened in small selected areas before spreading throughout the entire company. The big news that’s making waves is that the Verizon Wireless will be scrapping of the word ‘Wireless’ from its name. The Verizon Company are not holding back on the advertisements and are doing quite a bit of publicity stunts to rake up their products just before the launch of the Apple iPhone 4. The name change is followed by new slogans such as “Verizon, Rule the Air!”

    Except the name change Verizon are leaving everything else just the same. The developers have confirmed that there will be no added extra features with the new Verizon models.

    Sources have confirmed that this is just a marketing strategy which will temporarily change the name of the company. The idea is to shorten the name so as it appears bolder and more intense.

    The meeting that had been mentioned in this passage earlier had also another purpose. It was to decide whether or not the company would incline towards the new  iPhone 4 Unlocked gadget model that is going to be launched recently. Reports are in that Verizon will stick to their android models and putt full effort on their latest Droid X cell phones.

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  • The new Unlocked Motorola Milestone Droid(X) has now been released in the market at Best Buy prices which gives you the cutting edge mobile telephony technology. Best Buy prices ensure that you will be getting an additional discount on the phone that you buy and it helps you escape the rebates from the direct service providers which are more of a hassle to avail of. The Droid X is definitely one of the meanest new phones on the Android platform.

    With respect to the terms of the Best Buy option, the Droid X will set up back by $199.99 and you have to enter into a two year contract with Verizon. However as a customer, one should know this that if you do want to get out of the contract, you have to pay a hefty amount of $350 which allows you to cancel the deal.

    There has been an official statement which has been released by Best buy mobiles which is sure to whip up the excitement among the users. The Droid X will be released for pre sale orders by the 25th of June and they will be delivered at the stores by the 15th of July. For those interested in keeping up to date with the Best Buy phones, an eye should also be kept on phones like the

    HTC  Unlocked (EVO 4G) for the Sprint

    iPhone 4G for AT & T which are already available.

    The Best Buy Store officials hope that with the recent heightened popularity of the Android platform, the Droid X will really take off among the consumers in the pre sale period. The phone itself comes with Google’s Nexus One Unlocked Android 2.1 operating system along with HD playback and recording capability.  An upgrade on the operating system will also be made available soon in the next year.

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