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Moshi for iPad
  • Analysts are estimating that 100,000 Verizon DROID smartphones, dubbed the “iPhone killer” were sold in the first weekend alone since the phone's launch. The DROID's comparisons to the iPhone come from the similarity of their features, and sales show that consumers are eager to embrace the DROID. Experts estimated that the iPhone's first weekend sales back in July of 2007 were up to 246,000 units, while the record for a Sprint device opening weekend sales goes to the Palm Pre, which sold over 50,000 the weekend of its launch in June 2009. The high sales for the DROID may not seem to be a match for those of the iPhone, but keeping in mind that the iPhone was a standout in the field of mobile phones at the time of its launch while the DROID has a number of similar models to compete with; its sales are still impressive.


    What is so special about the DROID that would drive the sale of an estimated 100,000 units in one weekend? In addition to the voice-activated commands, the DROID offers a 5 megapixel camera (much higher quality than the typical 2 or 3 megapixels usually available with mobile phones), GPS, Wi-Fi, and the performance enhancing Android 2 technology. One of the most talked-about apps offers Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation, at not charge. Not only does the program navigate, but also it will include street view photographs, and instantaneous traffic reports. The Motorola phone also has a feature that updates the address book with information culled from the Facebook profiles of the owners' friends. The innovative features, reports of high quality performance, and affordability factor are strengthening the DROID as a legitimate competitor to the iPhone unlocked. After selling 100,000 units in the first weekend alone, there is a good chance that the DROID's sales figures will climb even further, solidifying its status as a must-have device.

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  • The strength of Android technology was recently affirmed this weekend with incredible sales following the launch of the Verizon DROID, largely driven by excitement over the phone's reputation for high quality performance and unique features. In addition to the DROID, other cell phones using the Android platform, such as the DROID Eris and the Sprint moment have recently become available. There are literally thousands of apps for the DROID, with a select few standing out from the rest.


    The apps generating the most buzz include: Flixster, Meridian, Flyscreen, Nesoid, Twidroid, Qik/Ustream, TED, Barcode Reader, 3Banana, and Power Manager. All of these are free except for Nesoid, which costs $1.99, and Power manager, coming in at $.99. Flixster provides information on movies, reviews and show times. Meridian is considered the best media player for the Android system and plays MP3, MP4, OGG and 3GPP files. Flyscreen is a lock screen replacement offering widgets on a customizable canvas. Nesoid is a highly-reviews NES emulator, which also comes in a Lite version. Twidroid is a Twitter client, as could be guessed from its creative name. Qik/Ustream are two of the many video streaming service available with Android. TED, which features a diverse array of lectures from the Technology, Entertainment, Design conference, is one of the highest reviewed apps. Barcode Reader and Power Manager are self-explanatory, while 3Banana syncs notes and images from the mobile to your computer.

    While Meridian, Nesoid, and TED have so far been the highest reviewed features, room for improvement in some of the apps has also been noted. Meridian is considered the best media player for Android, although the general performance of media players with Android cell phones has been criticized significantly. Users will enjoy the TED app as a fun educational tool, with access to lectures from speakers such as Bill Clinton with the touch of a button. These ten apps may be some of the best Android has to offer, but there are many more quality apps out there waiting to be explored as well.

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  • Gas is not the only one with the right to a price hike, just recently, cell phone usage might experience a price hike as well -at least to Verizon customers.

    Raising early termination fees for advanced devices seems like being held hostage. A year ago Verizon and other cell phone service providers were pushed by the FCC and a number of consumers to lessen their Early Termination Fee (EFT). It gained a lot of attention when Verizon Wireless paid $21 million to settle a California lawsuit.

    Before that, most of the major carriers, including Verizon of course, stonewalled the issue but by October, AT&T started relaxing its EFT rules. Due to the incident, the FCC focused on the EFT thing with Chairperson Kevin Martin favoring a nationwide resolution with regards to termination fees. Verizon seconded Martin's suggestion of prorating of fees and cell phone users thought the EFT problem has already been buried.

    VerizonJust yesterday, news came out that Verizon is doing a price hike on termination fees. Verizon customers are now saying that Verizon used to be a great service provider. Now the average American says, it is nothing but a big rip off. Some people used to have two accounts and 5 phones or more with the service provider but because of their fees here and there, the giant is now losing customers left and right.

    Enter the early termination fee and this will escalate to lawsuits (yet again). We are still in a recession and even if they say that the economy is getting better, it is still difficult to make enough money. Now, who can afford high fees on top of other fees “incurred” during your contract with any of these big companies and if you want to terminate your contract because you cannot make ends meet -they will charge you with higher fees (again).

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  • In one way or another we've all done something like this:


    Can you relate? Send us your comments / experience of something similar.

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  • Travelling And Your Cell Phone
    Posted on September 11, 2009 by Pure Mobile

    We recently came across this article on CNN that talked about high roaming charges and we thought it would be a good idea to bring it up on the blog.

    The article talks about P. Morgan Brown and "when his wife decided to take a spur-of-the-moment vacation to Indonesia."  When she got back from the trip her "Verizon bill came to a staggering $8,000. Text-messages home cost an astounding $2.50 each and the meter was running at an eye-popping $1.75 a minute for phone calls."

    Now Mrs. Brown's case is an exception but it's happening more and more.  People aren't realizing the charges and the roaming rates they are being charged.

    This problem isn't happening just with overseas travel.  Steven Frischling, a New York travel consultant, returned from a recent trip to Detroit to find a $500 international phone bill.  The problem wiht his bill was he was in Detroit which meant it wasn't actually roaming.  The problem was the Apple iPhone he used kept picking up signal from the Canadian towers.  He was able to prove that he was in Detroit and the charges were eventually reveresed.

    The article gives 5 things you can do to alleviate those high charges

    1. Buy another phone.  That's right when you get over to the place you are going by a local service with pre-paid SIM card.  Likely this will be a cheaper alternative then the roaming charges.  We are sure that a local cell phone place would have been better then an $8000 bill.

    2. Get a plan.  If you want to keep you phone and still use your carriers service then consider getting a international plan.  One where roaming is included.

    3. Go VOIP.  VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a feature that lets you make a call over the internet rather then over the cell phone towers.  You may have heard of Skype.  This is a VOIP service and if you are make Skype to Skype calls then calling is free anywhere in the world.  You can be in the US and calling someone in China and you wouldn't pay a dime.

    4. Swap Cards.  Probably the most convenient way.  If you have a GSM cell phone you can get it unlocked or you can buy an unlocked cell phone.  By doing this it lets you use the same phone you are use to but simply remove the SIM card in the phone and replace it with one locally.  Basically this gives you the option of getting a local plan but not having to buy a phone.  This is good since you can generally pick up a SIM card in most convenience stores.  You basically are turning your cell phone into a pre-paid service.  When you get back state-side simply put your regular SIM card back in and you'll have your old service without the charges.

    5. Leave your phone at home.  If you really want to be sure then simply don't bring your phone.  If it's not out of the country then it can't get high roaming charges.

    Cows Roaming

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  • Do You Drive and Text?
    Posted on September 2, 2009 by Pure Mobile

    We came across an interesting article on the Consumerist about a poll done to see if a laws should be inacted to stop people from using cell phones while driving.

    What was interesting was that 80% of respondants said they would support banning texting and emailing while driving.  Even 67% would support banning cell phone calls during driving.

    Of all the things learned about in the survey it seems more people feel that more people talk and drive now then they did a year ago.

    Many states are coming with laws and we are going to see more in the future.  If you want to see the full Nationwide poll you can read it here.  Otherwise we'd recommend getting a Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth car kit to at least help you put some focus back on the road

    Texting While Driving

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  • Introducing the Microsoft Fune
    Posted on August 27, 2009 by Pure Mobile

    So Microsoft has decided to get into the cell phone market.  They have come out with the Fune.  It runs on Vista and uses AOL to connect to the internet.

    No release date has been set and no specs have been given but everyone is waiting eagerly since companies like Apple and Google have released cell phones in the past year.  It was only a matter of time for Microsoft to get into the game


    *if you haven't figured it out yet this is a fake video, but it's really funny and worth a watch

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  • Iowa 911 Accepting Texts
    Posted on August 7, 2009 by Pure Mobile

    Here's one for the keeping up with the times file.  It seems that Black Hawk County, Iowa's 911 service will now be accepting text messages for emergency calls.  This comes from

    As is said in the article this seems like a great idea at first but you have to remember there are several issues.

    It's only one place for now.  Until this is rolled out on a large scale a small county in Iowa will likely only benefit the residents.  I mean don't start texting 911 from your phone you might be sorry when no one shows up to help.

    Time counts.  Texts are nice but it can take forever to reply if you don't have someone that is quick on either end.  How many times have you sent a text from your mobile phone and it takes 10+ minutes to get a response from someone.  The operator might be quick but trying to get your location might not be as fast.

    Texts aren't dependable.  This is true.  Everyone has sent one, or more, texts that just seemed to disappear into the void of cell phone nothingness.  If you get into a car accident or fall down a cliff not getting a response might lead to disaster.

    Find you.  It's hard enough to trace the cell phone as it is now can you imagine text messages.  If the person sends a text but doesnt' say their location and then goes unconscience tracing the exact place this person is might be impossible and that means critical minutes lost.

    So althought at first this seems great, and with much improvement it could be great, it does seem like for now this is just a very early adopter.  We hope to see more progress like this with cell phones in the future.  With more people having phones every day and even more people droping their landlines in favor of a cell phone new methods will be happening all the time, but for now we suggest that you stick to dialing 911 in all cases and speaking to a live person so you know you are safe.

    Also if we havne't stressed it enough if you are on a cell and in trouble or trying to help someone in trouble please make sure to tell the operator as exact a location to find you as possible so that in time critical situations they can make every moment count.

    Officer On Cell

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  • It looks like US lawmakers are considering passing legislation banning textng, but only why someone is driving.  According to the American Press there are currently 14 states and DC that have banned texting while driving, but this law would ban it throughout the US.

    A study released last week by the "Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that when drivers of heavy trucks texted, their collision risk was 23 times greater than when not texting.  The also said that "dialing a cell phone and using or reaching for an electronic device increased risk of collision about six times in cars and trucks."  So at least from their study it does seem that texting is a lot worse.

    To enforce the law states have to ban texting and emailing while driving or they would lose 25% of their yearly highway funding.

    The best thing though is some of you out there are wondering if police would go crazy and start ticket anyone but the law will be limited to moving vehicules and parked or stopped vehicules would not be fined.

    So for now if you are not in one of those 14 states or DC you can still text or drive from you cell phone, but really think about it should you?  Not only are you risking your own life but everyone elses lives that are on the road to and that isn't fair.

    Texting While Driving

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  • US soldiers deployed in Iraq can now get language assistance from an iPhone or Blackberry.  Sakhr Software, a company specializing in translation software, is porting its translation technology to work on mobile smart phone devices. It recently developed a tool for the iPhone to enable speech to speech translation. What this means is that you could speak directly into the phone in English and have the phone speak back to you in Arabic.  Furthermore, it displays the translation in both Arabic and English characters allowing you to attempt to pronounce it correctly.  Quite impressive!!


    For the time being, it seems that the technology had been built to serve the US Department of Defense, to help bridge the communication gap between deployed soldiers and locals of the Middle East and ensure diplomacy is preserved in the field as well as avoid accidents due to miscommunication.  We can't wait to see this available to the civilian market where anyone can tour any street in a small town in say Egypt, and be able to communicate directly with the locals.

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