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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Moshi for iPad
  • Those Other Uses For Your Cell Phone
    Posted on November 28, 2008 by Pure Mobile

    It's Friday again.  Who's with me?  Anyone?  I thought this week we'd take about what you can use your cell phone to do.  Everyone knows the

    common things like answer calls, text message, but have you ever thought of what else it's capable of doing.

    10: Chipping ice from the freezer - Have you ever needed to defrost your fridge and not had a blunt object to help.  Well reach for your cell phone.

    9- Proping up a uneven table: Have you ever been at dinner and had your food or water spill because of a uneven table leg.

    8- A game of catch: who doesn't like playing catch?  Who always has a ball handy?  Well no need anymore...

    7- A shovel: Ever needed to dig a quick hole?  Didn't have a shovel handy?  Don't want to get your hands dirty?

    6- GPS: Most people don't realize but you a lot of cell phones these days are actually coming with GPS units built right in

    5- Watch TV/Movies: More and more people are using their phones to watch movies or tv shows.

    4- Facebook/MySpace: Who doesn't want to stay intouch with your friends when you need to

    3- Twitter:  Hey why not?  Well not if you are in Canada anymore

    2- Email: Tried and true Blackberry phones or Windows based

    1- Boarding your plane: Now you can actually have your boarding pass right on your screen scanned.

    Hopefull those suggestions give you an idea what else the cell phone can be good for.  We do remind you that using any of our suggestions are at your own risk.  Truthfully cell phones have many practical uses.  If you are looking for a new phone don't hesitate to go to to see what's available.

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  • We've got a real treat for you this week.  We just got in a whole new batch of Sony Ericsson C905 Cybershot phones and let us tell you this is worth a look at.

    It's a quad band do it all phone.  It comes with 3G. 2GB microSD card included, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth with A2DP, email, instant messaging, etc... It even has a TV out so you can watch photos on your tv at home.

    The big selling point of this phone is the 8MP camera.  It has auto focus and face recognition.  It is more of a camera then a phone in this respect but with all the other features this is one phone that really does do it all.

    Now as a phone or a camera it is priced rather high, but for everything you get and being Sony Ericsson it is a great phone.  It can even be used as a replacement to your laptop, especially if you are a business user who travels a lot.

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  • All the New Phones Coming Soon From LG
    Posted on November 25, 2008 by Pure Mobile

    LG is among the largest producers of electronics in the world. The company is recognized internationally as the technology innovator in consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications.  LG cellular phones are very famous among mobile phone users all around the world due to their smart looks and great functionality. LG sells a wide range of high quality cell phones in all price ranges. Handsets of every design whether sliding, flip or swivel with the user friendly interfaces are manufactured by this reputed company to enhance the style as well as the entertainment level of the people. This article discusses some popular LG cell phone models:

    LG KE970 Shine: This compact and lightweight mobile phone is a perfect blend of marvelous design and immensely entertaining features. The LG KE970 Shine delivers a distinguished appeal with its unique stainless steel material base and a mirror-like front screen. This stunning sliding phone is loaded with the features like 2 MP auto focus camera, MP3 player, USB & Bluetooth V1.2 and more. LG KE970 Shine is available in colors like silver, pink, gold and more.

    LG KT610: A candy-bar-style phone with 2.4 inch screen and a QWERTY keypad. This amazing cell phone runs Symbian operating system 9.2 (S60 3rd Edition) and consists of an external display and alphanumeric keypad as well. LG KT610 supports GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Bluetooth and USB. The other features incorporated in this mobile phone are push e-mail, a full Web browser, multimedia capabilities and much more.

    LG KF750: An ultimate sliding and a compact cell phone. The most of the features of this stunning cell phone are accessed by just touching the screen. This mobile phone has 100 MB user available memory and supports GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Bluetooth and USB. Some of the exciting features loaded in this mobile phone are 5.0 MP digital camera, powerful MP3 and media player, memory expansion card slot, integrated FM Radio and more.

    LG KP500: A touch screen phone and is regarded as the most affordable cell phone in the touch category. This eye-catching cell phone incorporates all the features of the other costly touch screen handsets available in the market. LG KP500 is furnished with the features like 3.15 MP camera, 48 MB internal memory, FM radio with RDS, MP3/WMA/AAC player and more. It also supports GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and USB and offers multiple color choices.

    LG KM710: This music cell phone is also known as the "Mark Levinson Phone" as it is a result of combined effort of LG and Mark Levinson. Due to its superior sound quality, it is ranked among the top players in the global audio market. This innovative cell phone has 3.15 MP camera with auto focus, 160 MB internal memory, 2-inch LCD main display, Bluetooth, a microSD card slot, MP4 video recording player and much more. Black and white are the available colors in this model.



    LG's new line up seems to be strong.  Like all the cell phone manufacturer's LG is really leaning toward functionality but doing what they can to incorporate style into it.  We hope LG can keep up with their previous line ups of great phones in the years to come.

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  • Which Phones Do Celebs Choose And Why?
    Posted on November 22, 2008 by Pure Mobile

    This week we will be starting a new topic every Friday we are going to have a posting related to cell phones and their everyday use.  At we feel that we bombard you with so many cell phone reviews that maybe our customers would like to read something more interesting.

    This week being the introductory entry we thought we'd write about celebrities and their cell phones.  In the past the celebs tended to gravitate toward phones that were both functional and made a statement.  At one point many celebrities were using the Sidekick by T-Mobile.  This was a favorite for quiet sometime and actually was a phone that gave many people the option of a full keyboard.  Many of these phones have gone to the wayside but you can still see their influences in phones like the i-Mate Ultimate 9502.  These days many celebs can be seen using more than one phone, but among all the choices there are two favorites and they seem to be the iPhone and Blackberry Curve.

    Among the celebrities Miley Cyrus uses the iPhone, which seems to be more popular among the younger celebrities.  Being the kind of phone it is likely drives the younger generation towards the style and more importantly younger people tend be adopt new technology faster.

    Paris Hilton in the past has been seen using the sidekick and even had the phone hacked at one point where all the internet had private phone numbers of various celebrities.  These days she's been seen using the Blackberry Curve with it's full QWERTY keyboard.  Other celebs that use the curve are Lindsay Lohan and Katherine McPhee among a whole slew of others.  Even Barack Obama uses a Blackberry but may have to give it up on January 20th when he takes office.

    Eva Longoria uses the BlackJack II from Samsung.  It's similar to the curve but slightly larger.  Other notable names that use the BlackJack II are Jon Voight and Kevin Connolly.

    Now the real question is what motivates the phone choices.  We guess it's something that no one other then the real inner circle of each celeb can answer.  Among the reasons are sponsorship/endorsments, usefulness and simply a need to fit in.  The last one being something that both celebrities and us everyday people share.  One celebrity might by a specific phone because all her friends have it then in turn we will get that phone because so and so has it.

    In the end why they do what they do no one can really know, but we do all find it fun to delve into someone elses life for a little to see what others are doing.  There is a world of information out their about which cell phones people use and we suggest going out and seeing others use and think.  It gives you an idea of what can be good.  If nothing else you can learn a little something about that celebrity you love to watch.

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  • Samsung Phones For The Budget Conscience
    Posted on November 20, 2008 by Pure Mobile

    Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of mobile phones in the telecommunication world. The company has been manufacturing phones with unmatched features and designs. Their mobile phones are unique, stylish, elegant that they have been actually been trendsetters for many other mobile phone companies. According to statistics Samsung Telecommunications reported over 40% growth in its business in the year 2007 and became the second largest mobile device manufacturing company in the world. Samsung is considered as a leader in the CDMA phones market but now the company is also picking up a fast pace for its GSM cell phones. Here is a list of popular models of Samsung phones:

    Samsung U600: This Samsung phone is one of the slimmest phones available in the market. This unique phone comes with a 2.2” 262,144 TFT display and a thickness of 10.9mm even greater than its SGH-E840 (10.6 mm). The phone is also equipped with the 3.2-megapixel camera that can take high clarity pictures because of its auto focus and macro function feature, MPEG4 video recorder, Bluetooth wireless technology, micro SD slot, Mp3 ringtones, PictBridge mobile printing technology.

    Samsung T619: Accessorize your looks with this stunning looking Samsung T619 flip mobile phone. The cell phone comes with dimensions measuring 3.7x1.8x0.7 mm and has a weight of 79.9g.The phone contains certain exciting features like a phonebook which can store up to 1000 phone book entries, USB, Bluetooth 1.2, GPRS, multimedia player.

    Samsung D900i: This is a complete phone which sets a perfect combination of style and technology. This slider phone carries certain great features like its  slim look (13mm slide up), 2.1 inch QVGA (262K) display, built in fully-featured music player(3D virtual surround sound and a digital power amplifier), 3.1 megapixel camera, document viewer, TV-output function, Bluetooth stereo headset (A2DP) function, microSDTM slot.

    Samsung P520 Armani: This beautiful cell phone is outfitted with a 3.15 MP Camera and has 50 MB embedded memory. It supports Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, EDGE and USB. It is specially designed for users who like to carry a stylish handset. This sleek cell phone is inspired by the Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani. It is available in two colors, silver and black. It also has a QWERTY keyboard which makes it easy for the user to carry out computer applications.

    Samsung E840: This beautiful slider phone comes with a 2 MP Camera and has a 70 MB shared memory. It supports EDGE, Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP and USB v2.0. It is World's slimmest slider mobile phone and has a multi-format music player that fully supports WMDRM / MTP. It is an excellent phone for music lovers.

    Samsung makes some great phones for the person on a budget.  Although they have some high end phones you see many options for the budget conscience consumer and in these times it may prove to be a good choice.

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  • Palm is a leading mobile products company which has been manufacturing PDA’s and smartphones. The PalmOne Company was established in the year 1992 and since then it has been providing high quality services to its customers in the field of communication. Palm phones are known for their distinct style and great functionality. It has been manufacturing powerful mobile devices that can cater very well to business needs. The Palm mobile phones combine features of a GSM phone and PDA in a single handset. Some of the smartphones from its product line are listed below:

    Palm Centro:  The Palm Centro supports a palm operating system 5.4.9 that can run the applications released on the previous versions of Palm as well as other latest applications. This smartphone is a complete package containing a full QWERTY keyboard, touch screen, 1.3 MP Camera, 64 MB memory, micro SD memory card, document viewer( Microsoft office 2007 files, Adobe PDF files), Google maps, Bluetooth v1.2 and more. It is available in both GPS as well as CDMA technologies.

    Palm Treo 680: This phone is a successor to its previous version Palm Treo 650. Palm Treo combines several features like QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth wireless technology, MP3 player, a digital camera, email, organizer, messaging, and web access all in a single handset. You can choose this cell phone from a range of four colors arctic, copper, crimson, and graphite.

    Palm Treo 750:  This is the first mobile from Palm which works on Windows Mobile Operating system rather than on the Palm operating system. This superb looking phone combines several features of its previous versions along with some additional features. The phone comes with a GPS/GPRS standard, UMTS, a 3G wireless-networking, 1.3 MP camera, memory card slot.

    Palm Treo 800w: This is one of the latest phones from Palm which is also equipped with Windows Operating System. This is a great phone that can simplify your business needs. The phone contains an easy to navigate QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi button, Outlook for reading e-mail, GPS, Palm shortcuts, touchscreen for viewing and reading documents.

    Palm Treo Pro: This phone is meant for highly active people and for those who need to find a quick solution to their business problems. This smartphone works at a speed of 3G and hence you can use this smartphone to quickly respond to your email needs or to keep a track on your appointments and contacts. Using Wi-Fi you can easily access your popular websites like Youtube for sharing and videos and some other websites for viewing the latest news and sport updates. Stay connected with world through this exquisite phone.


    Palm has come a long way in the past few years.  Being written off and left by most consumers the company has definitely bounced back and we at are definitely looking forward to what the future holds for Palm

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  • It's finally here.  Sony Ericsson has finally released the Xperia X1.  Now it's time to see if the phone can live up to the hype.

    The Xperia X1 is definitely a full featured phone.  It's a quad band phone that works on the 3G network.   It also includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP and miniUSB connection.  On top of all this it has GPS, FM Radio and a whole host of music functions.  It's definitely not lacking anything you could want.

    As for how it works we must say the system is well designed.  It is fast and responsive.  Windows Mobile works well on the phone and doesn't have any major flaws.  The full QWERTY keyboard that slides out is a nice feature and a good choice rather then trying to copy an iPhone with a full touch screen.

    The one real downside is the price point.  The expected price is going to be around $1000 which is high compared to some of phones that are in the same category of full featured phones.  Althrough it's high priced, depending on the user it may be well worth it.  It can definitely be used as a replacement to the laptop especially if you travel a lot and don't want to bulky laptop with you everywhere you go.

    Overall the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 is definitely worth a look at.  The long wait has been worth it and if you've been salavating over it this long the stop waiting and get to and buy it already.

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  •    Nokia cellular phones are popular around the globe as they are stylish, simple to operate, have wide range of features and are priced competitively. Nokia pioneered the camera phones having Carl Zeiss lens. Carl Zeiss is a German company known for its high quality lenses which are used in binoculars, microscopes, and cameras. Nokia is also preferred by people because the company provides excellent after sales service and is very customer oriented. Nokia also sells high end business phones which are extremely useful for businessmen as they can access various applications on them. Here are some of the top selling models of Nokia cellular phones:

    Nokia N95: This model is one of the best selling models of Nokia. This stylish phone comes with a dual slider which allows you to access media control keypad by sliding the front upwards and the numeric keypad by sliding the front downwards. This phone has a 5 megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens, and you can click excellent quality pictures with this high resolution camera. Flash, autofocus, and a mechanical shutter help in enhancing your photography experience. The phone comes with 8GB hard drive and allows you to record movies in DVD quality. It also features EDGE, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity.


    Nokia E66: E66 is a slider phone with fast 369 MHz processor and 128 MB SDRAM memory. It has a 3.15 megapixel camera which gives you print quality pictures. This phone also supports EDGE, WiFi, HSCSD, and GPRS. It has both USB and Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to transfer data to your laptop or PC. You can also send emails, instant messages, MMS, SMS, etc. through this phone. The Media Player can play MP3, AAC, and MPEG4 files. The memory card slot in E66 allows you to expand the memory of your phone to store in more files. 

    Nokia 5320: This lightweight phone is perfect for music lovers. Nokia 5320 is one of the best selling phones in Nokia XpressMusic series. A 2 megapixel camera allows you to click good quality pictures which you can share with your loved ones via MMS or email. This phone also supports EDGE, Bluetooth, PRS, HSCSD, and 3G. Nokia 5320 comes with a 140 MB internal memory which can be expanded by adding an external memory card. Enjoy your favorite songs and music videos on this sleek and stylish phone.

    Nokia E71: This is an excellent business phone as it has full QWERTY keypad to enhance the e-mailing and text messaging experience. A 369 MHz processor and 128 MB SDRAM allows you to use multiple applications without slowing down the phone. This phone offers talk time up to 10 hours and 30 minutes. WiFi, GPRS and Bluetooth connectivity are helpful in enhancing the browsing experience. Nokia E71 eliminates the need of carrying a laptop while traveling and is a must have phone for businessmen.

    The recent lineup of Nokia phones has definitely given the other manufacutrers a run for their money.  Solid builds and good looking designs make you want to come back for a second look.  Come by to see a complete lineup of Nokia's phones and accessories.

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