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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Moshi for iPad
  • Do you remember the story about Apple subtly tracking every location that you have taken your smart device over the course of the last few years and storing it in a database? Of course, Apple will want to distance themselves from this story with all of the attention that it has gotten and have released an update that does not allow for the location database cache to get nearly as big, or store information forever. This was something that bothered many users who felt that Apple should have made this clear to them when they signed up for the service.

    The new upgrade will be available for the unlocked iPhone 4, iPhone 4GS, iPad 2 and iPad to get rid of the cache and make sure that the users data remains safe. You had to have guessed that they would want to roll this update out sooner rather than later, with all of the attention that the story received within just a day or it breaking.

    Apple has apologized for the mishap and has expressed that it was never intended to be used for malicious intent. This update is supposed to smooth the issue over with consumers. However, with the level of products that they provide you have to guess that a vast majority of users will get over it quickly now that the update is being offered for all to download.

    The changes will reduce the size of the cache, and make sure that it is not continually updated when you connect your iPhone 4 unlocked to iTunes. This will certainly make many of their users happy, as the issue has been promptly addressed following the bad press.

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  • Jaguar XJ and unlocked BlackBerry will be integrating, according to an announcement that was made at the BlackBerry World 2011. They will be showing off their brand new XJ line of sedans that have a prototype in them that allows for the car to connect with RIM technology and allows for their car to be integrated with their mobile devices. Communication throughout the device will be handed by a VNC, and users will be able to access their apps as well as make calls from inside their vehicle.

    They will also be able to control certain aspects of the car from the touch screen, including the direction that the mirrors are facing as well as receive traffic information and GPS services that could help them to more quickly get from point A to point B. The phone will be able to be controlled from the center stack of the line of sedans, and the company has stated that they will be blocking apps that could potentially be distracting while someone is driving. This is good news, because we do not want to have to worry about people playing with mobile apps while they are driving and not paying attention to the road.

    This is a move that was met with applause from the audience, and could shape the way that mobile technology and vehicles integrate in the future. This is an enticing offering, but only if you are looking for a Jaguar.

    In the future, look for integration with other types of vehicles to become more standard. While there are not many options available at the moment, integration is something that has routinely been looked at throughout the mobile industry as a logical next step for smart device and car manufacturing companies. Look for more news on this subject to be made available in the near future.

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  • The BlackBerry  PlayBook is a device that has received a lot of attention in recent months, but is not expected to sell as well as some of the other tablet device that have been available for quite some time. Research In Motion has announced that the new Facebook application for their seven inch tablet that will be available sometime in May. The device will be a business based tablet that should function similarly to most unlocked BlackBerry cell phones.

    This will allow for their thirty million users to finally receive the Facebook application that they have been hoping for, and will open up the ability for them to stay in touch with friends while they are on the move. This is something that many users have been waiting to hear, and will probably help them to sell their new tablet device.

    Although BlackBerry started out targeting corporations and corporate applications of their devices, they have been moving closer toward personal uses in recent years, and the PlayBook might be their farthest jump in the opposite direction.

    The BlackBerry Playbook is a device that has received a lot of attention in recent months, as it is the first jump into the tablet arena by Research In Motion, and the device has mostly impressed thus far. There is no reason to think that the device would not continue to impress moving forward, especially with all of the attention that has been placed on it.

    The announcement came via a press release that quickly made rounds throughout the various mobile blogs and websites. The application will allow users to view and add friends as well as new video and photo viewing, and the ability to use the Facebook chat application that comes standard with every Facebook account.  This is an update that many have been waiting for for quite some time.

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  • After the media firestorm that engulfed them following the leaking of the information about the tracking bug that tracked the locations of their users over the lifetime of them using the device. Sources at Apple have confirmed that they are not going to wait to fix the tracking issue both on unlocked iPhone 4’s and all iOS devices, but will be releasing a new update that will do it within the next two weeks. This will be iOS version 4.3.3. It still remains to be seen if there will be any legal fallout as a result of the tracking bug that gave Apple access to the whereabouts of their users over the course of the last few years.

    They probably do not want to go too long without addressing the issue for fear that it will look like they do not care about the bug in the first place. The update will no longer send the locations of their users to iTunes, where the information was sent before. The location database will also be reduced by quite a bit to ensure that user locations are not tracked for all that long. It will also be deleted entirely when the location services for the phone are turned off.

    This issue should also make for minor adjustments in the battery life of the phone, improving the battery life slightly because your unlocked iPhone 4 is not constantly storing information. The update will also fix some of the iPod bugs that have been around in recent years. You can bet that other things will also be included in the update, but Apple will save that announcement for a later date, closer to the actual release of the update. It is good to see that Apple is quickly addressing this issue.

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  • Research In Motion is a company that has heavily targeted the business use of their phones throughout their history, but in recent times has realized that they also need to provide personal use features if they wish to stay competitive in the constantly shifting mobile market. They have continued to lose market share to android devices and have been looking for new ways to expand their features to target more users.

    With the announcement of their new “Work Life Balance” technology, the company will be looking for new ways to put together a winning combination, which they hope will be what the Work Life balance provides. The phone marker announced that they would be releasing features that would allow for users to separate work and personal life contacts and data to be separated from one another for more easily access. The new software looks to benefit both the users of unlocked BlackBerry cell phones as well as the companies who use their technology as well.

    This announcement shows that they are taking the criticism and feedback from their users safely. Separating the personal and business content has always been something troubling for many users and the hope is that this software, whether in its first or second iteration will be able to provide users with enough features to help them more easily access their data and determine which data is work related and which is not. This is something that many users will find to be beneficial in the long run, and will provide a secure and cost effective way for employees to remain in touch with their personal contacts, but also will limit the loss of productivity as a result. Hopefully the Work and Life balance software will be something that employers find to be useful for their business applications.

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