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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Moshi for iPad
  • Nokia N900 Now Available Stateside
    Posted on December 3, 2009 by Pure Mobile

    The wait is finally over. The Nokia N900 is now available stateside. First introduced from Nokia World in September, 2009, the unit has released for the United States November, 2009. This follows months of delays and some speculated that the release would be delayed further. This internet table phone has some of the most powerful features available.

    Using the Maemo operating system that gives the phone better quality and touch screen ability, the Nokia N900 unlocked is indeed a portable computer. The phone has 32 GB internal memory and a full QWERTY keyboard. With a 3.5-inch screen, it makes viewing easier with this smart phone.

    nokia-n900The phone is a touch screen, which can be custom designed by the consumer and has 800 x 48 pixels for more accurate viewing. It has a 5-mega pixel camera, video and music players as well as an FM receiver. The unlocked Nokia cell phone (N900) supports Blue tooth technology and wi-fi capabilities.

    Surfing and internet capabilities are extremely powerful. The phone has a slide out 3-row keyboard with enhanced lighting capabilities. The phone is also loaded with GPS software utilizing Ovi maps.

    Currently a consumer can purchase the phone on line at Nokia, at Nokia cell phone retail outlets, and other retail outlets as well. American cell phone carriers have not currently introduced any kind of discount or incentive program for this phone as of yet. The suggested price for the N900 is six hundred and forty nine dollars.

    This hot item will ultimately replace the N97 and will become the premier product of Nokia. With its powerful technology and sleek design, it is sure to be the hot item of the holiday season. The variety of applications as well as the speed and operating system makes this the smart phone of the year.

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  • T-Mobile rolls on with its 3G Network
    Posted on December 2, 2009 by Pure Mobile

    T-Mobile has added three more towns to the relentless build of its 17000MHz 3G voice and data services network and shows no slowing down as we roll out of 2009 and into 2010. These services are now available in a number of markets across the United States under the influence of T-Mobiles electronic web.

    At the moment the major markets and their surrounding areas in the TM network's empire include Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Atlanta, Chicago, San Diego, San Antonio, San Diego, New York, Phoenix, Portland, Austin, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, Baltimore and Las Vegas among others.


    Recently the there have been three newcomers to the network, Amarillo and Abilene Texas as well Albany Georgia. There are comments on the internet that T-Mobile is still being to slow in their drive to supply the United States with high-speed internet but when they do finally extend their coverage people will find it was worth the wait.

    They are also making big plans for 2010 when they are going to continue their 3G upgrade to HSPA+ giving them a 21mbps capability as well as release a number of android 2.0 devices.

    But T-Mobile is of course aware that most of their customers really want to know the where and when of HSPA; and they are hinting that with Christmas coming up and the latest 3G announcements, they will be elaborating on that point very soon. They have, apparently been laying out aggressive plans for 7.2 mbps HSPA deployment through all 3G spectra by the end of the year.

    In the meantime there is still the outdoors as well and real people to speak too in the flesh before everybody is reveling in high-speed internet and unlocked Smartphone heaven. Be content in the knowledge that T-Mobiles upgrades will be aggressively pursued until they are covered countrywide.

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  • By offering what they call “Social Beat,” Verizon and iSkoot have introduced a new, free social networking application. Armed with “Social Beat,” fans of the social networking sites can carry out all of their mobile networking with one single application.

    VerizonVerizon and iSkoot have made important adaptations to iSkoot’s Kalaida platform. Those adaptations promise to facilitate access to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Email, and close to 50 other RSS feeds. Thanks to the introduction of Social Beat, the information from those RSS feeds will now reach the handsets of a larger number of those that follow the social networking sites.

    Granted, there will still be some users of the Verizon phone line up that will not be able to enjoy the benefits of Social Beat. Verizon cannot guarantee that each member of its line of communication products has been equipped to handle the Social Beat offerings. However, Verizon has promised that at least 20 of its various handsets will do an excellent job of receiving the messages sent by way of the Social Beat software.

    Now the vast majority of Smartphone users will no longer need to switch from one application to the next, in order to acquire information from all of the popular social networking sites. They will not have to remain in suspense about what Sarah Palin has put on her Facebook page, after reading the recent tweet from a CNN correspondent.

    Most Smartphone users can see an end to worries about what new information has appeared on Twitter, while they have been reviewing their incoming Email messages. Thanks to Social Beat, those Smartphone users can anticipate a chance to switch easily from their Email account to the RSS feed from Twitter.

    News of Social Beat seems poised to spread fast, throughout the entire community of social networking sites.

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  • On Wednesday, November 25, 2009, T-Mobile announced that it has expanded 3G network services to two cities in Indiana.  Bloomington and Lafeyette are the targeted markets.  These two markets are home to Indiana University and Purdue University.  Together both areas boast over 100,000 students, making these academic areas a great place to start services.  The folks at Notre Dame are hoping to be next!

    T-Mobile began its expansion into the 3G market back in the fall of 2006 with its announcement that it was going to spend over two billion dollars to expand 3G wireless services.  T-Mobile was one of the last of the major cellular services companies to enter into the 3G network.  The company announced at that time that they should be completed with the conversion by the end of 2009.

    t-mobile-logoWith the introduction of the Android model and other smart phones, T-Mobile has been trying to quickly add as many 3G network areas as possible.  With T-Mobile still lagging behind the other companies, they are well on their way to catching up.  Each week we see more and more cities being added to the network.  To date, T-Mobile has over 240 cities with 3G coverage.

    Most people have the need for the 3G network for web applications and email applications.  The increased speed of the 3G network will assist the customer in their day to day applications and usages.  T-Mobile has also announced its usage of 7.2 mbps HSPA through its 3G networks which will increase the speed of data transfer.  This expansion will continue until the end of the year.  This coincides with the introduction of the Android and other smart phones.

    We can look to next year for the company to upgrade its 7.2 mbps HSPA to further enhance its 3G network and there is also speculation that this upgrade will be a smoother transition to a 4G network in the near future.

    The announcement of the two cities in Indiana comes on the heels with announcements for Alabama, Kansas, Tennessee and Nebraska.  Each announcement centering on larger urban areas with more dense populations.  We will continue to see additional cities being listed almost every day.

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  • The Nokia 7230: An Unexpected Slider
    Posted on December 1, 2009 by Pure Mobile

    The Nokia 7230 is a quaint and compact sliding smartphone that is both practical and affordable. Time and again, Nokia has proven itself as the champion of simplicity and the 7230 helps to reinforce this reputation and at a price of just under $200, the Nokia 7230 promises to be one of the best potential buys for a low-range smartphone.

    Unlike the confusingly cumbersome bulk of rival phones such as the Samsung B3310, the Nokia 7230 unlocked contains an efficient and inconspicuous messaging board that fits easily and conveniently under its 2.4 inch screen, combining to form a comfortably portable 100 gram handset. The large display screen that sits atop its rounded contours gives it the sleek appearance of a touchphone.


    The 7230 also has a camera with 3.2 megapixels and 3G networking which will enable it to connect with rapid ease to the network and all those social networking sites. It is also Bluetooth compatible, has an operating system (S40), FM radio and a memory of 2GB. Perhaps one of the most interesting, but less ostentatious features of the 7230 is its battery life, which has the capability to run on standby mode for a full two weeks.

    The 7230 was only recently announced to the public but it will more than likely contain more features than are listed here. It may be good to know for those less-technologically-savvy customers who have come to identify such qualities as being exclusive to those handsets of iphone caliber. It also seems to be ideal for wither those who are still incredulous about graduating to the complexities of fully virtual smartphones, or for those who want a smartphone without having to spend a fortune.

    Scheduled to be released to the public at the beginning of next years, the Nokia 7230 will be available in six different colors.

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