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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Moshi for iPad
  • LG Optimus Black Reviews
    Posted on July 19, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    The unlocked LG Optimus Black is a phone that has received a lot of attention over the course of the last two years. There are number of benefits that are provided by the phone, then you should always look to look into the benefits are provided when you unlock the phone. There are a number of reasons why the LG Optimus Black has become very popular within the unlocking community. First of all, the phone is very slim weighing only 3.8 g. This is definitely on the lower end of the smart phone waits, and you can bet that the phone is very popular for this reason. The design of the phone is excellent, and the curves usually make it very comfortable to hold and dependent on the phone.

    Running on the latest and greatest software, the phone has become very popular in the short amount of time. There was a lot of hype that was built for the LG Optimus Black, and so far it has lived up to it. Very vibrant displays one of the things that have brought many people to the device. You can bet that the device will continue to be popular in the unlocking community. There are number of benefits that are provided to you when you decide to unlock your phone. First of all, you will gain access to a larger array of hats and marketplaces that you would not normally be able to install on the phone. Secondly, you will be able to use it with any carrier that you desire, meaning that you will not be hamstrung by the limitations that have been placed on the device previously.

    At the very least, you can bet that the device will continue to gain popularity over the course of the next few years, and could eventually lead to the device receiving the sequel device, which would be very popular within the unlocking community. If you’re going to unlock your LG Optimus Black make sure that you read the guides and reviews on how to sew to ensure that you do not mess anything up along the way.

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  • Android Activations Climbing Daily
    Posted on July 18, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    It appears as if the Google Android operating system is more popular than it has ever been. With more and more people joining the Android operating system marketing line, the company is seeing more and more activations of smart devices on their service each and every day. Analysts have said that the Android operating system such as unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II is going to continue to grow moving forward and could be the most popular mobile operating system on the planet in just a few short years. Research showing us that throughout the second quarter nursing an additional 555,000 Edward Smart phones being activated each and every day around the world. That is a huge number; it shows that the system is having a huge spike in their user base.

    It will be interesting to see if they can continue to build upon their user base as more devices are released. In June, the activations were growing at a rate of 4.4% from one week to the next. This is a huge growth in a very short amount of time and it is clear that the Google Android operating system is not only here to stay, in all likelihood be the world’s biggest operating system for mobile devices in the coming years. Two months ago Google stated that they were activating a total of 400,000 devices each and every day, and that number has been steadily climbing since that time. There are more than 100 million Android devices around the world that are currently running the software, with a number that is climbing toward 130 million by the time Google goes to announcer figures next month.

    As things look now, 200 million devices is not really that far out of reach for the company. They have been able to put together an excellent array of different devices as in Unlocked Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc that utilize their software, and are continually updating for more devices as well. They have good range of devices from the super cheap; all the way up to the major Smart phones can cost hundreds of dollars.

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  • Starbucks Canada Adds Updates to their iPhone AppStarbucks Canada has updated their unlocked iPhone 4 applications by adding a number of new features that have been featured in the American version of the application for quite some time. However, users are still not going to be able to pay for their copied to the application as they are through the American application. However, it is still great to see that the company is updating the application as often as they possibly can by adding new locations and also ensure an that they are able to provide top-of-the-line experience for the users that have been so loyal to them through the years.


    The company also said that they were going to ensure that the NSC cable devices would be able to pay by the end of the year. The accepted payment processing terms will be through Visa, MasterCard, PayPass, and even through zoom pass.

    It will be interesting to see how quickly they have been able to add me wireless payment features. So far, they have said that the main upgrade that they gave me a through the day with stability and handsome and that allowed him to further the app and make it better for everyone overall. It will be interesting to see how quickly they are able to update the app with the new technology at some point in the future. Already, the Canadian Starbucks out as one of the most popular business related apps and Apple application marketplace for iphone 4 unlocked and other devices.


    Although most of the updates that were provided were for stability enhancements, there were a few features that were added as well including nutritional updates, as well as the ability to customize your order and show people I encounter exactly what you’re looking for.  It will be interesting to see if they are able to keep the updated with information from specific locations or they are simply going to be providing an app that gives an overview of the different food items that they have in stores as a whole.

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  • LG Optimus 2X Review
    Posted on July 18, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    LG Optimus 2X ReviewThe LG Optimus 2X unlocked is a wonderful device that is received well in most circumstances. You can bet that the LG Optimus IIx is going to continue to be a popular phone moving forward. Being built around a dual core processor, the LG Optimus 2X is on a higher end Android devices. The dual core processor makes it one of the top performing devices within its class for its price range. Although many consider the unlocked LG Optimus 2X to be a midrange phone, it really performs more like a high-end phone. It continues to be a top-of-the-line device that is hard to match in most circumstances. The design of the device is great, and the sloping glass of the display gives it a very unique look. It does resemble some of the previous LG Optimus devices, but does have a number of things that set it out. First of all, one of the biggest draws to the device for many users has been the HDMI output. Using the HDMI output will make the phone very easy to use in conjunction with a television set.

    LG Optimus 2X Review

    The Tegra 2 processor that is using the phone as top-of-the-line is known as one of the best in the industry. Isn’t that the phone will continue to be a top-of-the-line device for quite some time moving forward. It will be interesting to see how the phone continues to gain a following in the future.

    LG Optimus 2X Review

    In all, there are a number of things to like about the device. First of all, it has an eight megapixel camera, and that’s full megapixels, making it one of the best cameras built into a smart device in the mobile industry today. The high 1080 P. video that can be captured from the video camera also sets the device apart. In all, the unlocked LG Optimus 2x elevates the benchmark for hardware and mobile devices. It is a top-of-the-line device that is easy to use, and should be able to meet your needs moving forward.

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  • Possibility of a 3D iPhone?
    Posted on July 15, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Posiblity of a 3D iPhoneA number of images leaked their way online today that detail a number of photos that recently showed up on several technology blogs that showed an Apple iPhone that had two separate cameras on it, suggesting that perhaps the unlocked iPhone was the first of the unseen in 3D. This immediately prompted users to start rumors that the new iPhone five would be released with a 3D camera. There are already a number of companies that have argued that these phones utilizing 3D technology, having the 3D technology be available on the Apple iPhone is definitely something that I think many users would be interested in.


    However, some quickly post and following the release of the photos that there were a number of clues throughout the suggested that perhaps the photos that leaked online might be fake. The photo that leaked online, first of all have the term iPhone five marked on the back. Keep in mind, that Apple has not released an iPhone at this time that has the name of the phone attached into the back. This is something that many say shows that the photo that leaked online today is a fake, and they seem to have a point as all previous releases by the company Apple suggests that they are not concerned with branding specific versions of the iPhone got a release.

    Posiblity of a 3D iPhone

    However, among other companies Apple does have a number of patents that are related to the picture taking capabilities. This is something that many people referenced in the polls for sleep, but does not mean that the company is actually going to release a picture taken with the next version of the iphone. There needs to be a number of other things that come into focus before you can definitively say that the company is looking to explore 3D picture taking technology with the release of the device. You definitely would think that by this point you have heard this rumor previously announced it would have been harmed by the company as a major selling point for the device at some point.

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  • Non-Standard Gaming Content Reaches a Spend of $1.85B in Q1The first quarter of 2011 gave way to a huge rise in the amount of gaming content that users purchased. In fact, a total of $1.85 billion was spent on gaming content throughout the first quarter of 2011, including the purchase of mobile gaming applications for unlocked iphone 4. Included in this was the physical video and PC game hardware that is used to play the games. This number identifies more than 31% of the total spending on video games in the United States totaled 25.9 billion in the first quarter of 2011.


    It will be interesting to see how the gaming industry continues to grow, especially with the growth that we have seen since the release and rise to popularity of the various smart phones and mobile devices in recent months. The nonstandard gaming purchases include game rentals, the subscriptions to various gaming services; full digital downloads of games, social networking games, and downloadable content. It will be interesting to see how quickly to gaming community continues to rise in terms of overall spent for each quarter.

    Non-Standard Gaming Content Reaches a Spend of $1.85B in Q1

    It is clear that for most, gaming has become way to escape reality and the harsh reality the current state of the economy. Users that are looking to find a way to kill some time, often five purchasing gaming hardware and actual games is a great way to kill time. However, finding the game that they like to play maybe a bit more difficult than you think.


    It will be interesting to see how the games continue to expand into the mobile gaming market moving forward and become one of the largest gaming markets out there and you can only expect it to continue to expand in the future. As nonstandard gaming purchases continue to rise in popularity, you can bet that overall gaming fans will increase as well. Console gaming is not going anywhere anytime soon, and PC gaming is just as popular as it ever was.

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  • Apple iPad 3 Could Come This Fall
    Posted on July 14, 2011 by Pure Mobile

    Apple iPad 3 Could Come This FallThe popular technology blog DigiTimes released information on Monday that stated that the company Apple is looking to release the third iteration of their popular tablet computer, the Apple iPad, during the upcoming fall season. They also reported that the company is more than likely looking to add a second partner for manufacturing for the iPad line, after demands during the last release were not met by the current manufacturing company report went as far as to say that the current unlocked iPhone 4 manufacturing companies, which are Pegatron Technology and Quanta Computer, seem to be in the lead for the most likely companies to lay in the bed.


    I know rumors have been going around saying that the iPad 3. However the information that was released today seems to suggest that perhaps a device that is coming out this fall will not be the next version of the iPad, and instead will be slightly different version of the device with varying features compared to previous versions. Interesting to see what kind of grades the company has to offer when they released this newest version of a computer. They can be quite difficult to put together an estimate, without knowing exactly what the company is planning. Perhaps they will take a similar approach to the approach they have taken their smartphone, the Apple iPhone. Although, that you release new versions of the phone seemingly every year for the last few years, the company does not release the newest version. In fact, they seem to release only slight upgrade in between the releases of larger version upgrades of the device.

    Apple iPad 3 Could Come This Fall

    It will be interesting to see if they take a similar approach to the iPad that they have to the iPhone 4 unlocked. Apple seemingly has a stranglehold on the tablet industry, and if they can’t continue to produce minimal upgrades at a steady pace, will likely continue to buy the product. So far, that strategy has worked with them in other industries, and at this time there is no reason to think that it will not continue to work for them the tablet industry, a fast changing industry that Apple seems to be at the helm of.

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  • Hewlett-Packard will be the first company to debut their upcoming Ultrabook notebooks  that were first revealed during the Computex trade show in May. Intel, the company behind the creation of the Ultrabook notebooks, said that they were looking to blend of performance that was known for today’s laptops, with the tablet experience and users have come to know the product that was thin and light and mobile. This is something that the company has been looking to create for quite some time, and it appears as if Hewlett-Packard will be the first company to step up to the plate to release their own Ultrabook no. It appears that Hewlett-Packard will be launching their own Ultrabook in time for the upcoming holiday season as was suggested in a report by DigiTimes.


    The computer manufacturing company will be using the Foxconn Electronics Manufacturing Co. for the production of at least two different Ultrabook notebooks. The upcoming Ultrabook notebooks will reportedly run on the Intel 1.8 GHz core i7-2677M and also the 1.7 GHz i7-2637M platforms.

    HP Will release “Ultrabook” Notebooks

    According to a number of different sources the company has hardly started to shift the Ultrabook Hewlett-Packard, but there is already no indication of when the devices could see their first launch and be available for purchase to the public. This is something that the companies have been working on for a long time and you can bet that they will continue to produce Ultrabook flow into the future if their current releases that are in the pipeline are successful. It will be interesting to see how successful the Ultrabook is upon its release, as both Intel and Hewlett-Packard seem to be dedicating a lot of resources for the creation of these devices. With so many users looking for a hybrid experience between a laptop and tablet, you can bet that this will continue to be popular for some time to come.


    PureMobile carries wide range of cell phone accessories and unlocked cell phones such as unlocked Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, Samsung Galaxy S II, etc..

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  • Blackberry App World has officially passed the 1 billionth download throughout his career. This is something that the company had hoped to reach for quite some time. it is amazing to see that there application marketplace has grown in such a phenomenal rate over the course of the last few years. The marketplace was first officially launched on April 1, 2009, and it continued to grow wildly in popularity since that time.

    BlackBerry App World Reaches 1 Billion Download Mark

    Since the application marketplace was first released, the company has continued to grow in Blackberry has become one of the most renowned location to download applications for the Blackberry platform. Although the application marketplace that was put together by the company research in motion is not the biggest by any stretch of the imagination in the mobile industry, it is clear that it continues to grow along with varying amounts of Blackberry devices such as Unlocked Bold 9780, Torch 9800, etc. that we have seen over the course of the last few years. Targeted toward businesses, Blackberry has continued to become one of the world’s largest mobile devices and platforms in recent memory. The Apple app store recently passed the 15 million download mark, making it easily the largest store for applications for mobile devices online.

    It will be interesting to see how quickly the Blackberry application store will reach 2 billion download mark. The 1 million download mark is a huge milestone for the company, and would really like to reach the 2 million download mark sooner than they have reached the one. The devices are currently bringing in more than 3 million downloads per day, but as research in motion continues to lose market share to other mobile companies, it may be hard for them to keep up. it will be interesting to see how long they can continue to over 3 million downloads per day for their applications for blackberry devices

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  • Apple Updates iOS to Fix PDF Jailbreak Loophole Recently DiscoveredRecently you may remember the exploit was discovered by JailbreakMe 2.0 that allow users to unlock your unlocked iPhone 4 with just a few taps screen. Well, it looks like those days are over as Apple has released a patch that fixes the PDF jailbreak loophole that was discovered some time ago. Just as Apple is to attack the PDF exploit that allowed users to jailbreak your phone with minimal effort, it appears as if JailbreakMe 3.0 is currently in development after rumors of JailbreakMe 3.0 service surfaced last week. However, there are other applications that are coming to the market as well that could solve a similar problem for users.


    One of the problems that Apple had with the loophole was the fact that it can be used for more dubious reasons as well. The loophole that allowed for the PDF document to jailbreak the iPhone, also allow users to grab your contacts database, access a number of the saved passwords on your device, and even activate the camera built into your device. These were serious security concerns that the company had, and it is easy to see why they rushed to patch up the loophole that was in place.

    Apple Updates iOS to Fix PDF Jailbreak Loophole Recently Discovered

    As of right now the company is asking all users to refrain from opening PDF documents until the update is rolled out. It may take some time for the update rollup for all users, as has become standard for most IOS update releases. it will be interesting to see how quickly Apple is able to rollup patch to fix the issue. So far the issue has mostly been used to help users to jailbreak their iPhone 4 unlocked, but you can see that it could be used for much more dubious methods at some point in the future.

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