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Cellphone Accessories Reviews

Moshi for iPad
  • XMI has proven time and time again to be leaders in portable sound. Since the launch of their first portable speaker, XMI has lived up to their motto of "Size Beyond Sound" and then some, delivering various models of speakers that have truly defied size. With the XMI WE Bluetooth speaker XMI have outdone themselves, bringing their high quality sound into an even smaller package and eliminating the need for wires entirely.

    First things first, the XMI WE is a cool looking speaker. The best size comparison I can use is that it is roughly the size of a large wine cork. It's textured body is easy to grip and is easily attachable to things like bags, belts, and just about anything else. The speaker itself is covered by a rubber plug, helping to keep the internals dry and dust free when not in use. All in all, the XMI WE weighs just 48 grams and is very unobtrusive.

    Sound wise, the XMI WE packs a 1.5 Watt speaker into this small body. While 1.5 Watts maybe doesn't inspire much faith, there is no way you are finding a speaker this size that is as loud and clear as the WE. Add in the fact that this speaker's bluetooth compatibility works flawlessly and you see why this is such an interesting product.

    All in all, the XMI WE bluetooth speaker is a handy, powerful, and inconspicuous speaker that gets the job done on both a performance and design level. Its built-in clip makes carrying it simple and its 1.5 Watt speaker delivers power that defies the speakers size. Check out the XMI WE bluetooth speaker on PureMobile now.

    Check out more reviews, news, and product spotlights on PureMobile's Facebook page. Give us a like and stay in the know about the latest industry and product news.

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  • Top Three Accessories For Summer
    Posted on April 17, 2014 by keith holland

    The sun is starting to shine and temperatures are on the rise! Summer is nearly here and PureMobile wants to help you be on top of your party game with these mobile accessories that will help keep times fun. Below you will find PureMobile's top three must have accessories for Summer including portable speakers, portable stereos, and waterproof phone cases. Don't miss out on these cool and functional items!

    Griffin Survivor Waterproof Case

    This case has become the easiest-to-use case on the market these days and has been designed for freedom both in and around water. This case can be submersed as deep as 10 feet and can be used every day. Waterproof is how you can describe this case and no matter how you put it, in the bathtub, a sink, the pool, it’s going to protect your phone without causing damage. This case is compatible for the iPhone and protects it from water, rain, vibration and more. You still have access to volume buttons and still have a tight seal.

    iHome Bluetooth Mini Stereo

    Bring the party where ever you go with the iBT24 mini Bluetooth speaker. Stream wireless digital audio via Bluetooth from your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The iBT24 also has an aux-in jack, as well as an aux-out jack for an expandable audio experience.

    XMI We Bluetooth Speaker

    Experience big sound with enhanced portability from XMI's We Speaker. Pair it up with your Bluetooth device for wireless playback, or use the provided cable to bring the sweet sound of music to your ears. This speaker features a 1.5 watt speaker in a ultra compact, 48 gram speaker that clips easily and inconspicuously to belts, bags, and keychains.

    Keep checking back with PureMobile as our selection of hot Summer accessories grows in the coming weeks!

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  • The Samsung Galaxy Gear is in the rear-view, and running past the now aging accessory is one of Samsung's exciting new smartwatches, the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit. The Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit takes the Galaxy Gear experience, and improves on it in almost every way, while giving the smartwatch a new fitness-inspired design. But what does this accessory do well? Read on and check out our review of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit.

    First things first, this device is not an improvement hardware wise over it's predecessor, but it does have an improved focus. Gone are many of the half-baked features found in the Galaxy Gear in favour of a more streamlined and focused device. This means, no camera, voice control, and no phone calls, but, for those who want a basic notification device that is stylish and smart, the Gear Fit is perfect.

    The Gear Fit features a 1.8 inch Super AMOLED display. The colours are sharp and its curved profile isn't a showpiece the LG G Flex. Plain and simple, this device has a simple look to it. Display wise, there are multiple options for backgrounds, wallpapers, clocks, and more to make this device your own. Heck, even the wristband is interchangeable.

    One place where this device does struggle though is in the battery. While Samsung boasts a multi-day battery life, anyone using the Gear Fit semi-regularly will struggle to get through a 24-hour day without issue. Also, those thinking they are getting the Galaxy Gear or Gear 2.0 will be in for a rude awakening when they see the lack of support for this device in terms of functions and apps. Sure, you can view notifications and calls, but good luck answering texts with this device's predetermined responses due to a lack of a keyboard.

    In all, this device nails it as a simple notification manager on your wrist. Frankly, that's all that some people want in a smartwatch. For those that want more, the time may not be right for you to take a walk on the wild side with the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit.

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  • This week is punctuated by two major phone launches. The Samsung Galaxy S5 and the All New HTC One M8 are both hitting shelves this week to much fanfare and are sure to be huge movers for both companies. But what about their accessories? Who has the edge when it comes to cases? We have seen and tested all the new cases for both phones and are ready to help point you in the right direction when it comes to accessories for these two flagship phones.

    Interactive Cases

    Both HTC and Samsung have innovative cases that go beyond protection for the launches of their new phones. With HTC's Dot Matrix and the Samsung S-View, both companies are pushing the boundaries of what a case can do while still protecting your phone. The HTC Dot Matrix features an almost retro look with things like time and notifications projected onto the cover using dots. This cover can then be interacted with to respond to alerts and alarms without opening the cover. Likewise, the Samsung S-View is similar, but without the look. Instead Samsung uses a window to view notifications. This round goes to HTC for originality and creativity.

    Victor : HTC

    Flip Covers

    Both HTC and Samsung have their own lines of flip covers as well. HTC's Flip Case is a pretty basic cover. It's easy to remove the cover and respond to alerts. With that being said, Samsung has been at this for years, and they know what they are doing. Their Flip Wallet actually takes the place of the phones back battery cover making it super thin. Easily the better designed case.

    Victor : Samsung

    Third Party Cases

    Both phones have a strong lineup of cases from other brands as well. Samsung, being the more established of the two, has a much stronger variety. Samsung is supported very well by Incipio, with the GS5 having versions of the Feather, NGP, and DualPro. HTC meanwhile has the uber-protective Ballistic line backing it up. This round though, has to go to Samsung due to the sheer variety of cases available for the Galaxy S5.

    Victor : Samsung

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  • PureMobile is pleased to be growing its selection of Ballistic cases with protective cases for a growing number of smartphones and tablets. Something akin to a protective Otterbox case without the excessive bulk, weight, and dimensions, Ballistic cases are some of the best protective cases on the market. Using layers, protective corners, and other forms of case technology, Ballistic provides expert level protection at a very reasonable price-point for people looking for consumer quality heavy-duty phone cases. Ballistic has designed several different versions of their cases, but we will focus on three cases for the All New HTC One, Nexus 5, and Samsung Galaxy S5. Here is your look at Ballistic's line of protective smartphone cases.

    Ballistic Jewel

    Ballistic's LS Jewel Series is a gem of protection. Built with reinforced corner protection, this case features a raised lip that protects the screen. Installation wise, the process is quick, simple, and no phone disassembly is required.

    Ballistic Shell Gel

    Make sure you keep your new LG Nexus 5 looking great. Ballistic's Shell Gel SG Series offers the best pocket-able protection for your LG Nexus 5. This case is engineered with three layers of the best protection on the market, including Ballistic Corners™ and a lay-on-table feature.

    Ballistic Tough Jacket

    Not afraid to get your hands dirty? Neither is Tough Jacket™. It’s ready to handle whatever life throws your way. With reinforced corner protection and raised lips, we dare you to test this case for the all new HTC One.

    Ballistic makes some of the world's strongest, yet sleekest cases. Check out Ballistic today and make sure you check back at PureMobile as we continue to add more and more Ballistic cases to our webstore over the coming weeks and months. Check back with the PureMobile Insider Blog for the latest in tech and smartphone accessories.

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  • Apple iPad Mini iOttie Contest
    Posted on March 27, 2014 by keith holland

    PureMobile is offering you a chance to win an iOttie Car & Desk Mount for the Apple iPad Mini and iPad Mini with Retina Display. This accessory is from one of our latest brands, iOttie, and is a great mount for both home and automotive use. All you need to do to enter is purchase any Apple iPad Mini accessory from PureMobile over the weekend. It's that easy to get your hands on a $50 mount from iOttie. With that in mind, here are three of our favourite accessories for the Apple iPad Mini and the iPad Mini with Retina Display. Good luck!

    Griffin Survivor

    For iPad mini owners, you want to make the investment to protect your device with something durable and solid. This case offers you a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame that is rugged and made from shock absorbing silicone. There is a screen protector built-in to the case meaning your device is protected from all angles from dirt, rocks, drops and more that causes damage. The heavy duty clip helps ensure your ipad mini is secure when clipped to a belt or bag strap. This case has been independently tested and has met the standards needed.

    Incase Portfolio

    The Portfolio for iPad mini is a multifunctional protective solution that provides enhanced functionality and storage for a mobile lifestyle. The iPad mini snaps into a custom clip which also functions as an integrated stand, allowing for upright viewing without removal from the Portfolio. A soft sueded divider protects the iPad mini screen while internal card slots, a pen/stylus loop and an included notepad make the Portfolio a travel-ready solution.

    Incipio LGND

    The Incipio LGND is an origami-inspired case for the Apple iPad Mini. This case allows for many different viewing angles and is also protective with a hardshell back and protective cover that is soft to the touch.

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  • The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a little over two weeks away. While we are very excited about this new flagship phone from Samsung, we won't be quick to forget the legacy of its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S4. This phone has been at the forefront of what a Samsung phone can do since its launch. It has helped Samsung compete with the other big fish in the market like Apple, HTC, and LG and it has raised the profile of the company behind its design. While it's moving down the chain for Samsung, we still love this phone and, as such, want to share our five favourite cases for this soon to be legacy device.

    dbrand Full Body Wood

    dbrand uses only Authentic 3M vinyl on their Wood Brown Samsung Galaxy S4 skins. That means there's never any adhesive residue left on your device, guaranteed. In addition, these cases are super stylish, with a look that defies what is possible in phone cases.

    iLuv Gelato

    Super lightweight, the Gelato for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a case that is high on style and low on price. The Gelato installs quickly and easily and adds a splash of colour to your device that is expressive and straight up fun.

    Moshi Overture

    This case was designed with people in mind who are looking for a flip case design to keep their phone protected while serving multiple functions at the same time. This case accentuates your phone while keeping it protected at the same time. This case excels at keeping your Galaxy S4 protected at all times and prevents scratches and shock from ruining it. It does so without compromising its functionality and form. The outer aspect of this case is going to offer a specialized coating to provide excellent design.

    Samsung Flip Cover

    Take the back cover off and snap the case back on. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Leather Flip will protect your phone from scratches, damage and bumps.

    Samsung Clear Cover

    The combination of plastic and silicon molded rear edge will fit perfectly to the shape of your Samsung Galaxy S4 while maintaining a thin and elegant profile and allowing free access to principal functions.

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  • PureMobile likes to be first when it comes to the hottest new accessories and 2014 has proven to be no different. With the Consumer Electronics Show and, soon, the Games Developers Conference, it'll be full steam ahead in the world of tech until the E3 Expo in June. In the meantime, PureMobile has added some the coolest and most in-demand accessories from these events and is ready to show you what companies like Incipio, MiPow, and Moshi have coming in the very near future including touch sensitive phone covers, lightbulbs with Bluetooth speakers, and colour-coded bluetooth notfication lights. Check it out and get ahead of the game with PureMobile accessories.

    Moshi SenseCover For Apple iPhone 5/5S

    Moshi's SenseCover is a revolutionary cover for the Apple iPhone 5 and 5S. Featuring SensArray technology, the cover supplements your touch screen, while protecting it at the same time. Keep your screen covered while answering calls, interacting with alerts and checking the time without increasing the risk of damage from whatever life throws at you creeping between you and your Apple smartphone.

    MiPow PlayBulb Bluetooth Speaker

    The MiPow PlayBulb Bluetooth Speaker is one of my personal favourites. The PlayBulb is a bluetooth speaker built into an everyday home appliance, a lightbulb! This speaker is controlled using an app, available for both Android and IOS, and is as discreet as it sounds. Control the music without the bulk, looks, or wires of speakers around your home and creating a talking point for every party with the PlayBulb!

    Incipio Prompt Bluetooth Notification System

    The Incipio Prompt Bluetooth Notification system is a truly 21st-century answering machine. When paired with your device, see colour-coded alerts for when you receive a call, text message, email and much more. This device is handy for those who don't want to be glued to their phones while they are at home and is a truly unique and forwarding thinking accessory from Incipio.

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  • PureMobile is gearing up for Valentine's Day! To share the love that is sure to be floating around, PureMobile has prepared 24 deals on products for men, and 24 deals on products for women. The PureMobile Insider Blog will cover both sets of deals over the next two weeks and show you just how showing some love can save you some money on some great smartphone and tablet accessories. Up first, here are 24 great gift ideas for Men on Valentine's Day.

    Griffin Survivor for the Apple iPad Mini in Black

    The Griffin Survivor for the Apple iPad Mini is hands down one of the best protective cases for the scaled-down iPad. In addition to a built-in screen protector, this rugged case protects your tablet from bumps, drops, and shocks using its shock-absorbing core. The Griffin Survivor is a superb case for Men and a great gift for Valentine's Day.

    iSkin Exo for the Samsung Galaxy S4 in Black

    This case from iSkin is radically designed accessory that is sure to protect your Samsung Galaxy S4 from whatever comes your way. The Exo's unique ribbed design is built to protect your phone from drops and other assaults that one can bring upon their smartphone. This case protects all the vital areas of your Samsung Galaxy S4, including the corners. For your special someone on Valentine's Day, the iSkin Exo is a superb choice for your significant other.

    dbrand Full Body Wood Mahogany for the Apple iPhone 5S

    dbrand uses only high quality materials to construct their uniquely coloured and textured vinyl skins. This skin, constructed using authentic 3M Vinyl, is made for the Apple iPhone 5S and features a unique look and feel that makes you believe your phone is backed with real mahogany wood. This case is a very popular seller and makes a great gift for Valentine's Day 2014.

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  • Valentine's Day Gifts For Women
    Posted on February 6, 2014 by keith holland

    PureMobile is feeling the love this year for Valentine's day and we want to share it with you! This year, PureMobile will be offering special Valentine's Day deals to celebrate the big day this year. The deal is split in two, 50/50. 24 deals for Men, and 24 deals for Women. Over the next two weeks we will review both deal pages but we'll get started appropriately. Ladies first. Here are our 24 deals for Women on Valentine's Day.

    Ballistic Shell Gel for the Nexus 5 in Pink and Gray

    Ballistic's Shell Gel case protects your Nexus 5 from the hazards of the world without wrapping your smartphone in another drab and dark case. The Shell Gel's Pink and Gray design lights up a room but also protects your phone from impacts using three-layer protection. This case is the perfect pick up for your special someone on Valentine's Day.

    iLuv Aurora Glow for the Apple iPhone 5 in Pink

    The iLuv Aurora case truly glows. This glow-in-the-dark case is a very cool looking case that looks even better in the dark. This case is also silky smooth and makes your phone very hand friendly. Protection-wise, this case features protection that is light, easy to apply, and bulk-free. Grab this stylish and lightweight case for your partner on Valentine's Day for a great price from PureMobile.

    Incipio LGND for the Apple iPad Air in Pink

    The Incipio LGND is a very versatile case for the Apple iPad Air. Featuring multiple viewing angles and stand setups, the LGND is just that, a legend. Stand up your iPad many different ways and sleep and wake the device using the cover easily. In addition to the cover, the back features a plextonium backing that protects the back of your tablet and a soft microsuede interior that protects the screen. Pick up this useful case for your significant other for Valentine's Day 2014.

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