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Moshi for iPad
  • With the release of the Unlocked iPhone 4 everyone was intrigued by the numerous additional features inbuilt into it. While the official date for the release of the iPhone 4 has been set for June 24 by Apple, the price for the 16GB iPhone 4 is set at $199 while the 32GB version of the iPhone 4 will cost around $299, should you decide to go in for the upgrade offers. Available in two colors, white and black, the iPhone 4 is sure to set records on its release date of 24th June. On the downside, due to production of the iPhone 4, the manufacture of the iPhone 3 has been discontinued while the price of the iPhone 3GS has been reduced to $99 for the 8GB device.

    Along with unveiling the iPhone 4, Apple also announced that the latest version of its operating system, the iOS4.0 will be made available for all users from 21st June onward. This latest release of the OS will be made available to all iPhones free of cost. In the same vein, AT&T has also announced that current subscribers of theirs currently having plans ending in 2010 would be able to upgrade to the iPhone 4 at a cost of $199 or $299, depending on the memory capacity they need.

    With the release of the iPhone 4, Apple has been able to cement its place in world markets as a global leader in the development of unlocked smartphones. One prominent feature of the iPhone 4 is its using of a gyroscope, GPS and accelerator. According to Apple, this is meant to benefit users of the iPhone for gaming. Because of these new implementations by Apple, the device can register six-axis movement, allowing users a much more vivid gaming experience. At the same time, there is also an improvement in the camera capabilities of the iPhone 4. The current version of the iPhone has a camera with 5MP as compared to previous versions using just 3MP cameras.

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  • The Disable Friendly iPhone
    Posted on June 8, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    There are many that suffer from some form of disability or the other and as such, it becomes quite difficult for such persons to use cell phones. If you are one such individual who suffers from some form of vision or hearing loss, you know what a great frustration it is when trying to making use of the latest technological innovations. However, today there are many mobile companies that have taken this into consideration and have started manufacturing mobile phones that can be more accessible to people with disabilities. The perfect example of this is the Unlocked Apple iPhone that has been developed with different in built accessibility features.

    If you wish to improve the functionality of the Unlocked iPhone for a disability, you can do the following.

    1. Visual Voicemail: Should you have some sort of difficulty in hearing, you can decide on using visual voicemail. Through this, you can have your messages read back to you. Consider for instance that there is some phone number being spoken, but you are unable to hear it clearly, you can use the visual voicemail to play it back at a much slower pace. It will be played in iTunes where you can continuously drag the slider back and forth to re read what it was you were unable to hear the first time.

    2. Closed Captioning: With closed captioning, you have the ability of having a message displayed at the bottom of any video currently being watched. Just go to options and make sure that “Closed Captioning” is turned on.

    3. Voice-Over: Voice-Over is a very beneficial feature that can be used by persons having a difficult time reading content on the screen. With Voice-Over, it is possible to have a voice read what is currently being shown on the screen of the phone. You can even use the touch screen feature together with the Voice-Over functionality.

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  • A few days ago, an announcement was made by Clearwire Corporation regarding their starting of Unlocked  Iphone 4G in the central district of Washington, D.C, along with the possibility of an increase in overall area coverage in future months. Approximately 1 million people are expected to be covered under the new scheme devised by CLEAR for central Washington D.C, with businesses as well as consumers being able to wirelessly access the internet at lightening fast connection speeds. Irrespective of where you are, whether on the bus or in the office, if you are located in a Wi-Fi zone, you can now access the internet through your mobile.

    As part of a promotional offer, CLEAR has also launched, for a limited time period their internet services at a low cost of $15per month for the first two months with a service deposit of $50. Says Jeff, the general manager for CLEAR in Washington D.C, “We are extremely happy that today we have been able to bring the leading 4G service provider in the country to the capital city. We know how very important it is for visitors and residents in Washington to be able to experience very fast internet speeds, similar to what they are used to at the office or at home. CLEAR is the best you can get should you want to be able to experience the internet on the go.” With CLEAR, it now becomes possible to research all your assignments while moving around. CLEAR makes use of WiMAX, which is much faster than Wi-Fi due to its ability of being measured in miles and not feet

    The combination of having the ability of accessing the internet on your phone while moving or travelling, through lightening fast speeds is what makes CLEAR the nation’s leading 4G network. It is no wonder then that they have decided to come to Washington.

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  • Google powered Android phones and IPhone Unlocked Device  are both starting to dominate the market share for smartphones.  According to Gartner the combined worldwide market share for both operating systems reached 25% in the first quarter which is up 12% from the year before.  The iPhone still has the bigger share at 15.4% (up 5 points) but Android is starting to catch up fast with 9.6% (up 8 points).  All of the other smartphones lost relative share in the first quarter.

    Android is now the fourth largest smartphone operating system surpassing Windows Mobile which now sits in 5th place.  The iPhone is number 3 while RIM and Symbian are numbers 2 and 1 respectively on a worldwide basis.  Although if you look at all mobile phone sales RIM is number 4 and the iPhone ranks 7th with just a 2.7% market share.

    Android is rising faster than the iPhone in relative share but is still trailing in relative numbers.  Gartner estimates that consumers bought about 8.4 million iPhones in the first quarter compared to 5.2 million Android phones.  Both numbers are up considerably over last year’s first quarter as only 4.9 million iPhones were sold in that time frame along with 4.6 million Android units.

    With the recent launch of Android 2.2 which supports Flash technology it is expected that the Android OS will continue its upward trend and close the market share gap with the IPhone even more in Q2.  By having access to Flash Player 10.1 Android devices have a technology that Apple does not support possibly giving it the edge while competing for new customers.  This technology will allow users to have a different and more enjoyable experience when using their Smartphones to surf the web.  I will certainly not be surprised if the Android OS inches even closer to the iPhone in terms of worldwide market share.

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  • Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch has once again reiterated that Flash works just fine on the Unlocked Apple iPhone and thinks this is exactly why Apple keeps on denying it access.  While speaking at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco Lynch revealed that he thinks Apple is forcing developers to build apps natively for iPhone OS rather than one of Adobe’s cross-platform solutions thus creating a “walled garden” of applications that users must flock to the iPhone in order to use.  Lynch goes on to mention that it is “not a matter of Flash vs HTML5 as they have been co-existing for over a decade” and that Adobe is going to “continue making the best tools in the world for HTML5.”

    This speech looks like just another calculated jab at Apple and their reluctance to allow the Flash technology to be included with their mobile devices.  It is still a mystery to many why Apple will not allow Flash to be installed on the most popular mobile device in the world.  Many iPhone customers have been begging for Adobe’s Flash Player ever since the devices were released.  If Apple is not careful they may lose some of their customers to their up and coming rival Droid company’s as these devices are expected to include Flash 10.1 with the next release.  For those hardcore smartphone fans that really wish to have Flash on their mobile device the move to an Motorola Milestone Android 2.1 Unlocked Phone may be the only option if they want to have the Flash player included with their phone so that they can access more content via the web.  I know I am eagerly awaiting this release so I can view streaming content on my handheld device from anywhere in the world.

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  • With Opera Mini launching just a few weeks ago on the Apple Unlocked IPhone it is pretty remarkable that the Apple handset has taken the top spot as the device with the most Opera Mini users as measured by the number of installs in the US.  The iPhone has surpassed BlackBerry as the device with the most Opera Mini users in the US and is reported to be leading in Canada as well.  However on a global scale the iPhone currently sits in third place behind Nokia and Sony Ericsson handsets.  While the large number of downloads may be the direct result of iPhone users downloading the app simply because it new and noteworthy it will be interesting to see if these trends continue for Apple and the iPhone.

    The Opera Mini is another web browser that iPhone  users can use instead of the standard Safari that comes preinstalled on these devices.  Opera Mini is known for its various features that are designed to make browsing the web on your mobile device quicker and easier.  With one tap zoom functions and various other loading techniques the Opera Mini browser can save a person browsing on the mobile web a significant amount of time.

    I am sure that a good number of the initial downloads have been from curious Unlocked IPhone users wondering what all the buzz surrounding Opera Mini is all about.  I do not expect these numbers to continue at the rate they are now but I do think that Apple can stay atop the rankings when it comes to the device with the most Opera Mini users.

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  • Eventhough AT&T’s own Ralph de la Vega mentioned all the way back in November 2008 that you would be able to tether your iPhone to your personal computer and use it as a modem “soon” it looks like we are still quite a ways away from seeing this functionality.  Even with many iPhone carriers around the world deploying this tethering feature as soon as Apple had it ready it seems that AT&T’s silence is saying more than they want it to.  Tech website Engadget reached out to AT&T and received this feedback concerning iPhone tethering on the AT&T network:

    Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB Black Unlocked GSM Cellular Phone

    "We understand that there is great interest in tethering but cannot provide any details at this time. We know that iPhone users love their devices and mobile broadband, and that they're likely to embrace tethering just as they have other features and apps – by using it a lot. iPhone tethering has the potential to exponentially increase traffic, and we need to ensure that we're able to deliver excellent performance for the feature – over and above the increases in data traffic we're already seeing – before we will offer the feature."

    While it does make sense for AT&T to ensure their network can handle the increased load that would accompany iPhone users being able to use their phone as a modem for their personal computers they better hurry up and figure out a solution quickly or risk losing business customers to Verizon.  Verizon recently announced that their Palm Mobile Hotspot app would be a free add on with the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus that is sure to draw the attention of many business customers and frequent travelers that would benefit from being able to use their mobile device as a mobile hot spot while on the road.

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  • The Viper SmartStart system is one of the cooler apps on the market for the iPhone.  Viper SmartStart, the automobile security system company, has recently become famous for their iPhone app that allows you to unlock, lock and start your car from anywhere in the world.  You also have the ability to pop the trunk and hit the panic button all from your iPhone.  All of these features can be added to your car for a mere $500.

    However, up until this point you only had the ability to talk to your car and give it commands via the iPhone on whether to open the doors or start the car.  Now your car can essentially talk back to you.  Viper just released an update for the iPhone that now includes push notifications.  When your car alarm goes off you will be able to receive a message from the Viper SmartStart system alerting you that your alarm has been activated. 

    Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB White Unlocked GSM Cellular Phone

    While all of this technology may see a bit over the line and unnecessary it is still a pretty cool feature to include.  If you live in a cold winter state the ability to remotely start your car to heat it up from your iPhone might just sound too good to be true.  Likewise if you are constantly worried about the safety of your vehicle and any potential items you may have inside knowing that your car as the ability to alert you when the alarm is set off could be worth the $500 and $30 a year fee for iPhone users to have that peace of mind.  All in all I think the Viper SmartStart system and corresponding iPhone app are some of the most interesting pieces of technology on the market today.

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  • In a recent announcement Apple mentioned that they are finally set to bring multitasking to the iPhone OS 4.  One of the biggest complaints from iPhone users has been the lack of multitasking that users of other smartphones have recently been able to enjoy.  Apple says they have finally been able to figure out how to implement third party multitasking without hurting performance or battery life.

    Apple Cell Phones

    To get the new multitasking feature to work you just double click the home button to see a list of your apps and then you can just tap to switch between the apps that are running.  The new system actually runs the services apps need in the background which means the apps do not need to do this themselves.  While this does not make it true multitasking it is still very effective in getting the job done.

    There are seven services that the new system can run in the background.  These services include background audio, Voice over IP, which means you can receive calls in the background, locations services for GPS and social networking, push notifications, task completion so that you can finish downloading in the background and fast app switching which allows apps to sleep and resume instantly.

    The one service that is notably missing from the new operating system is the ability to manage a conversation using IM or Twitter.  This might be a big omission for some people but the vast majority of iPhone users should be pleasantly surprised  with the effectiveness of this new iPhone OS update.  One downside to the latest update is that this new OS will only be available for the 3GS and 3rd generation iPod Touches.  The 3G and below will not be able to support the new OS due to a hardware limitation.

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  • With the recent announcements of the iPad and iPhone OS 4 it looks like Apple is set to announce what many people have been speculating for a while.  While recently answering some emails it appears that Steve Jobs has confirmed that the first generation iPhone will not be getting an upgrade to the iPhone OS 4.  It makes a little bit of sense considering that Apple’s subscriptions accounting model for the original iPhone only accounted for free upgrades for 24 months.

    Even though Apple does have this 24 month upgrade policy in place it is just a matter of paperwork and could be easily corrected.  At the least Apple could allow for an iPod touch style paid upgrade since the first generation iPhone essentially uses the same hardware as the newer devices.  As much as I would like to see Apple offer this upgrade to the iPhone OS 4 it does not look like it is going to happen.

    Apple Cell Phones

    This is a real shame that Apple is not willing to allow their original customers to upgrade to the new operating system when it appears that it easily could allow it.  Essentially Apple is dead ending a $400 phone 3 years after it was released and forcing loyal customers to go out and purchase an updated iPhone if they wish to use all of the features that are associated with iPhone OS 4.

    Of course this is all unofficial at this point but with each passing day it looks like this will be the case.  Hopefully you are not one of the unlucky few who have the first generation iPhone and are looking to use the iPhone OS 4.

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