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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Moshi for iPad
  • It appears that Toshiba is firmly in the Windows camp as they are set to announce the release of yet another Windows Mobile based cell phone in Japan. Last year Toshiba released the “iPhone killer TG01” which was on the Windows Mobile 6.5 OS. This year Toshiba is set to release the K01 which is going to be utilizing Windows Mobile version 6.5.3. This new mobile device is set to be released in June and will have these main features:

    • Snapdragon processor (1GHz)
    • 4.1-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen (480×800 resolution)
    • 3G CDMA module
    • slider QWERTY keyboard
    • RAM 384MB
    • ROM 512MB
    • 3.2MP CMOS camera
    • IEEE802.11b/g Wifi
    • Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
    • weight: 158g
    • size: 66×123×12.9mm (Toshiba says it’s the slimmest QWERTY slider out there)

    While many of the newest mobile devices are latching on to the Android platform there are still some nice phones out there that use the Windows Mobile operating system. The K01 is going to be no different. With a list of impressive features such as the K01 will sport it is no wonder that this device is primed to be one of the most popular on the market.

    By using the newest version of Windows Mobile, version 6.5.3, the K01 by Toshiba set to be one of the most powerful smartphones on the market. Along with the QWERTY keyboard and sleek design the K01 is likely to appeal to a large audience of power users that like their mobile phones to be small in stature but large in capabilities. I for one can not wait to get my hands on one of these devices when they are set to be released this June.

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  • As you may be aware there are hacked Pre firmware releases that have come out recently for the and 1.4 versions. While these hacked versions have been tested and the results have been relatively good Palm isn’t exactly excited that users have been releasing these hacked firmware releases. Even with users having documented minimal heat gains and battery losses Palm has been issuing warnings that running these hacked versions may affect your current warranty.

    While we appreciate the effort the webOS community has put forth to try and help us along that path, the use of this application is neither endorsed nor recommended by Palm Unlocked Phone and will likely result in a voided warranty.

    It is obvious to see why Palm would not be thrilled about users enhancing the clock multiplier on their phones and why you can not fault them for voiding warranties of the users who do decide to beef up their phones. While the users who do perform these hacks and issue the firmware releases are safe users who are not releasing these updates with malicious intent I am sure that Unlocked Palm Phones would much rather prefer they did not do so.

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  • Research in Motion buys out Viigo
    Posted on April 14, 2010 by Pure Mobile

    In recent news BlackBerry development firm Viigo has been acquired by BlackBerry maker Research In Motion. Viigo, whose self titled app is one of the most popular for BlackBerry Unlocked Phones, made the announcement Friday. Once solely a RSS reader Viigo made a big splash back in 2008 when they started introducing new features such as the ability to track sports scores, weather, movie times, stock performance, flight information and podcasts. Viigo has historically developed solely for Windows Mobile but it is unclear whether or not this will continue after the news of this announcement.

    This acquisition was a logical move for Research In Motion as Viigo is the most popular app for the BlackBerry Unlocked phones. It makes sense for them to want to purchase this company and utilize their WindowsMobile application development expertise. By bringing Viigo on board it will allow for BlackBerry to build apps that are tailored for their specific user base. Viigo will be able to develop specific applications for the BlackBerry devices that will continue to be very appealing for the BlackBerry consumer.

    Also, by purchasing application developer Viigo BlackBerry will gain more control on what types of apps are released for their mobile devices. Having the ability to create these apps in house will allow BlackBerry to build a suite of apps that their consumers are sure to enjoy and will bring rave reviews for the many BlackBerry devices. It is well known that users love the various apps that are available on today’s smartphones and being able to have one of the best application makers in house will allow BlackBerry to remain a leader in the mobile device community.

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  • It is being reported that the Dell Aero will be following in the footsteps of the Unlocked Motorola BACKFLIP Phone by prohibiting the installation of unsigned applications. If this rumor turns out to be true then applications for the Aero can only be purchased through the Android Market. The reason for this decisions has not been disclosed but it appears as if this will be a companywide policy for any Android device on the AT&T network.

    Because of this decision to only allow applications to be installed on the phone if they have purchased from the Android Market the new Dell Aero will not have the “With Google” branding that is associated with the other Android phones currently on the market. Since this branding will be non existent AT&T may be free to swap out Yahoo for Google and put its custom software on the Aero like it did for the BACKFLIP Unlocked Phone.

    This is just another damaging blow to the already less than popular Dell Aero that is set to hit the shelves in the coming months. With its lack of features and true smartphone powers the Dell Aero has not been highly anticipated like many of the Android phones that have and will hit the market. This announcement of not being able to load any applications onto your Aero unless they have been purchased from the Android Market is a real let down by AT&T. One of the major benefits of having an Android phone is to utilize all of the open source apps that can be put onto the phone. I expect that many Android fans will be staying away from purchasing an Android phone, either the Aero or any other model, on the AT&T market. It does not seem to be worth your time or money to buy an Android phone if you are going to use the AT&T market. It would be a much better idea to look for one from Sprint or T-Mobile so that you can get as many apps for your new phone as possible.

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  • Cricket Wireless is one of the smaller cellular networks out there and has long been criticized for their lack of quality phones. Now it appears as if those critics might be forced to take notice of Cricket wireless and their very affordable mobile phone plans. Cricket’s 2010 device lineup has been leaked and there appear to be some very nice, quality phones that are set to hit the market for this wireless network. Here are a few of the highlights that you can expect to be available in the coming months.

    • Kyocera/Sanyo ZIO (M6000)
    o Target July 2010
    o MSRP $299.99
    o Android-powered touchscreen handset with 3.5 inch WVGA TFT display, Wi-Fi, 3.2 MP camera with video
    • RIM BlackBerry Curve (8530)
    o Target August 2010
    o MSRP $349.99
    o BlackBerry handset with WiFi, 2MP camera with video, QWERTY keyboard, EV-DO, A2DP
    • Samsung r710
    o Target Q4 2010
    o MSRP $249.99
    o Touchscreen feature phone with EV-DO, 3 inch 400×240 display, 3MP camera with video, full HTML browser, A2DP
    • Huawei MiFi (EC5808)
    o Target September 2010
    o MSRP TBD
    o EV-DO connectivity

    For a small but growing wireless carrier this is a pretty impressive lineup of phones to be adding to their network. Including in the list for 2010 are the BlackBerry Curve Unlocked Phone and Android powered Kyocera/Sanyo ZIO. With the addition of these two phones to their list of phones Cricket is offering the ability for their users to join in on the smartphone craze for a very affordable price. While the various data and text messages plans associated with these new smartphones have not been released they are expected to follow Cricket’s current pricing model and appeal to a wide range of mobile device consumers and provide a very cost effect alternative to the major cellular networks such as AT&T and Verizon.

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  • During the CTIA convention it was rumored that Google is going to be taking some serious steps in limiting the amount of platform fragmentation that is commonly associated with the Android. This OS fragmentation has been pretty annoying to most consumers as many people have had to run four distinct versions of the browser based on an arbitrary formula of hardware, carrier, region, software customization, and manufacturers' ability to push updates in a timely fashion.

    The first steps in dealing with this troublesome fragmentation issues are expected to be addressed with the next few updates starting with Froyo and continuing through Gingerbread. Unlocked Google phone is expected to combat this problem by removing many of the standard applications and components from the platform’s core and making them downloadable in the market much as the same as what they have already done with Maps.
    The best part of Google handling updates this way through the market place is that when Google rolls out a new browser does not mean that you will have to wait for HTC, Samsung or whoever made your phone to roll it into a firmware update and for your carrier to approve it. Almost all of the user facing stuff will happen through the market place and be much easier to get a hold of and loaded onto your phone.
    Another aspect of this proposed plan by Google Unlocked Phone to stop these fragmentation issues is that Google is expected to slow their breakneck speed of developing Android’s core and focus more on application development. By not constantly updating the core of the OS Google will make it much easier for one universal version of Android to be deployed and used worldwide. Also, by focusing more on apps and features Google will be ensuring that they provide their consumers with the best possible mobile device.

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