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Moshi for iPad
  • iPhone App “The Heist”
    Posted on June 2, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    iPhone App “The Heist”For users that have been a Mac user for quite some time, you have probably heard of a program called the MacHeist, which allows users to bundle programs together for a very low price. The Heist, an unlocked iPhone 4 app has been confused for Macheist but is a different beast entirely. The Heist is a unique puzzle game that is very in depth and can be very addictive. The app allows users to navigate through four different types of puzzles over the course of sixty levels on their way to beating the game, with future versions of the app looking like they could be on the horizon as well. The four different puzzle types all have different themes, which is part of the reason why the game has been so highly sought after. You would think that puzzle games had lost their appeal but it appears as if they are more popular than they have ever been.


    There is also a prize to any user that is somehow able to complete every level of the popular and challenging game. This has not been at this time, but you can expect someone to eventually break through all 60 levels to claim their price.

    iPhone App “The Heist”

    The game has been released by the popular game development company called TapTapTap that has released a number of other popular apps. One of their most recent apps that they released is the Camera+ iPhone 4 unlocked app, which is currently available for just $0.99 through the App Store. As of right now the app is the number one paid app overall, which is quite an impressive feat considering how popular some games like Angry Birds have become in the app store. TapTapTap is a company that prides themselves on the quality of the apps that they offer and will likely continue to release highly popular apps moving forward.

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  • Will It Rain App
    Posted on June 2, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Will It Rain AppHave you ever been outside, looked up at the sky and wondered if it was going to rain? Sometimes the clouds will not give you a clear picture, and this can be especially bad if you are going to be outside for an extended period of time. Now there is an app for unlocked iphone 4 that will allow you to see if it is going to rain every single day of your life, which is exactly what the app was intended for. In most circumstances, knowing if it is going to rain could help you with your commute, could help you to enjoy your weekend more, and will give you a good idea about what things you will be able to do throughout the day.


    The WillItRain app has a very basic interface. When you open up the app, it will simply tell you whether or not it is going to rain in one simple word - Yes or No. When the answer is yes, you will then be able to click further to receive some additional information. It will then be able to tell you what times of the day that rain is most likely, or whether or not it is going to be raining throughout the day. This will be great as you are looking for clothes to wear for the day.

    Will It Rain App

    You will also be able to look at information including the temperature, wind, the current levels of precipitation that have been seen thus far and other weather related information from your iphone 4 unlocked. It is clear that they wanted to keep the interface for the app as simple as possible and did not want to force too much information onto at one time. You will still have access to the information through the app, but you will not be forced to see anything except whether or not it will be raining on the day that you open the app. It is not an original idea, but it is a basic one that should help people to see what the day will be like as soon as they are up in the morning.

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  • Apple Releases Details of iCloud Music ServiceThe iCloud music service for unlocked iphone 4, ipad and other iOS devices is one that Apple has been talking about for quite some time, but has not released a great amount of details about thus far. Their new cloud based music service will get its first debut at the Worldwide Developer Conference, which will be taking place in San Francisco sometime next month. There are a number of other products that have been introduced that are similar as of late, including one by Amazon as well. Apple will likely have a number of deals in place with some of the largest record labels in the music industry.


    A number of sources have claimed to have inside information stating that Apple has been in talks with record labels regarding their iCloud music service for quite some time, which would echo the sentiments and estimations by many in the industry. There has been no information about which record labels they might be talking to but with the success of iTunes you can bet that the labels would be eager to work with the company at the drop of a hat.

    Apple Releases Details of iCloud Music Service

    Users will be able to stream music over the cloud directly through any personal computer, iPhone 4 unlocked, iPad, or iPod, which should help users to access music from virtually anywhere in the world. This will also allow them to create playlists, which will come in handy when they are in their car and in other areas where they are listening the music.


    The appeal of the service might be limited because of the amount of storage capacity that Apple already has on their devices, but that does not mean that they will not be able to find a large user base. This will certainly be an interesting service offered by Apple, but might be one to find the footing that they hope that it will.

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  • The Apple MacBook lines are lines that have been very well reviewed by users and critics alike. There is no denying that the MacBook is a very solid device that delivers on all of the promises that it  makes, even if it is a bit overpriced for what you are receiving in terms of specs. There are various lines of laptop MacBook computers that are currently available, and the ratings would suggest that each of them are part of the line of best laptop devices int eh world. They are not atop all of the major relevant categories in the world.

    Apple MacBook Sits Atop All Consumer Reports Categories

    Their MacBook Air, a low end and very light laptop topped the list and got ahead of both the Dell and HP in the 11 inch category, further proving how much better of a device that they are. Their computers were also able to take the top spots in the next step up - the 13 inch class as well. The MacBook Air 13 inch was number one in the 13 inch category, and then was followed up by three different version of the 13 inch MacBook Pro. Apple also has a standard 13 inch regular MacBook that also performed very well and was able to come near the top of the list.

    Apple MacBook Sits Atop All Consumer Reports Categories

    Apple also saw their MacBook Pro and MacBook take over the 15, 17 and 14 inch categories as well. It is clear that the MacBook is one of the best laptops that has ever been produced based on the ratings that it has received from Consumer reports. This is big news for Apple that will definitely be used as a selling point for their MacBook line at some point in the near future. To have an entire line of laptops be so highly rated is unheard of in this industry and will definitely be something that Apple will use to help them sell the laptops moving forward.

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  • Skype Down For Some Users
    Posted on May 27, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Skype Down For Some Users Skype has been down for a number of cell phone users such as unlocked iphone 4, Nokia N8, etc..  who tried to connect to the service today. The company said that they had identified the problem and were looking to give users instructions on how to fix the issue for those that were having problems connecting to the service early this morning. The company quickly released some very simple instructions on how users can fix the issue depending on the operating system that they are using.


    To start, users should close the program both on the main desktop as well as on the system tray to be sure that nothing is running. Then, they should go into the control folders and select the view tab to ensure that all of the entries are available. Make sure that you turn off the option to allow for hidden folders. In this folder there should be a shared .xml file. Once you have located that, you type %appdata%skype into the run option and then click ok. You will then delete the shared.xml file and will restart Skype, which should correct the issues.

    Skype was able to very quickly fix the issue and release a workaround that was very easy to follow that most users should be able to follow fairly easily. They will also probably be releasing an update at some point in the near future that does it all for you for those of us that are not as inclined with computer. They were able to quickly address the issues and give users a fix to the problem. Skype’s customer service is some of the best that is out there at this current time and they responded to the issues in just a few short minutes which is something that you have to admire when it comes to larger companies that often take quite some time to address issues that are seen by a minority such as this issue.

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  • Comcast has released a huge updated for their Xfinity service as well as their Xfinity iOS application. This update will allow for users to stream the content that is found in their on demand library on the unlocked iPhone 4. This update was first rolled out to the iPad several weeks ago, and is just now being rolled out to the iPhone for the first time. This will give users access to a giant database filled with streaming content for both the iPhone and other devices such as the iPod Touch. Users must first subscribe to the Comcast digital TV service before they are allowed to access the streaming content, which means that it will not be available to all users.

    Comcast XFinity Streaming on Mobile Devices


    In all, there is going to be more than 6,000 hours of content and more than 25 different programmers that will be accessible through the new app. The app is also able to change the channel and will allow for users to manage some of the features on their set top boxes that usually manage their cable connection.

    Comcast XFinity Streaming on Mobile Devices

    This is a huge update from Comcast and it is good to see that they are adding the same updates for other devices as well that have already been rolled out to the iPad. In the press release that the company released today, they stated that there will be in all, more than six thousand hours of content that users can access if they are currently connected to their service. Comcast has done a good job of providing new content on a regular basis, as the content is the same that is offered through their on-demand service through the set top boxes. Many of the videos that are available will be new and older TV shows that are currently available. Perhaps next they will look to allow users to be able to access their DVR recordings in a way that is similar to that of the Slingbox through their mobile devices.

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  • iphone 4sIt looks as though we finally have some sort of official confirmation regarding when users can expect the Apple’s unlocked iPhone 4 (GS) to go into production. It looks as though they will be going into production at some point in August, and then you can bet that the launch will come at some point in September. A number of analysts have already stated that they believed that this would be the path that Apple would take, given their problems with the production of other devices and the current state of the market.


    The first source to report this was digitimes. This is good news for users who wanted the device to be released this summer. While it may not be released at the time that most thought that it would be, a September release is still a bit earlier than some estimates that have been thrown out there. The new device, the iPhone 4S as it will be named will have a new rear camera that will be upgraded to the eight mega pixel resolution and will also have a number of image sensors and a new lens kit built in.

    iphone 4s

    Apple currently has over two million iPhone 4’s in circulation and they will be cutting back on the production of those devices soon if they are planning for the release of the next version sometime in the future. The second quarter production of the iPhone 4 was at 17.5 to 18 million units, with a current inventory of over 20 million units in total. It will certainly be interesting to see how the new iPhone performs. Some have compared this release to the release of the iPhone 3GS following the release of the iPhone 3G. Rather than a new version, it appears that it will be more of an upgrade over the previous version of the device and will address a number of key issues that users have had with the iPhone 4 unlocked since it was first released.

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  • New MacBook Air Could Debut In JuneThe MacBook Air is certain to be on of the most popular additions to their line of MacBooks by Apple, and the newest version of the device could be released as early as next month. So, if you are planning on picking up the new MacBook Air you might want to save a few hundred dollars for now.


    The new Macbook, which features an 11.6 inch model as well as a 13.3 inch model will be some of the lightest laptops in the industry. As of right now, it looks as though the device will be launched at some point in June or July, according to the production road map at this point. The device will be assembled and put together by Quanta Computer, along with a number of other components that should make it one of the most interesting options available to MacBook fans in quite some time.

    New MacBook Air Could Debut In June

    The current line of MacBook Air devices were first revealed in October of 2010, which is a little more than half a year ago. The MacBook Air has been a highly anticipated device since it was first announced and the first wave of them was received very well by consumers. The next line of MacBook Air’s will probably receive a similar reception because of the upgrades that have been added to the device.


    While Apple might be the leading company in the mobile space with their unlocked iphone 4 at this time that does not mean that they have completely forsaken desktops and laptops. The MacBook Air has performed very well in the market and this update should bring some attention back to the device. Apple themselves have yet to confirm any of the information that has been released, other than that the new version is indeed coming, and has not yet announced when they are planning on releasing the devices to the public.

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  • new iphone 4S
    Posted on May 18, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    iphone 4SIt looks like those rumors that have said that the next version of the unlocked iPhone 4 will be called the iPhone 5 are wrong, and the phone may actually be called the iPhone 4S. There are many different rumors that have been floating around the net about the name of the next iPhone, so it can be a little hard to tell what to believe that this point. The latest info comes from Jefferies and Co. analyst Peter Misek. He stated that the name will be “4S” in a recent site posting. First, the company released their 3G. Then, they released their 3GS. This was surprising at the time, but the phone offered significant upgrades over the previous version of the device.

    iphone 4S

    They also went on to say that the phone would be undergoing a number of very small cosmetic changes, and would also have better cameras on both sides of the phone. Also included in the upgrade would be an A5 dual core processor, along with HSPA+ support. This would mark a number of minor upgrades, similar to the differences that we saw between the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.


    Although Apple has not commented on this rumor, you can bet that they will let it flourish as they usually do with rumors. Apple obviously enjoys the press that they receive, and only shoots down rumors that get out of control in terms of popularity, and they do not want people to start taking untrue rumors as fact.

    iphone 4S

    Hopefully the release of this iPhone version will go a little more smoothly than the release of the previous, which was hampered by various connection problems in the early days of the device. It will be interesting to hear how Apple reacts, if they ever do. Not much is available about the next version of the iPhone 4 unlocked, but some probably will be here soon.

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  • Twitter Launches New Web App
    Posted on May 16, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Twitter Launches New Web AppTwitter has launched their new web app that features a redesigned menu that makes it easier for users to go between their Twitter feed and individual Twitter accounts. The mobile version of their website has already started rolling out. Not all users will see the new version of the site, but you can bet that people will start to see it across the board here soon. Twitter is known for rolling out huge changes very slowly to look for issues before throwing it in front of every user.


    The new design definitely shows an improvement over the previous design. The mobile site design of the web app previous to this was quite cartoony and definitely did not match the changes that Twitter has made on their main website.


    The native apps are still going to be better for the most part than using their mobile site, but this new design is going to be far less clunky and will be easier to navigate for a large bulk of their users. Web apps currently do not have the same access to the API catologue that apps and other platforms currently have access to. Twitter has stated that most users will see the roll out of the new site over the course of the next few weeks, with larger roll outs coming with each passing day. So far, it is being rolled out to users with Android devices, as well as a select number of users with unlocked iPhone 4, iPod Touch’s and various other devices in the coming days.

    Twitter Launches New Web App

    So far the new web app has been received with critical acclaim from users and media sources alike. It is a greatly improved design that is not going to cause the issues that users have complained about for a very long time. It is good to see that twitter has finally addressed this issue.


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