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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Moshi for iPad
  • AT&T is soon coming out with the Unlocked Samsung (Captivate) and is soon to be followed by the release of the new entrant into the Android market, the AT&T Dell Streak which will soon hit the stores on sale. While some of its specs are pretty cool and it has a big screen of around 5 inches, the fact that it will carry only Android 1.6 is a bit of a downer as this may just be a factor which dissuades a few people from buying this phone. We honestly feel that Android 1.6 will not really cut it in today’s market. Anyway let us see what the specs are on this one in general.

    Dell’s new Android phone however will be getting an update of the Android 2.2 the Froyo but sadly the timeframe has not been set yet and this could be a deciding factor. The phones both have pretty big displays. Captivate comes with a 4 inch display and the Dell Streak carries a 5 inch display. However the Captivate scores much higher as it comes with the excellent new super AMOLED which means that this phone will so easily score more than the Streak among the people who want a better picture quality on their phone. Nonetheless the competition is pretty good and both phones are up to the mark in their certain way. The Streak unlike the captivate has two cameras which means that you can have some video chat going on and therefore the multifunctional aspect of this phone does score somewhat.

    These two ones are by far the best Android phones that have come up from the house of AT&T like Motorola Backflip Unlocked handset and we do think both are pretty worthy competitors in the smartphone market. However, in spite of everything, we would like to recommend the Captivate over the Streak.

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  • The new Unlocked Motorola Droid ( X ) which has come out on Verizon is a great piece of work and has excellent software and hardware which has meant that this is pretty much worth the $200 or so amount that you will be shelling out for it. However there is one thing which has proved this phone to be somewhat of an annoyance for developers. The reason for this is that the phone comes with a bootloader which has been locked down. Other than this, there is also the small matter of a new tool known as the eFuse which checks on the version of the ROM, bootloader and the kernel and if any of them do not match then the machine shuts down and will not come back by itself. One has to send it to the Verizon store, which then can send it to Motorola who will then restart it. This is unlike the more user friendly Droid which had an unlocked bootloader.

    This application makes it such that one cannot install any kind of non Motorola ROM such that there is no illegal software which is being used here. While we agree that the developers might want to safeguard their products, but honestly there is no such need to lock the device down to such an extent.  Customers argue that due to the amount of money that they pay for the device, they should be allowed a free reign to do whatever they want. However we feel that the normal customers would not try to put forward a custom ROM.

    Motorola, however, do want to keep their backflip unlocked Android phone which can be changed and customized still in the market and you can actually use the custom ROMs which are given on the device.

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  • As the speculations regarding the effectiveness of 4G technology reach new heights, a fresh surveyed speculation from In-stat reportedly shows that 4G technology in cellphone will not be given the welcome expected by the world and will only be embraced by North America and western Europe as its deployments will commence this year. The majority of the world is still in its drift towards getting accustomed to the already existing 3G technology. Some of the facts stated by the In-Stat reportedly say that the WDCMA and other subscription will increase by a considerable amount of over twenty five percent in the next four years. Another detail shows that more than ten LTE deals will be passed or granted in the first four years of this year. So you should be expecting it soon enough. By this year the technologies based on CDMA hike up to a worldwide subscription amount of over five hundred and fifty million by the end of the next four years the 3G subscription in the western countries of Europe will hike up to a walloping number of just under five hundred and fifty million. All these are gathered by the estimation survey by IN-Stat and you will have to wait and see it for yourself whether they actually come near the factual tally.

    The survey quite surprisingly left out Japan, a country whose technological advancements can match any other country and who have throughout provided competition for their western counterparts. It was expected of them to lead the 4G revolution. This almost remains quite a mystery as one of the foremost pioneers of technology was allegedly abandoned in the tally. Although they did support the LTE cause, they have so far kept a low profile. Even so, it is expected of them to make the switch over to 4G fully in phones within a couple of year’s time. Thus, we see that as the big names in technology join the stride towards a smarter and much advanced world, more and more people are actually embracing the fact and adopting it, making them more accustomed to the ever-changing world.

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  • Femtocell developers, Ubiquisys, have managed to round up a whopping $9 million through extra funding. This was primarily led by 5 Continents Consulting Group (5CCG) and needless to say this event has been quite outstanding. Other prominent companies were involved in this grand event, which has led to Ubiquisys bagging this enormous amount of money. This money is going to spend wisely in developing new innovations in femtocell technology. This can eventually lead to femtocell being deployed in different significant places where it can be put to productive use.

    Ubiquisys has been proving their quality for a long time and was the first company to break the $100 price for femtocells. The possibilities of using femtocells have become unbelievable and thus Ubiquisys can indeed be of immense benefit to everyone.

    Ubiquisys has interesting projects coming up to get the maximum out of the femtocells. The prospects look bright and they are sure to bring about several new changes if the $9 million is spent wisely. They have always delivered quality whenever they were tested and they are slowly becoming bigger and better. Femtocell technology has really taken off since the work done by Ubiquisys. They deserved this and they will surely put the money to good use in proper time.

    5CCG’s Founder and Managing Partner, Michael Bornhäusser has been quite vocal in the support of Ubiquisys and is highly optimistic about the future of Ubiquisys. He believes Ubiquisys has become a worldwide phenomenon and have started to deliver a lot lately. Femto market has really been in the rise and Ubiquisys has been instrumental in providing such a situation. It has superior technology and is possibly on the verge of making history. The money will be of great value if it can be used to better the femtocell technology.

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  • AT&T is famous among many Android fans as the “anti-Android” network carrier in the United States. This is because of their overhauling of the stock operating system of Android. AT&T and Motorola decided to place Yahoo search instead of all Google search following the first and foremost Android device land on AT&T, that is, the Motorola Back flip. No Android phones are equipped with the ability of installing applications that are “non-market”. With the launch of latest phone, AT&T has responded on the FAQ page of Android by saying, “AT&T as the sole source for applications selected Android Market as it emphasizes on the accountability of developers for the submitted apps. Any issues or problems with the app that the Android community faces will result in removal of the app. Thus the hazard of malicious apps that can harm customers is minimized. This way more security can be provided to every customer’s personal information that is stored in the phone.”

    We were astonished on reading this because it actually made sense. Less geeky Android users don’t really bother to install apps from the outside the Market. Android users like me and maybe you install apps from outside, as we want our devices to do whatever we wish. The more tech savvy Android users will somehow root their devices or purchase a new Nexus One or shift to Verizon, the biggest supporter of Android.

    Android is open, therein lies its beauty. Hence AT&T owns the right to do whatever they want with the Android models that they sell and people who are not satisfied with it can free to buy other company’s devices. A question may arise as to why users cannot install apps from sources that are external and do not fall in the Android market. The answer to this question is that AT&T gives is that they wish to hold the developers responsible for the apps they develop and that they have faith on the community.

    Android Market was selected by AT&T as the sole source for apps because AT&T emphasizes on the accountability of the developers for the applications that they submit. A particular app can be removed or flagged if Android community has any issue with it. This greatly decreases the danger of malicious apps that could have harmed customers and hence protects the private information of the customers saved in the phone.

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  • The striking sales figures that Android Unlocked iPhone 4 has produced have left Android fans awed and maybe a bit aghast too. Over 1.7 million Apple phones have been sold in the last few days. On comparing this with the sales of the Sprint EVO that broke all records by crossing 66,000 in just two days, it is clear why people are worried. From a study of the blog posts on this topic one wonders whether Android would be completely wiped out of the market by the swarms of iPhone being used by people all over. However, this does not mean that Android is in despair or grave danger of obsolesce, well, not yet though.


    A recent study known as the ‘Crowd science study’ conducted its survey on Blackberry, iPhone and Android users. Our evidence is party based on this study. The study resulted in the saying that Android and iPhone users had much likeness: the groups were extremely loyal to their own OS, none were interested to change platforms, and both had many similarities in the pattern in which they used their phones. The most likely to change platforms and least loyal users are the Blackberry users. There are more than 25,000,000 people in the world who use the iPhone; this clearly means that it is highly likely for Apple to sell more iPhone, even to the existing patrons of Apple. (24.89 million iPhone sold by Apple in 2009)

    As highlighted by Jobs in his note, the features of iOS 4 that attracts users to upgrade are better processor, better display, greater flexibility for user interface (app folders, custom wallpapers etc), multitasking. Better display and better processor are the items that are well matched by the latest Android phones. Multitasking and flexibility are selling points meant for iPhone users and meaningless to those using Android, as these abilities are in-built in the OS.

    The best and most common argument regarding the iPhone supremacy is the App store. However, Android like the Google Nexus One market is catching up slowly as its growth is quite steady; it has some spectacular apps that are unique to Android. The edge that App store once had in the matters of quality and quantity is nowadays disappearing.

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  • PriceGrabber on Android
    Posted on July 18, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    After coming out onto the iPhone and iPad as the app, the PriceGrabber has finally decided to make the app available to the Android users. PriceGrabber has tied up with Google to bring with itself all the facilities that one can get on their web page. This is available as an app which can be accessed on the Android Market and can be downloaded directly onto your phone. This one can be really useful for the customers.

    With this app, there are several nice features which you can get. You can actually scan the bar codes from the products and compare rates of the product from different retailers whose numbers are in the thousands. The layout of this app is pretty user friendly and searches are really fast. It makes the task of searching for the best deals really easy. With the PriceGrabber, you can compare the prices of the goods from several retailers which will help you get the cheapest prices. Furthermore you can also calculate the products bottom line price and check how much the product will cost inclusive of all the taxes like shipping. This can be incorporated by way of GPS or by just entering the zip code of your area where you want to buy the product from your Unlocked Cellphone. There is also another add on like the Gift Shaker where you can check on the products according to the price and category that you want. The PriceGrabber gives the facility of pulling down product reviews which are written by experts and suggestions for buys.

    Finally once you have selected the products that you want, you may add them to a dedicated list of favorites which you can keep. Therefore the PriceGrabber is a kind of definitive must have for buyers.

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  • ChangeWave recently conducted a study of nearly 4,000 US mobile users regarding their habits which has shown numerous trends in America. The biggest winner of the survey? Smartphones as nearly 16% of all those interviewed stated that they were soon going to pick up a smartphone within the next few days. Another very important point that has to be taken into consideration is the fact that Apple as well as HTC seem to be the leaders when it comes to the smartphone trend in America. According to the report, within just 3 months, both Apple as well as HTC managed to increase sales of their phone by around 50%.

    Says a spokesperson of ChangeWave, “In one of the biggest conducted surveys in America, 4,028 consumers were asked for their opinions regarding the mobiles the currently use or which they would be likely to use in future and Apple and HTC, both, emerged as clear favorites. From March 2010 till June 2010, there was nearly a 50% increase in sales of both companies. While Apple and HTC both saw profits, Motorola and Rim noticed a decline in sales in the same period. This proves to be good news for the BlackBerry 6 ad the Unlocked Motorola Milestone Droid ( X ). however we cannot say the same for Palm Pre Unlocked handset  as according to our survey, they failed to register a single percentage point.”

    Recently, Apple has been creating waves due to the wonderful unlocked iPhone 4 that was recently released. However, this phone has flopped as it has been discovered that if the phone is held in a certain angle, no network can be picked up. This has resulted in Apple having to recall some of the mobile phones that were issued. This has resulted in favor of the Droid as now it has less competition as compared to before. In spite of Apple having to recall some of its mobile phones, they have still been able to beat out other phones in the survey.

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  • Avatron Software has come up with this new cool app which is called Air Sharing which allows you to basically extend the monitor of your Mac machine or even to transfer files in several formats from other devices like the unlocked iPhone 4 and similar iDevices. If you want to extend the viding space on the monitor of your MAC device, then you just have to simply place the iPad next to the screen and the set up is ready.

    File transfer can be done between an iPad and iPhone touch as the app is compatible on both the devices. There are no wires involved and transfers can take place irrespective of the file formats. The files can be transferred and can be printed or viewed as we said on your Macintosh or Linux based computers. What is most astounding is that we do not have to install any kind of additional software when we want to use this feature on the computer.

    The basic functionality of this app is primarily executed by way of Wi-Fi technology and other than that there is another version which is called the Pro which has elements of 3G. Other than this basic data transfer facility, we get a number of other functions which are really useful in this regard.  PDF reading is markedly improved in this one and you can read encrypted PDF files. Furthermore you can also edit to a certain extent like cut, copy and paste files from one folder to the other. Other than this, there is also the very important function of emailing the files which are stored on your device directly. There are also features like Zipping and unzipping the folders.

    This app will soon be getting more updates too as it will be looking to get enhanced 3G connectivity.

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  • It might sound a little outlandish, but American Eagle is giving out free smartphones if you try on some of their jeans. This is true as they have just launched an offer where you can try on their garments and you will be eligible to fill in a form and can choose from a huge selection of smartphones which you can have for free providing you sign a two year long contract with the carrier. This will help you save a minimum of $100 in the least and it is definitely a good offer if you had been looking to buy a new smartphone as it is.

    The phones that they are offering are the HTC Aria, LG Ally and even Blackberry phones of the nature of the  Blackberry  Unlocked Curve 8520 and the Bold. Other than these, there are also the Motorola Cliq XT, Backflip and the Devour. Therefore, we are really excited with this rather nice deal the company is giving. Although we still think that a pair of Levis is unbeatable. So what you have to do is that you try on the jeans and you will get the details that you will need to go online. Register and select the phone that you want and the carrier, yes they allow you to pick your carrier and all that is left for you to do is to wait for FedEx delivery to get it to your home.

    Fred Grover, executive vice president of marketing in American Eagle, has mentioned how they want to ensure that their customers are satisfied and go back home with not only a good pair of jeans but also a new smartphone. Other than this, the company has also said that they hope that this will show how confident they are in their line of garments and it will surely bring in more valued customers to their side.

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