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Moshi for iPad
  • Some web applications and games that are commonly launched from the home screen of iOS devices are having problems using the new iOs 3 Nitro Javascript Engine. The older versions of the devices are having trouble using the web cache and the necessary resources in-browser, and therefore are unable to launch the apps. Some have suggested that perhaps the new engine has not yet received the extension that will allow it to use the outside of browser web user interface tools. Others have suggested that the Safari team has indicated in recent days that the issue is not going to be resolved.

    Apple has always made it clear that they are pursuing HTML 5 technology over Adobe Flash, which Apple has had an ongoing war with over the course of the last few years. HTML 5 would open iOs devices up for web app use like unlocked iphone 4, and access to the Javascript engine is going to be imperative to the success of the new technology on the devices.

    However, this could mean that Apple is just slowly rolling out the connectivity to the JavaScript engine. The company has remained mostly silent about the issue, and has not publicly addressed the problem as of yet. The new code that they could potentially be rolling out would be quite complicated, and the developers that are being affected are currently a small minority of the overall number of developers, so perhaps Apple has placed them on a bit of a back burner while they focus on other issues.

    Some of these issues were brought up on the Apple support forums, which created a good amount of healthy discussion on the issue. Apple has yet to comment on the forums, but users seem to think that older versions of the iOS are holding the company back from making the changes that they would like to make to enable the HTML 5 technology and thus allow developers to get a head start on creating new web apps for iOS devices like iphone 4 unlocked.

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  • Google has always done a very good job of getting their users to upgrade to new versions when upgrades are available. That, plus the fact that newer devices are running on updated versions of the Android software means that more than 60% of their users are running on Android 2.2 or higher such as unlocked Samsung Nexus S Google Black. In fact. A vast majority of their users are either running 2.3, or 2.3 which seems to be the most popular option for new smart devices that have come out in recent months.

    Most devices are currently being upgraded to either 2.2 or 2.3, and with version 3.0, Gingerbread right around the corner you can exact many new devices to be released for that version of the operating system as well. Android 1.6 still has 4.8% of the user base, while Android 1.5 still has 3% of the total user base.

    Google also announced in a recent press release that they are activating more than 300,000 new phones per day. A number of these devices will be making their way to the Canadian market here soon, and users can expect these devices to run on Android 2.2 or higher when the release time comes.

    This just goes to show how adept Google has become and getting their users to upgrade to new versions when the upgrade is available for all of the new features offered. Comparatively,Apple updates have done well as well such as in unlocked iphone 4, but have not seen the same level of success that Google has seen. There are going to be many new devices coming out in the future that are highly anticipated, running on Google Android 2.2 or higher, so expect these numbers to continue to climb here in the future as well.

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  • White iPhone Incoming
    Posted on March 16, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The White iPhone 4 unlocked is something that has been discussed for a long time. Although traditionally the phone is black, the company has long been rumored to be looking into releasing a white version of the iPhone for those of us that are looking to go a little bit lighter overall.

    During the most recent questioning of Phil Schiller, the senior vice president of worldwide marketing with Apple, he stated that the white iPhone is still coming, and is currently slated for a Sprint release. He also went on to say that in his opinion, the white iPhone is a”a beauty.”


    Of course, previous rumors have stated that the white iPhone was coming over a year ago, and that appeared to fall through. Various rumors have given a plethora of different reasons as to why we have not had one yet. Some blame production issues, others have said that the problem was not with production issues but was just not a priority for the company.

    It is nice to see a high ranking Apple official confirm that the white iPhone is coming. The White iPhone will likely be a hot commodity, but will probably not available until he release of the iPhone 5, instead of the iPhone 4, which many were hoping would be the first version to have a white casing.


    Apple has yet to comment officially on the statements that were made by Phil Schiller, but he seemed very confident with what he was saying. In fact, as he made the statement it almost seemed as if it was old news to him, despite the fact that users have desperately awaited the release of the White iPhone since the idea was first brought up several years ago following the success of the original unlocked iPhone 4.

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  • Google usually remains fairly tight lipped regarding the stats of their various applications. However, the Google VP, Marissa Mayer recently announced that the map service provided by the company now has more than 150 million users in total. That number is more than half of the people in the United States, and easily makes Google Maps one of the most used applications across the globe.


    The service has taken users on routes that total more than 12 billion miles per year. The latest build also allows users to use free GPS technology that previously would have required that users pay quite a bit of money for.


    When asked about how she felt about Google Maps for the unlocked iPhone 4 platform, she said that the company was looking for ways to roll new updates out to a broader audience, and said that it was something that they were considering and debating currently. This was a hint that the company has an app in the works that would allow users to use the google Maps app for the iPhone in the same way that they would use their current GPS device.

    Until iOS 5 makes its debut, I would not hold your breath on the possibility of the app making tis way to the iPhone4 unlocked any time soon. Apple has notoriously held Google products back in their app store, mostly because both companies are competing entities, and they appear to be taking their sweet time in reviewing the newest Google updates to their Maps application. With more than 150 million uses, you would think that Apple would be more than willing to roll out the new software, but then again they don’t want to grant anything to Google that they are not forced to. It will be interesting to see if these stats updates change the companies opinion of the Google company.

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  • New Mobile Technology Reads Fruit
    Posted on March 11, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Have you ever gone to purchase fruit from the local supermarket in your area, and wondered exactly where the fruit came from? There is a new system, which has been labeled as the “fruit identification system” from your unlocked cell phone which was developed by NEC, a company that might have just what you are looking for. The technology will allow you to be able to identify the origin of the fruit that is plugged into the system. All you have to do to find out where the given fruit is from is to take a picture of it with the camera on the phone.


    NEC is a company that has mostly dabbled in both fingerprints and face recognition technology. Now it appears that they are substantially expanding their horizons to include new objects, including fruit.


    The photos of the fruit will be compared on the back end to the other fruit that has photos stored in the database at NEC. The company has said that that the error rate when they tested 1,800 Andes melons was about one in one million. The number is a bit hard to believe, but is very impressive none the less.

    The company has stated that their technology will let their unlocked iphone 4 users to get a better idea of where their fruit comes from. This is technology that has not been too thoroughly tested, but in the statements that have been released from NEC, it appears that they have a reliable product with a wide enough database to effectively identify many different kinds of fruit, if the Andes melons are any type of indication. The company has said that they do not expect their complete system to be available for at least another year or two, but their early results are quite promising. If the app is successful, expect to see more like it here soon.

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  • Twitter iPhone update
    Posted on March 11, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    You might have noticed that the official Twitter app received an update for unlocked iphone 4. The new update will not add any huge features as was seen in previous versions of the app, but it does look as if the quick bar tht was added will be a bit helpful. The “quick bar” was added to give you the currently trending topics based on your location with just the click of the button. Some users reported that shortly after they updated their app that they were having trouble re-opening the app. These problems seemed to be a bit isolated and were not experienced across the entire user base.

    Now the version 3.3.1 is live for the first time. Most of the main upgrades that were included in the update fixed some of the more common crashing issues that have been reported with the app. Also included in the app update were a number of security fixes. These were accompanied by some improved performance updates that should make the app much more usable and phones that do not have the heavy hardware that the top notch phones do.


    The total upgrade is a little bit more than six megabytes in the app store. some of the older versions of the app were also phased out with the update, but those versions were quite early so if you have updated any time recently then you have nothing to worry about.

    Users that had trouble with the update have already taken to the iphone 4 unlocked and other iOS devices and have found some fixes for the update issues. Many users choose to use a third party Twitter application instead of the main one so that might keep some from noticing the same issues.

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  • Developer Spacetime Studios, the company that is responsible for making the game Pocket Legends, a unique MMO mobile game that is increasing the expectations for other MMO games that attempt to make the jump to mobile devices. As of right now, Android has overtaken Unlocked BlackBerry cell phone such as Bold 9780, Torch 9800 unlocked, etc.  what most people consider the most prestigious smart phone operating platform across the nation.


    The company has beaten the odds. While most developers claim that the Android market and other mobile platforms do not give them enough options to compete with the top companies in the space. After some internal research, Spacetime Studios discovered that they make up to 50 percent more from their Android users when compared to the iOS market.

    The ability for users to more easily purchase Android apps might be behind the spike when compared to iOS in iphone 4 unlocked. iOS does not have the easy to use platform that Google has brought to the table.


    So while some developers are finding that they are unable to compete in the mobile gaming market given the current structure of app marketplaces, that does not mean that there are not other companies that are able to find the niche that they are looking for, especially with Android users which do seem to differ substantially with users from the iOS platform, both in how they use their devices but also in what their general interests are.

    It will be interesting to see if other mobile gaming developers release their figures based on a by system basis. That could potentially shed more light on the industry as a whole. Instead o hearing these isolated negative remarks, it would be nice to know how the industry as a whole feels. It seems to be very dependant on the type of the game as well as the number of titles that the given country has going for it.

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  • The iPad 2 is effectively right on the horizon, but that does not mean that Apple fans are not constantly digging for more information. Now that the iPad 2 launch date is confirmed and all of the features have been announced, fans are looking ahead to the iPhone 5 for new rumors and ideas.


    According to a number of anonymous Chinese sources, Apple is looking to move away from the design of their unlocked iPhone 4 and make a change for their next smart phone generation. The phone, which will supposedly be called the iPhone 5, could potentially have an aluminum case with an antenna that features the Apple logo. This would be done because Apple received a lot of heat for the design of the iPhone 4 when it was first released. The way that the hand gripped the phone made it impossible for users to receive great reception while using the device. Apple quickly remedied these problems by providing users with a case that allowed the reception to get to the device.

    The aluminum design would eliminate any of these problems, and would signal a major shift in the direction that Apple is heading with the iPhone 4 unlocked. Of course, none of this information has even been addressed by high ranking members at Apple, so do not take these rumors as fact that this time. You can expect to hear more information about the device sometime in June, just before the company is scheduled to release the device. Apple has made it a habit to not release more information than they have to when it comes to upcoming devices, and releasing the information very close to the actual release of the device to build anticipation and either confirm or deny the rumors that are out there prior to the release of the information.

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  • Research In Motion will be releasing a large number of different smart devices this year. Although the company has been known for their business phones such as Bold 9780, Torch 9800 unlocked, etc.. that usually come complete with a full QWERTY keyboard, the company has been looking farther into touch screen technology over the course of the last few months, and a recent patent issued by the company shows that they have gone as far as create their own touch screen technology.


    The BlackBerry 7 was recently announced, and with the upcoming PlayBook tablet just on the horizon, many have wondered what the company is working on now. It appears that they are going to be looking to release touch screen devices.


    The patent, which was appropriately named “Touch Sensitive Display with Capacitive and Resistive Touch Sensors and Method Control,” is described as a display that will detect the users touch with a resistive touch sensor as well as a touch sensitive display. The patent shows that the technology examines text areas, the force of the touch, and does its best to determine what the intended action of the user was based on a number of different characteristics.

    The display will then perform a function that is based on the characteristics that were outlined earlier.  It certainly is an interesting take on the touchscreen technology and appears to be a bit different from the technology that Apple’s unlocked iphone 4 and other companies are currently using.


    The idea sounds neat, but we will have to see it in action before we hand out any official judgment. If anything, the patent shows that Research In Motion is taking the creation of new touchscreen devices very seriously and is embracing a change in the core of their business. Of course, we probably won’t hear anything official about this for quite some time so it is probably best that you just focus on their confirmed upcoming releases instead of dwelling on potential touchscreen devices for now.

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  • iPad 2 Review
    Posted on March 9, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The iPad 2 is already one of the most popular products of 2011, and it hasn’t even been released yet. The new device will feature a 1 GHz dual core A5 chip and cameras that were not included on the original version of the iPad 2. The CPU, all in all, will be up to two times as fast as the hardware from the original and Apple has claimed that the graphics performance will beup to nine times better than it was on the original iPad and iphone 4 unlocked, giving users access to play more advanced games on their tablet device.

    Power requirements for the device have also remained the same. Your battery life will be just as long as it previously, which is good news because the battery life of the original iPad was one of the best selling points.


    The device will start at $499 for 16 GB Wi-Fi only, and will go all the way up to $829 for the WiFi that comes complete with 3G connections and 64 GB of storage. One of the biggest features of the new iPad is the inclusion of an HDMI output that is capable of delivering images up to 1080p, which is a feature that many users were hoping would be included in the second version of the popular tablet device.


    The new iOS 4.3 will be better suited for use on tablet devices, and many new apps will be made available during the launch including the heavily promoted iMovie and GarageBand, which should give users audio and video editing controls that have never before been available on the iPad, unlocked iphone 4 and other tablet devices.


    The iPad 2 is highly anticipated, and so far it looks as though the iPad 2 will be living up to the hype based on what has been shown so far. Look for Apple to have another trick or two up their sleeves for the official launch, as they usually do.

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