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  • Twitter released their “Top Twitter Trends of 2010” list today, and you might be surprised by some of the results. As you might already be able to guess, Apple was a huge winner according to the list, and their products held three of the top four spots on the list.

    In first place for the biggest Twitter trend of 2010  came the Apple iPad, a tablet device that has taken the tech industry by storm and has successfully secured a large part of the tablet computer market, with several competitors just now getting around to releasing their own tablet devices. In second place came Google Android, an operating system that has become increasingly popular across dozens of devices this year. As the largest competitor for the Apple iOS, it is interesting to see that “Apple iOS,” and “unlocked iPhone 4” came in the third and fourth positions for the most popular technology trending topics on the social networking service.

    Twitter has been able to grow their number of users by more than 100 million accounts in total this year (although it is not currently clear how many individual users that equates to, as often websites, companies and services will have their own Twitter accounts and therefore do not use the service in the same way as an everyday user would).

    In the fifth position was Call of Duty Black Ops, followed by New Twitter, which refers to the layout change that Twitter rolled out earlier this year, then HTC unlocked phones, RockMelt, MacBook Air and Google Instant, which refers to the large change that Google made to their search engine allowing users to instantly see results appearing as they type their query into the search box. There is no word on how many Tweets or searches each individual term received. Although there is no way to tell how much of an effect being a top trending Twitter topic has on a product or company, having the world talk about you is never a bad thing in the eyes of the tech industry.

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  • Skype Prepares for New Cloud Features
    Posted on December 8, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    Skype is getting ready for some cloud based features that should further expand their calling platform. You can imagine the type of features that they would be able to implement through the usage of cloud computing. The move would suggest that Skype is looking to expand further than their current user base and start to offer solutions for enterprises and corporations. Google Voice was recently made available to smart phone users through an app that is available for unlocked iphone 4 iOS, and some have suggested that perhaps Google will look to release an enterprise-level solution some time in the future as well, and Skype is apparently taking heed of these warnings.

    Some have suggested that perhaps Skype is gearing up to team up with Facebook to expand their offerings and allow Facebook users to call one another from their profile pages, but that is only speculative at this point. Other experts have suggested that Skype could be looking to team up with Microsoft to utilize their cloud system that is in place.

    Either way, the announcement of the integration of cloud features is something that shows that Skype is preparing to extend their service in some way. The move to cloud computing will give them a lot more to work with and will give them the opportunity to expand upon their currently offered features.

    Skype has already been able to integrate their service with other platforms, but with other alternatives popping up in recent months, both in the form of personal computer applications and smart phone apps, Skype appears poised to build upon their current system and expand it into something that would make the barrier of entry much harder for startup businesses that could potentially threaten the success of Skype. Look for Skype to elaborate on their plans over the course of the next few months as they move most of their system tot he cloud.

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  • The Unlocked BlackBerry Phone PlayBook is a device that has been highly anticipated by tech enthusiasts across the country since it was first announced. Today, at the TabLife conference it was announced that they will be offering the new tablet that is manufactured by Research In Motion, the BlackBerry Playbook. The announcement came from David Neale who is the Vice President of their Special Projects committee. During the conference they took some time to show off the features of the PlayBook and give those in attendance a good idea of what the tablet is capable of and how it will instantly become a direct competitor of the iPad.

    A video of the demonstration is supposed to make its way online soon. The PlayBook is being marketed as a tablet device for professionals on the go who need the business flexibility that is not offered by the iPad and other competing devices. It will have a 7 inch LCD display, which is slightly smaller than some of the competing tablets that will be making their way to the market in the coming months.

    The PlayBook processor will consist of a 1 GHz dual Core Multiprocessor along with 1 GB of ram installed. The device will reportedly cost less than $500, which would make it noticeably cheaper than some of the alternative devices that have been announced over the course of the last few months.

    The PlayBook is a device that many experts think will be the first one to truly rival the iPad, iphone 4 unlocked and gather its own following. It is rumored to feature a number of additions that have been requested by iPad enthusiasts since the device was released including a USB port to allow for quicker transfers. Many experts have predicted that they believe that the phone will be able to live up to the hype based on the information that has been made available both by Research in Motion and by BlackBerry.

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  • Virgin Releases Cheaper Unlimited Plan
    Posted on December 8, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    Just the other day Koodo announced that they would be releasing their $50 unlimited plan that covers usage anywhere within the nation. Because of fierce competition within the marketplace for the holiday season, companies have been slashing prices and changing plans to benefit their consumers. In order to keep up with the trend, Virgin announced today that they would be releasing their own $50 Unlimited “no zone” plan that is eerily similar to the plan that was announced by Koodo. You shouldn’t be surprised to see other companies follow suit in the coming days and offer a similar plan.

    The new Solo Mobile plan that was announced will include the ability to make unlimited local and international texts as well as picture messages, and will also come with call waiting and conference calling. the competing offer by Virgin Mobile will also offering unlimited local calling, and unlimited local and international texting but the announcement made no mention of pictures messages. There will be no zone restrictions in the new plan, but you will still be charged quite a bit extra under their current roaming plane.

    So far, their plan will not be compatible with unlocked iPhone 4, Blackberry’s or Android devices, which is something that they will likely have to add. The deal is obviously aimed at the lower end of the tech savvy crowd or the budget conscious consumer who only really needs unlimited texting to use their phone to its potential. With so many different mobile carriers slashing prices, it will be interesting to see if any other providers follow suit in the coming weeks and offer plans similar to those offered by Solo Mobile and Virgin Mobile.

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  • White iPhone on the Horizon
    Posted on December 8, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    The white unlocked iPhone 4, up until this point has seemed like a myth within the tech industry. It has long been rumored to be on the way but Apple has never seemed willing to pull the trigger and offer the device in any color but black. However, recent evidence suggests that perhaps we can expect to see the white iPhone available to consumers as early as Spring of 2011. It is something that has been highly anticipated by many of their users and will probably be a popular choice for many of their users who have been using the black version of the device for a number of years.

    The white iPhone was previously delayed due to production problems that dealt with the “home” button. Apple had only been manufacturing one kind of button, and the black button did not fit the theme of the white iPhone in the early stages of production so the entire idea was scrapped. Now, apparently they have fixed these issues and are planning on bringing the white iPhone to customers in Spring of 2011.

    On the in-store document that mentions the forthcoming release of the iPhone 4, there is no mention of the rumored release of the iPhone on Verizon. Of course, you wouldn’t expect them to leak a release as big as that on an in-store document, but the fact that they mentioned the now-mythical white iPhone on that same document is a little surprising. It is good to see that they have been able to fix their production issues and will be able to bring a white iPhone, something that many of their customers have been anxiously awaiting the release of for a number of years. Maybe after its release we will be able to see some interesting data regarding how many people make the switch from black to white iPhone 4 unlocked.

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  • Skyfire may have had a few bugs and problems with their US launch of their browser that is able to take flash video and convert it to a video format that is acceptable on unlocked iPhone 4 and on other platforms as well. One of the biggest complaints about the iPhone is that they do not support Adobe Flash, which is the largest platform for delivering animation the web. The Safari browser just simply will not read flash, and a number of other browser apps have been developed that support the usage of flash, but none of them have been as promising as Skyfire.

    The browser has been surrounded in controversy, but nevertheless has expanded their reach to countries outside of the US including France, Germany and Italy. The iPhone is nearly as prevalent in these countries as it is in the US, and the complaints regarding the support for Adobe Flash have been widespread.

    Skyfire apparently worked out so0me of the kinks with their launches with their US launch, because things seemed to go much more smoothly for the browser in these other countries. The app was the number one app in the Apple marketplace on the first day that it was released, but has not been able to regain that position since the initial launch, but has remained one of the most popular apps that is currently available.

    Apple has not given an official stance on the app, but since they have loosened their restrictions on apps entering their app store Skyfire looks like it is here to stay. Apple may not support the Flash platform for Internet animation, but that does not mean that they are going to keep app developers from making it part of their arsenal and part of the general appeal of their mobile applications.

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  • NGMoco is one of the most popular game creators for the  iOS platform and has released some of the most popular games on the operating system. So far they have remained on the unlocked iphone 4 and other iOS platforms and have not made much of an attempt to craft games for Android phones and for other platforms that have become increasingly common in recent years. Now it finally appears that the company is ready to take the next step  and offer games for a variety of different platforms. This is good news for mobile gamers across the globe because NGMoco is known for providing players with excellent games since the original release of the iPhone and is regarded as one of the premiere mobile gaming companies.

    NGMoco teamed up with Bolt to release their breakthrough game Pocket God as a port for Android phones. It will be the first official release for the company on the Android platform and the success of this game will likely determine how hard the company pushes themselves into the Android market, which is already home to a number of prominent mobile game development companies.

    NGMoco has released a number of popular push to play games for the iPhone 4 unlocked included the popular “We Rule,” “we Farm,” and “We City,” whcih are all based on the popular Facebook game titled Farmville, which requires that users log in every so often to upkeep their virtual farm. This same gaming style has been ported to other games that allow players to upkeep their cities, farms and even medieval kingdoms. It will bei ntersting to see how well the game performs on the Android platform as we can be sure that Android gamers would love to have access to other games that NGMoco has been responsible for.

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  • According to leading phone blog site, The Kindle has quickly become one of the most popular platforms for reading eBooks and other online material that can be purchased through the Amazon bookstore. Now, a number of sources are claiming that Amazon has been selling eBooks that are free to the public and have had their licensing information stripped. These books can come in a variety of different formats through their service including ePub, Kindle format and even in HTML.

    Some of the eBooks have been made available through Project Gutenberg, a project that is focused on providing free eBooks online. It is the largest and first collection of its kind. Project Gutenberg also employs a number of volunteers that are not paid for their services, so it is strange that Amazon would attempt to use these same ebooks that are available to the public for gain.

    The selling of these eBooks that have been re-branded is not illegal, but is it ethical? That is the question that critics are now asking Amazon. Charging someone for something that they acquired for free certainly will rub some of their users the wrong way, especially those that paid money for the books. The truth of the matter is that selling the books for profit isn’t even against the Project Gutenberg licensing terms.

    In response to the allegations against the company an Amazon Spokeswoman replied by saying that the books were not uploaded by Amazon itself and instead were uploaded by third parties using their self serve platform that they have provided for the distribution of ebooks online. Amazon has not committed to removing the books from their store but if they garner much more press attention there is a good chance that they could decide to remove them in an effort to avoid the bad publicity that they have created for the largest online retailer in the world.

    PureMobile carries a wide range of unlocked cell phones such as Apple iphone 4 unlocked, Blackberry Curve 9300,  HTC Desire  etc…

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  • Are you still anxiously awaiting the next release of a Symbian 3 device that makes full use of the platform that Symbian has provided? With the Nokia X7-00, you will finally get the chance to check out a device that makes use of all of the features that are available on the unlocked cell phone. The phone has a very interesting, futuristic design that should make it appeal to younger crowds, but don’t let the gimmicky design fool you; the Nokia X7-00 is very intriguing and looks like it could be a great smart phone, the first of its kind to utilize the Symbian^3 technology.

    A video made its way online earlier in the day that has been quickly taken down from a number of different mirror sites that shows the phone playing a racing video game. The Symbian^3 differs from other Symbian devices because it features 4 home screens instead of the standard three that typically come with most Symbian devices. In the video that made its way online today it appears that the phone has four different speakers that allow you to play volume at a fairly high level, according to the person narrating the video.

    The phone also features a 360x640 display which is fairly small when compared to other smart devices, as well as a microUSB port and an 8 megapixel camera. Unfortunately, the user the video claims that the battery can not be replaced by the user in the same way that the iPhone 4 unlocked can not be replaced. It will be interesting to see how much attention the Nokia X7-00 garners as we get closer to the release date of the device. Nokia has been quick to get the video removed from a number of different sites as it appears but you can expect the video to be widely available in the coming weeks.

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  • For fans who are eagerly awaiting the iPad 2, a number of rumors about the features that will be included have made their way to the web over the course of the last few days. Although you shouldn’t believe everything you hear about a product as large as the iPad 2, you have to believe that some of the rumors that have made their way online have some sort of truth behind them, or at least some safe bets as far as what features will be included. A recent article in a Chinese newspaper has shed some light on the features that Apple fans can expect int he upcoming version of the iPad.

    First of all, the article said that the iPad will include a Retina Display much like the one that was featured on the unlocked iPhone 4. This provides users with higher quality screen sand video and seems like a natural next step for Apple in the development of their iPad.

    The article also stated that the iPad 2 will feature a front facing camera for FaceTime video chat support, which also seems like a logical step for Apple. Most surprisingly, the report stated that the iPad 2 would feature a USB port, which is something that no previous Apple product has had. All of the data that is transferred between Apple products and PC’s and other computer go through the charging cord which also features a one-sided USB connection. It doesn’t seem likely that Apple will break from their current mold, but it would certainly be interesting and to the advantage of the user for the iPad to have a USB port to make for easier transferring of data between computers and the tablet device. It is a feature that many fans would be excited to have, but doesn’t seem to be something that would be beneficial for Apple, given the popularity of their smart devices.

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