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  • According to, 57% of mobile workers (meaning people who primarily work on the road), use their unlocked cell phone while in the bathroom.  And I’m not going to lie, I do this regularly myself.  Polling 5,200 respondents, they found a host of interesting stats.  Not only do we engage in dirty behavior, the majority of us also engage in extremely RISKY behavior.  54% of all workers admitted to checking their phones while driving, and in no surprise, in their never ending quest to make a sale, 66% of sales workers admitted to smartphoning behind the wheel.  In one of the most disturbing responses, half of all health care workers admitted to using cell phones in their cars.  We can only hope that statistic does not include ambulance drivers.

    It truly is an addiction.  Almost one fifth of all respondents said they check their phone immediately after it vibrates or beeps, and the same percentage says that their employer demands they be reachable via cell phone after work hours.  Most professionals relay on their smart phones such as the Motorola Backflip, for a non-stop flow of incoming and outgoing information, and based on the above stats, I’d be surprised if we don’t see an increase in state and federal legislation penalizing those who use their cell phones while driving.  Some other interesting stats taken from this study:

    • 62% check during a meal
    • 60% check while on vacation
    • 57% check while in the bathroom
    • 50% check while lying in bed at night
    • 25% check when at the movies
    • 18% check while on a date
    • 17% check while working out at the gym
    • 17% check when attending their kid’s  events
    • And in a move that will probably shock and disgust your Grandmother, 11% admit to checking their smartphones while at church!

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  • If you are a movie aficionado like me then you will want to pay close attention to this post.  Movie ticket website Fandango announced today that will start selling movie tickets that can be scanned from your mobile device immediately.  Similar to the 2-D barcodes that are available with some airlines Fandango’s tickets can be scanned at the ticket booth at selected theaters.

    Currently this new technology is only available in a few select theaters and cities such as New York, Dallas, Houston and San Diego but is expected to be rolled out to more cities in the coming months if the tests prove effective.  The costs of movie tickets will be the same if you use this new feature on your cell phone.

    This is truly fantastic news if you like going to the movies but hate standing in those lines to get your tickets.  You will never miss a show again because of it being sold out while you are waiting to get your tickets.  You will be able to purchase your tickets to the show at home and then just skip the line all together when you get to the theater.  I am quite excited to use this new technology from Fandango and looking forward to save some time waiting in line the next time I am at the movies.

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  • With the announcement that Visa is going to team up with DeviceFidelity to deliver NFC payments via microSD cards there is news that Visa will have some competition from First Data and Tyfone.  First Data and Tyfone have announced their partnership to also bring the ability to deliver NFC payments via MicroSD cards to cell phones.

    The heart of their system is Tyfone’s SideTap card made by NXP Semiconductors which can also function as an actual memory card in addition to a NFC payment device.  However, while Tyfone’s SideTap card can function as memory card as well it is expected to cost the same as a regular memory card of the same capacity.

    Using a microSD card instead of a phone with built in NFC technology will also reduce the need for carries or phone manufacturers to be involved which will also help lower the costs.  While the complete details of the partnership are not known at this time the two companies are promising that the technology will hit the market in the second half of 2010.

    For consumers that will need to use this NFC payment technology this sounds very encouraging as First Data and Tyfone look to keep the costs down while providing consumers with this needed technology.  By combining forces First Data and Tyfone will be able to pass the savings they create when implementing this NFC capabilities onto the consumers which is always a welcomed case.

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  • As if we did not need another reason to get excited about the new upcoming Windows 7 phone Netflix and Microsoft made an announcement that the new Windows 7 phone will have a Netflix app that comes equipped with the Watch Instantly Technology.

    While most smart phones have some sort of Netflix app those apps only allow you to manage your account and make changes to your queue.  With the new Windows 7 phone you will be able to watch movies instantly from Netflix on your new Windows 7 mobile device.

    This announcement makes a lot of sense considering that that Netflix utilizes Microsoft’s Silverlight technology to stream movies instantly over the web.  It would be perfect for Netflix to join with Microsoft and their Windows 7 phone to bring you the same technology and allow you to view movies instantly on your mobile device.

    As an avid movie watcher and huge Netflix fan this has me even more excited for the upcoming launch of the Windows 7 phone.  There will be a lot of great technologies that are exclusive to the Windows 7 device and the Netflix app is just another one to add to the ever growing list.  I will certainly be eagerly awaiting this new device.

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  • Microsoft kicked off the MIX 2010 with a keynote speech that surely got the attention of programmers for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 device.  In their keynote Microsoft revealed many features that will be at the disposal of programmers looking to dive into the Windows Phone 7 Series platform.  Some of these features include:

    • Accelerometer support
    • Microsoft Location Service to provide developers with a single point of reference to acquire location information
    • Microsoft Notification Service for pushing information to the phone, regardless of whether or not an application is running
    • Hardware-accelerated video with digital rights management (DRM)
    • Internet Information Services Smooth Streaming for the industry’s highest quality content viewing experience
    • Multitouch
    • Camera and microphone support

    To assist developers and get them started quickly Microsoft is offering a suite of free developer tools which include Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone 7 Series, a free add-in to use with Visual Studio 2010 RC, XNA Game Studio 4.0, Windows Phone 7 Series Emulator for application testing, and a version of Expression Blend for Windows Phone.

    If you think the app store is going to be a waste of time Microsoft already has a list of big name clients on board to release apps for the new Windows Phone 7 device.  These companies include Associated Press, NAMCO, EA Mobile, Pandora, Sling, Foursquare and Weatherbug to name a few.

    PureMobile plans to carry unlocked cell phones built on the Windows Phone 7 Series platform.

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  • FCC Unveils National Broadband Plan
    Posted on March 18, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    Today in a message to congress the FCC unveiled it’s plans to work on a national broadband plan.  The plan details how the FCC will work to bring voice and broadband internet services to as many Americans as possible.  The FCC’s plan includes both wireline and wireless broadband components.

    With the wireless side the FCC requested the use of 500MHz of spectrum and hopes to get that much made available in 10 years time.  Currently the FCC has 50MHz of spectrum available and is considering incentives and possible auctions to get current spectrum holders to give up their current allotments.

    The FCC is also looking into the ways that infrastructure can help reduce the costs of deploying wireless broadband.  They would like to look into the ways that rooftops, utility poles, and other conduits can be used for cell towers and repeaters that will greatly reduce the costs of rolling out a nationwide broadband service.

    The main goal of the FCC and this broadband initiative is to provide every American with access to broadband service of 100Mbps downloads and 50Mbps uploads.  The FCC also feels that the US should lead the world in mobile broadband and should have the largest and fastest network.

    If the FCC realizes its goal then this will be very welcomed news for mobile device users that are currently on data plans.  They way it sounds to me is that the FCC wants to have a country wide wireless broadband service that mobile users would be able to access from their unlocked cell phones for free.  Gone could be the days of paying for wireless data plans to stream video content on your mobile device.  This will be an interesting story to keep our eyes on in the coming years to see just how much support the FCC gets from the government.

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  • Verizon Wireless announced some exciting news on Tuesday after testing the wireless data speeds of their new LTE network, which is primed to replace the current 3G network. The news from Verizon was that the test results were “shocking” and “faster than ever suggested.”  This comes as a great surprise to many as Verizon now expects to beat rival wireless company ATT into the LTE business by 12-18 months.

    Field tests were conducted in Boston and Seattle in August and Verizon Wireless now expects to deliver these services to about 25 – 30 markets by the end of 2010.  The test results that have shocked all of the Verizon Wireless engineers have shown an average download rate of 5Mbit/sec to 12Mbit/sec along with an uplink speed of 2Mbit/sec to 5Mbit/sec.  With rates like these Verizon customers could expect to experience the same web surfing speeds as they don on their home computer.

    Some other aspects of this announcement that have tech gurus all excited is that Verizon Wireless demonstrated the capacity to perform a live videoconference using this new LTE technology.  This is an amazing feat and really demonstrates the powers that this new wireless network can really have.  Testers were also able to successfully stream a movie in 1080p high definition to a handheld device which is primed to change the way we watch videos on our handheld devices.

    Imagine the possibilities this type of technology could lead to.  Soon you may be able to have a live video conference with several friends or colleagues using your unlocked cell phone while watching a movie and checking the stock market.  When something this ground breaking comes along it really makes you start to wonder what could possibly come next.

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  • American Airlines has announced today that they will now accept mobile ticketing at another 19 airports.  This now brings the total to 27 airports around the country that will accept boarding passes that are displayed on your mobile device.  It will work on mobile phones like the Sony Ericsson Aspen as well as Pads and will display a two-dimensional barcode.  Now, you will not have to worry about printing out a boarding pass or getting one at the airport.  This may also help you get to the security area a little bit quicker.

    Sony Ericsson Aspen White Silver Unlocked GSM Cellular Phone

    It is very easy to use in that you merely choose the option to have an e-mail correctly to your phone, like the Nokia 5300 unlocked cell phone or PDA and American Airlines will send the boarding pass to your e-mail and then you can get it right off of your mobile device.  The new airports that were announced include Albuquerque, Charlotte, Cleveland, Denver, El Paso, Houston, Jacksonville, Orlando, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington, Little Rock and Phoenix.

    These are, in addition to the first ones that include Chicago, Austin, Dallas, Los Angeles, Orange County, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Minneapolis.  You can visit the American airline's website to get further details about how the process works.  This is just one more application that will make travelers lives a lot easier.  Now, you will not have to worry about whether or not you printed out your boarding pass before you get to the airport, as you will just simply need to show your mobile device and the barcode.  Now all you will have to worry about is whether or not your luggage will get lost on the way to your destination.

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  • Okay all you major league baseball fans, once again the ever popular At Bat application is available for download at the Apple app store.  You can purchase this app for the one-time charge of $14.99, and it is ready now so you will be able to keep up with all of your favorite baseball teams.  The application allows baseball fans to keep track of their home team, as well as other teams and how they are doing in the standings.  With opening day just around the corner you may want to think about getting this application now so you can keep up with all of the current news or in spring training and the exhibition games.

    This application let you catch all of the games that matter where you are.  You can either listen or watch the games on your unlocked iPhone, but just the careful if you are doing this to work!  This app is especially great for those that have moved away from their favorite teams and do not want to miss any of the games in their local market.  It also gives you the most up-to-date information about other games and scores as well as player information and statistics.  It will also give you highlights of games, as well as to be able to notify you based on your input.  This app has won the best multimedia app from MacWorld, and was named most valuable application of 2009 by Sports Illustrated.

    BlackBerry Accessories

    This year's version we even allow you to listen or watch to spring training and give you all the breaking news in regard to player trades and other major league baseball news.  It will take you all the way through the playoffs and World Series as well.  And for all of those that have Blackberry cell phones or android mobile devices, you will also be able to download the application as well.  Check out the At Bat 2010 at your app store, and do not miss one inning of your favorite team.

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  • Verizon Class Action Suit
    Posted on March 2, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    Verizon wireless has received notification that they are being sued in a class action lawsuit in the state of New Jersey.  This class-action suit from the law firm of Goldman Scarlato & Karon, P.C. has been filed on behalf of cell phone users that do not have smart phones.  They are claiming that these users have been charged for data transfer services that they have never actually used.  This is in regard to customers being charged accidentally the $1.99 per megabyte for accessing the web or using any other data services.  Verizon stated that these charges are only access to those users that stray away from the Verizon home page and obtain other applications and services.  The lawsuit claims that Verizon has charged customers even though they have not accessed this type of service.  The lawsuit is looking to be able to return the money is improperly charged back to the customers.

    HTC Google Nexus One Black Unlocked GSM Cellular Phone

    In other news, the major United States carriers, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, along with Google have begun to respond to the FCC in regard to the early termination fees that customers have to pay.  It has long known that these carriers as well as others have had extremely high early termination fees in order to cover the costs of the cell phone devices that they provide at a discount through their plans.  Google has stated that their $350 fee for customers that use the Nexus One and break their contract is fair.

    In the past, Nexus One users have had to actually pay early termination fees to both Google and T-Mobile.  They have begun to reduce some of these early termination fees and have actually lowered it to $150 for new T-Mobile customers.  The make your carriers also explained that they would be making sure that they fully disclose the early termination fees to all customers.  This is just one more reason why unlocked cell phones are probably one of the best ways to avoid the unnecessary fees from the major carriers in the United States.

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