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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Moshi for iPad
  • Over the weekend there were various reports that Verizon’s new Motorola Milestone Droid Unlocked Incredible already received its first OTA update.  At first no one really knew what the update accomplished and very few people even received the update.  While many were hoping that this new update was going to fix all of the random reboots and radio bugs that early customers were experiencing it looks like this will not be the case.  Rather this OTA update will merely fix a bug in Microsoft Exchange support.  Also, you will only see the update if you have a corporate handset.

    Here is the full statement released by Verizon explaining the issue that needed to be fixed with this update:

    It was discovered that customers using Exchange for corporate email may find when an email is opened that has no recipients in the CC field, unintended recipients email addresses can sometimes be added into the CC field from previously received emails when the user selects the reply all function. The update that is being pushed to customers is to correct that issue. THIS ONLY IMPACTS EXCHANGE Users (corporate users).

    While this initial OTA update was not the one many Droid Incredible customers were hoping it was it is an important update nonetheless.  Sending a business email to a bevy of unintended recipients could be a potential catastrophe for some businesses.  This issue would pretty much render the email function of the Unlocked Motorola  Milestone Droid Incredible useless and I am sure that this feature draws a lot of customers for this particular mobile device.  It is a good sign that Verizon is quickly taking steps to correct this issue.  Hopefully they will do the same with the various issues other customers are having with their Incredibles.

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  • Verizon Wireless appears to be setting out to clobber the competition when it comes to selling the Unlocked Palm Pre Plus Phone.  According to their website it appears that Verizon has already lowered the price of  the Pre Plus to just $30 on a two year contract.  This is a substantial discount over Sprint and AT&T who will be charging $149 not to mention AT&T has not even started selling the device!  There has been no word on whether or not this discounted price will last or if the lowered end model Pixi Plus will eventually fall to free with a contract.  If you are looking for a cheap way to get in on the future of HP it looks like this is as good of a chance as any.

    The Palm Pre Plus is one of the better, lower priced smartphones on the market today.  Packing features such as Palm webOS, 3.0 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, QWERTY keyboard, Touch Screen and 3G Mobile Hotspot it is easy to see why many consumers are eager to pick up this new mobile device.  Now it appears that with Verizon’s generous pricing structure consumers will be able to grab this device at an exceptional value.

    The various other devices by Palm Pre have been great sellers in the past as well.  Perhaps spotting a chance to gain a few more members of their network Verizon jumped the gun by lowering the price substantially over their competitors to cash in on all the people who will be looking to purchase this particular Palm device.  This looks like a good decision by Verizon as they will be sure to gain a few new customers for their network via this very affordable smartphone.

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  • Smartphone manufacturer LG Technologies has recently confirmed the existence of its new Android powered Unlocked LG Ally handset and that this new device is set to be released on May 20th.  LG did not name a carrier in its press release but it is presumed that Verizon will be the lucky winner and obtain the rights to this new mobile device.

    The new LG Ally is expected to feature plenty of Iron Man 2 tie-in content as well, including an augmented reality application.  While there has not been much information released surrounding the LG Ally the mobile phone company has confirmed the phone will sport a touchscreen and full QWERTY keypad.  More information about what features to expect with the Ally is expected to be announced at the upcoming LG event on May 11th in New York City.

    This new Android device has definitely taken a strange release route especially in the form of being heavily tied in to the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie.  From the initial look of this device it appears that the LG Ally Unlocked Phone is going to be one powerful Android device.  There are expected to be plenty of features for any smartphone enthusiasts.  Unfortunately we will have to wait until later in the month to hear just what these features will be but I think it will be well worth the wait.  If the other LG Android devices are of any indication smartphone consumers are in store for one of the better devices on the market.  This particular device expects to be rich with media features and have one of the best cameras of all the smartphones.

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  • If you are looking for phone that is slim and mighty, the Nokia Unlocked  2730 Phone may be the one you were looking for. It was first released in October of 2009 with its slim candy bar design. The phone measures 14mm in thinness and the 109mm x 46mm dimensions makes for a compact cellular device. Do not let this size for you, as it handles many of the features and applications, which are already installed, making it a great unit to own. It is not that expensive, especially for all of the features that it has.

    Some tissue the capability of being able to utilize your e-mail and other messaging features and uses a five way navigation system to help make it a smoother process. It has a decent call log in then it can retain 20 of your dialed, received and any missed calls. It comes with some preinstalled ring tones, but of course, you will also be on to download some of your favorites. The MP3 player can be listened to by either using the speakerphone or with ear buds. It does of course also have an FM radio. With over 13 hours of music playtime, you may not have to carry around those extra electronic devices. It also has a port where you can connect rectally to your computer speakers to listen to your favorite music. This mobile device has 396 hours of standby time and almost 8 hours of continuous talk time.

    The two megapixel camera does come with the auto focus function. The phone has some elegant styling, which uses black and magenta colors and has silver highlights, which makes it very sleek looking mobile device. The Nokia 2730 Unlocked Phone does work with Bluetooth 2.0, which will work with the headset in order to be ready to use it hands-free. It has the ability to download other applications and can make the phone a great personal or business unit. It is small enough to be able to carry easily and will give you all of the features that you may be looking for in the bigger phone.

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  • With Opera Mini launching just a few weeks ago on the Apple Unlocked IPhone it is pretty remarkable that the Apple handset has taken the top spot as the device with the most Opera Mini users as measured by the number of installs in the US.  The iPhone has surpassed BlackBerry as the device with the most Opera Mini users in the US and is reported to be leading in Canada as well.  However on a global scale the iPhone currently sits in third place behind Nokia and Sony Ericsson handsets.  While the large number of downloads may be the direct result of iPhone users downloading the app simply because it new and noteworthy it will be interesting to see if these trends continue for Apple and the iPhone.

    The Opera Mini is another web browser that iPhone  users can use instead of the standard Safari that comes preinstalled on these devices.  Opera Mini is known for its various features that are designed to make browsing the web on your mobile device quicker and easier.  With one tap zoom functions and various other loading techniques the Opera Mini browser can save a person browsing on the mobile web a significant amount of time.

    I am sure that a good number of the initial downloads have been from curious Unlocked IPhone users wondering what all the buzz surrounding Opera Mini is all about.  I do not expect these numbers to continue at the rate they are now but I do think that Apple can stay atop the rankings when it comes to the device with the most Opera Mini users.

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  • The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S
    Posted on May 5, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    This is a long name for a mobile cell phone but the Unlocked  Samsung I9000 Galaxy S will provide you a wonderful cell phone experience.  One quick look at the phone and you will know that this phone will be a will to deliver. It comes with many preloaded applications and features for today's cellular phone users. Samsung has definitely put some time and energy into the design of this phone to provide the consumer the features that they are looking for.

    The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S has a 4 inch touchscreen, which is great for being able to view all of your information. The AMOLED screen has 480x800 megapixels of resolution in order to provide a very clear picture. The phone also has the swipe that followed she and is multi-touch. It is supported by either the 2G or 3G network. It also works with the GSM and HSDPA systems. The overall design is thin and the unit does not weigh very much. This makes it easy to use and to be able to transport just about anywhere.

    Mobile cell phone users can be rest assured that this phone has all the features that we come to look for in new smart phones. The Samsung Galaxy Unlocked Phone makes it simple to be able to switch between different settings and has all of our messaging services available including alerts. The phone does have a 3.5 auto jack and the MP3 player. It is Bluetooth compatible and also does come with an installed speakerphone. You have the ability to utilize the large internal memory and can store unlimited data entries. The five megapixel camera has many of the new features take much better pictures. It gives you the ability to geo-tag and uses the smile and face detection features. You will not have to worry about blurry pictures as it does have auto focus.

    The Samsung I9000 is a great social networking phone and will be able to easily transfer messages and pictures using any of your texting, e-mailing and messaging features. This new android-based Samsung phone will provide the user just about everything that they are looking for in a new cell phone.

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  • It appears to be a great time to be an Adobe employee right now.  Fresh off their successful launch of Creative Suite 5 Adobe employees appear set to enjoy the extremely popular Android handsets courteously of their employer.  As a show of support for Android Adobe may be handing out the handsets to its employees.  This distribution is expected to coincide with the highly anticipated launch of Flash for Android at the upcoming Google I/O conference.  However, no word on which Android device (various HTC models and the Nexus One Unlocked Phone have been mentioned) will be handed out to Adobe employees or which employees will receive these handsets.

    This announcement is a clear example of Adobe and Google “dog-fooding” their own products.  These two companies would love for their employees to spend as much time using Android and the Flash Player 10.1.  By giving Adobe employees a free Android device Google is attracting more attention to the ever increasing in popularity Android brand.

    This news makes you wish you were an Adobe employee doesn’t it?  Android devices are some of the hottest mobile phones on the market today.  Once Adobe Flash technology comes to these mobile phones sales are expected to increase in large part to Apple’s inability to include Flash technology on the Unlocked IPhone.  With this Flash program Android users will be able to access a wide range of streaming content online that other smartphone users will not be able to access.  The launch of Flash is expected to be a huge success when it is finally announced at Google’s upcoming I/O conference.

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  • The LG GW525 Unlocked Phone is a  great phone if you do a lot of messaging throughout the day. Even though it does not support WiFi, it does support the 3G network. It does have a micro USB port so that you can connect it directly to your PC. It has a full QWERTY keyboard and screen size of 2.8 inches. It has 40MB of internal memory and is expandable up to 16GB through utilizing the microSD card slot. This is a slider phone and it seems as though the keyboard slides in and out very smoothly.

    The keyboard is easy to use and it has large keys with enough space in between to make it easy to use and very comfortable. Even though the phone is made from plastic and is extremely durable and solid. It has some of the same qualities as the LG Cookie, such as the S-Class UI. It is a touchscreen phone and it seems to be a relatively smooth process. It does have a virtual keyboard along with several buttons including receiving and ending calls and another one to help in performing a variety of tasks.

    The Unlocked LG GW525 has a three-megapixel camera, although it does not have an onboard flash. It also has video capability and music playback is great for all of your favorite music. It also comes with earphones and has external speakers. It may not have enough power for business purposes, however it is a great smart phone for those performing day-to-day functions. It will allow you to connect with all of your social media and the messaging applications are great. The talk time and standby times the battery life is fairly standard and it does support Bluetooth. This is an economical phone and more work just fine for just about any cell phone user.

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  • Starting today Verizon Wireless is rolling out the webOS update to Pre Plus and Pixi Plus owners.  The update is a modest 11mb in size and includes minor bug fixes including one that addresses the “sticky key” problem many users have been experiencing.  Pinch to zoom is also being expanded into Docs and PDF, WiFi to CDMA hand-off is going to be more consistent and battery life while using Bluetooth has also been improved.  The update is over the air and should arrive to the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus within the next 48 hours.  Below is a full list of updates that are included with webOS

    Palm Pre Black Unlocked GSM Cellular Phone
    · Easier to use Bluetooth.
    o Improved battery life when turning off Bluetooth without unpairing a device.
    · Displayed time feature is more accurate.
    o Automatic updates for Daylight Saving Time.
    · Easier connection management.
    o More consistent EV-DO connections when switching from Wi-Fi to CDMA.
    · Better Touchstone charger integration.
    o The screen will now turn off and display the lock icon and time after the Pixi Plus is docked with the Touchstone charger.
    · Newly taken photos and videos do not overwrite existing ones.
    o Improved picture display when cropping a picture for a contact.
    · Improvements:
    o Pinch to zoom now works in more applications.
    o The onscreen volume slider now appears correctly.
    o The forward gesture now works in the browser.
    o The back gesture now returns to the file list screen in certain applications.
    o The shutter sound is more responsive when taking a picture.
    o A single press of the power button now reliably wakes  up the display.
    o The LCD reset issue has been resolved.

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  • If you are a current subscriber to T-Mobile’s 5GB webConnect data plan the recent announcement made by the wireless network may be some good news or bad news depending on how you look at it.  T-Mobile recently announced that the carrier will no longer be charging its $.20 per megabyte overage fee for any data used beyond the 5GB limit.  Instead of these overage fees the wireless network will be implementing bandwidth throttling on any data used on top of the standard 5GB.  While T-Mobile did not say exactly how much they will slow things down this latest announcement effectively makes the 5GB webConnect data plan an unlimited plan. 

    This new data structure will also affect those customers who are on the 200MB monthly plan for their iPhone or other devices.  While these customers will not see any bandwidth throttling they will see their overage charges cut in half from $.20 to $.10 per megabyte.  Both changes are effective immediately.

    While it will depend on how much data you consume via your mobile device for how you view this latest announcement I would take it as a positive addition to their 5GB data plan by T-Mobile.  No longer will you have to incur those nasty overage fees when you use more than your allotted 5GB of data.  Instead now you will just have your data throttled which will mean slower loading times.  Of course if the loading time is so slow that you can not even use the data feature of your device it will be worthless but I do not see T-Mobile making the web that slow.  I know I will welcome the ability to use as much data as I want on my HTC Android device without fears of having an astronomical phone bill.

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