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Moshi for iPad
  • Whistler Creates Mobile Lift TicketsThe Whistler Blackcomb app is here, and will add another level of flexibility to users who just do not want to wait in line in order to get their lift tickets. The new app will be available, for free, to both unlocked iPhone 4 and Android users. The new app will allow for users to get a number of features that skiers would be interested in having.


    First of all, you will be able to see the weather on the hills which is definitely something that most skiers and snowboarders would be interested in. Then, you will be able to see the kind of condition that the hills are in, which is another important part of taking a ski trip. Finally, you will be able to take a look at the status of all of the lifts in the park, take pictures, and even look at some of the cameras that they have set up around the park. You can even track how high you are on the mountain, and then share it via your favorite social networking site.


    Perhaps the best option that the app will have is the ability to use their cell phone such as unlocked Sony Ericsson Xperia Play as their lift ticket. Users will not have to purchase a paper ticket any more and instead will be able to purchase the lift ticket on their mobile device, and present that to the lift operators at the top of the park.

    Whistler Creates Mobile Lift Tickets

    The app is not currently available but the company said that they expect it to first become available in the near future. It is undoubtedly one of the best and most innovative apps for skiers and snowboarders that we have seen yet. Look for other ski resorts to adopt similar technology here in the near future. It is definitely something that any skier or snowboarder would be interested in.

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  • App That Steals Passwords Banned
    Posted on June 16, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Getting rid of spyware and other malware in apps is something that Apple has always been pretty on top of, and them getting rid of a recent app that steals your passcodes is really no surprise overall. The app that was called the “Big Brother Camera Security” app that was used to steal the passcodes of users. The app was created by the developer Daniel Amity.

    App That Steals Passwords Banned

    The app attempts to trick users into setting a new passcode that is identical to the pin that they use to lock their unlocked iPhone 4 It was not clear exactly what he was going to be using that passcode for, but you can bet that it was going to be for something malicious. The developers intentions did not seem to be malicious from the get go, but apple was not going to allow that kind of app will be allowed in their marketplace. Apple is not willing to take the risk that the app would be used for the right purposes throughout its life.


    The app was banned from the app store, without them even giving them the chance to remake the app to get rid of the issues that got the app banned in the first place. The private PIN’s were not going to be able to be directly tied to the users that had installed the app, but who knows what they could have used them for in due time.

    App That Steals Passwords Banned

    This comes on the heels of the apps for android phones such as Motorola Atrix unlocked, HTC Desire, etc..  tore having many different problems with apps in their store being used for malware or malicious intent in recent days. With all of the attention that has been placed on that in recent days it was clear that Apple was not willing to take any risks with the Big Brother app.

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  • New SceneTap App  LetsYou Find Happening Bars and PubsWith the SceneTap app launching here in just a month, you might want to get ready to use it in order to find out which clubs and bars are going to be worth your time on the weekends. The app will allow for users of Android and unlocked iphone 4 to take a look at the bars before they even go out on the town. They will be looking at different bars across the area using cameras that are already set up to give users an idea of what the crowd might look like on the bar on any given night, given users a real look at the demographics of the bar before they go.


    They are also adding some commentary into the app. To downplay the privacy concerns, they will not be providing any of the real steams from the bars so you do not have to worry about the privacy. You should also know that nothing is being recorded by the app. In the beginning, the app will look to cover about 50 clubs in the beginning in the Chicago area.

    New SceneTap App  LetsYou Find Happening Bars and Pubs

    They are expected to push this farther and cover more clubs in the future, but it will be a slow crawl from one pub to another, as some users of the app will likely do. The app has been heralded as a new type of social network that focuses only on nightlife. You can bet that they will look to also take a look at user reviews of different bars to get an idea of what works and what does not. This is one app that will probably get quite a bit of use from cell phone users such as Motorola Cliq unlocked, Samsung Captivate, etc. that are looking to go out on the weekends. They provide some really interesting stats about what is out there and what kind of people are at each of the bars.

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  • Apple Store Employee Aims For UnionWith so many Apple Store’s popping up around the world for its best seller unlocked iphone 4, it is no surprise that one of the employees is looking to create a union. The worker, named Cory Moll has been looking to create a union for himself and for other Apple workers at the store. He has stated that a union would allow for workers to receive increased wages, more and better benefits for the work that they put in and would also for them to better deal with the “unfair practices” that he claims that Apple is responsible for. This is something that a lot of employees have shared their sentiments on in recent years.


    He claims that he makes $14 per hour, but works much harder than his wage suggests. Moll has stated that he knows that his idea is a bit of a wild dream at the moment because there is not all that much support for it. He said that he did not believe that there was “50 percent or more support for it in any one store” but did go on to say that if the conversation were an open one, he believed that there would be a few stores that would be able to garner 50% of more favorship.

    Apple Store Employee Aims For Union

    Moll would also need to be able to get a majority of the workers on board with the idea in order to create a union. It would certainly help them to fight for their rights, especially with Apple being as large of a company as it is today. You can bet that Apple was not happy to hear that there was someone who was going through with the idea and looking for support at a number of different stores, although they have not publicly commented on the issue, likely so they do not draw additional attention to it.


    PureMobile carries wide range of iphone 4 accessories and macbook cases.

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  • Apple Gets rid of DUI Checkpoint AppsAfter a bit of poking and prodding from the government, it appears that Apple has finally agreed to get rid of apps that allow iphone 4 unlocked users to add the points in which there are DUI checkpoints in an effort to avoid the police while driving drunk. There were numerous of these apps that had been added to their app marketplace and had become quite popular with many other users. Research In Motion also came under fire after allowing some of the same apps into their marketplace. Research In Motion quickly removed the apps, but Apple appeared a bit reluctant to do so.


    Apple claimed that since the apps were not in violation of any of their App Store guidelines that the company could not remove any of the apps at that time. However, it appears that they have received enough of a backlash as a result of their decision to have the apps removed.

    Apple Gets rid of DUI Checkpoint Apps

    The request came from the current Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. As a result of the request the company has changed their guidelines and added a section that specifically gets rid of the ban on DUI checkpoint apps. These apps will still likely be available to users that have a jailbroken phone.


    Specifically, the new guidelines state that apps that have DUI checkpoints that are not actually published by the law agencies that enforce them will not be allowed in their App Marketplace. This is a move that has likely been expected since the government first started calling for the removal of these apps. It is a little puzzling as to why Apple took so long to address the issue, but they did eventually give in to the plees.


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  • Up until this point, app rentals had not been brought to the mainstream, but t-Mobile and the gaming company Wild Tangent have teamed up to do just that. App shopping is definitely something that frustrates many because you never have the option to try the apps out before you purchase them. This can lead to a lot of apps that have been purchased without truly knowing what you are getting into. Now, T-Mobile and Wild Tangent are teaming up to do away with that.

    WildTangent Brings Game Rentals to the Forefront with T-Mobile

    They will be offering 25 cent rentals on apps that will allow users to have access to them for a short period of time to decide whether or not they are worth their purchase. This is much better than the screen shots and description that the developers offer up to would be customers. Instead of forcing companies to release a free version of the app it appears that Wild Tangent is trying to offer next to free styled rentals of these apps to get a better idea of what will be available.

    WildTangent Brings Game Rentals to the Forefront with T-Mobile

    Amazon’s app store recently tried to do something similar. Their test drive feature allows users to get a quick look at the app before purchasing it but does not work with every app and the features are pretty limited for the most part. Android currently allows users to return the app within 15 minutes of the purchase, and Apple’s unlocked iphone 4 allows for users to try apps out before purchasing, but no company has been able to successfully solve the problem in whole, which is what Wild Tangent looks to be doing with their games app on T-Mobile that will be available through the Android marketplace. This is a good idea but it would be much better if they were timed free rentals of these apps instead of 25 cents, which will keep many people from even trying it out.

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  • One of the biggest gripes that many users have with the iPhone 4 unlocked and other iOS devices is that they are forced to constantly tether their device to their PC to make changes to various settings, and make updates. Now, it looks as though Apple is finally bringing out a software improvement that will allow for them to give users more access to their features and settings without having to first connect their device to a PC. This goes a long with some of the other changes that the company have made to separate themselves and their devices farther from PC’s.


    You can now activate your phone as soon as you get it out of the box without having to first sync it to a computer. The company also allowed for updates to be sent to these devices over the air, which should allow users to update their software without first having to connect their device to a computer. This is good news for those of us that hate having to go tether the device to a computer every time that they are looking to update the software.

    Also, this should allow for users to sync their iTunes libraries through Wi-Fi and also means that they will not have to first connect their device to place new songs on their device. This is big news and should tie in nicely with the iCloud streaming music in the cloud system that they are releasing soon The company has made it clear that they would like for everything to be done wirelessly and have put a lot of time into making the iOS devices as independent as possible.  Their PC Free update and post-PC stance on the industry will continue to be reflected as they continue to release updates and new devices that have a large number of features available to

    This post was posted in Accessories, Apple, General and was tagged with unlocked Iphone 4, iphone 4 apps, IOS devices

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  • ComScore States Android Continues GrowthComScore has announced something that most people that follow the mobile industry will already be aware of - the fact that Android has continued to grow at a quick rate and has been able to surpass some of their competition over the course of the last few months. In January of 2011, the Android operating system had just over 31% of the total subscriber base. Now, it has been announced that they have 36.4% of the total number of subscribers, leading to a 5.2 percent increase over that period of time. They are rapidly capturing market share with excellent device releases and updates that have attracted a lot of new users.


    Over that same period of time, Apple’s unlocked iphone 4 has also gained some of the smart phone subscriber base, moving forward 1.3 percent from January to April to a total of 26.0%. By that same token, the biggest loser over this period of time was undoubtedly Research in Motion. They saw their overall share of the Smartphone subscriber base fall an astounding 3.7 percent between January and April, falling to 25.7 percent and officially falling below apple for the first time in the history of the industry in this score.

    ComScore States Android Continues Growth

    Microsoft has actually seen the percentage of smart phone subscribers dip over this period as well, but many of these users are users of the previous Windows operating system for smart devices such as HTC HD 7, Dell Streak unlocked etc..which is being phased out so they are expected to lower over the course of the next few months while the user base of their main focus, Windows Phone 7 continues to grow.  In all, good news for Apple and Google, and depressing news for Research In Motion and other companies that have seen their numbers fall in the first half of 2011.

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  • iOS 5 To Debut New FeatursThe newest version of iOS, iOS 5 will bring a number of very interesting updates to the software that will ease the headaches and complaints that some users have had with the software in the past. Apple made the announcement at the WWDC 2011 conference. The announcement came from Scott Forstall, who stated that the more than 200 million iOS devices that Apple currently has across the world make it the number one operating system for mobile devices across the world, with a total of more than 44% of the total smart device market.


    They have sold more than 25 million copies of the iPad over the course of the last 14 months in all, which just shows exactly how much demand there is out their for their devices. First of all, one of the biggest updates that users will find is the new “notification Center” which will allow them to receive all of their messages just by swiping a finger down the screen from the very top to the bottom. This is great because it will allow them to receive more notifications without having to be interrupted regularly, which is why Apple did not make quicker moves to bring more heavy notification features.

    iOS 5 To Debut New Featurs

    Also, they will be integrating twitter directly into the iOS. This will allow users who use the camera and gallery to update their Twitter directly from the apps, which is huge for users that have had to clunkily move around the interface in order to post these messages on Twitter. Other popular new features include the ability to wirelessly sync your device without first having to connect to a computer. They will also be bringing their long rumored Instant messaging platform, i Message to the forefront which will allow for users on unlocked iPhone 4, iPad and iPod devices and will allow for them to sent text messages, photos, or even videos to one another in the same way that BlackBerry Messenger works.

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  • Samsung Ramps up Apple Patent DisputeSamsung looks as though they are not scared of Apple in the recent Apple patent dispute that has made headlines as of late. They did not take a break during the Memorial day weekend, and instead have ramped things up. First, Apple asked Samsung to hand over some of their upcoming products to Apple to ensure that patents were not being infringed upon and then they asked the judge that Apple be forced to do the same thing. This means that Samsung has gotten a look at the upcoming version of the Apple unlocked iPhone 4 and other products that Apple has coming forward.


    Samsung has asked that they be allowed to get a look at the iPad 3 and also the iPhone 5. With the iPad 2 just having been released a short time ago, the company has not even started discussing the iPad 3 in public, so this move comes as a bit of a surprise. It will definitely be interesting to see how the Judge responds to the requests.

    Samsung Ramps up Apple Patent Dispute

    The problem initially started when the iPad and unlocked Galaxy devices looked very similar, which drew quite a bit of criticism and eventually led to a patent infringement suit. So far things seem to have gone Apple’s way but it looks as though Samsung is fighting back by getting a look at some of their most important upcoming devices. The war has waged on and has continued to progress since they first went to court.


    Apple rejected the initial request, which most expected them to do but now it will come down to the decision that was made by the judge. He will get the final say in whether or not they get a look at the future devices. Apple has claimed that their future devices hold “no relevance” to the issue that is at hand.

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