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How to Buy a Stylus Pen

How to Buy a Stylus Pen

Stylus pens have become a popular accessory over the past few years as touchscreen phones, PDAs and tablets seem to be in everyone’s hands. Individuals choose to own Stylus pens for a number of reasons; however, the main reason for their use is to interact with their device without using their fingers. The Stylus pen eliminates the chance of leaving oil and fingerprints on the screen. There are a number of styles and types of Stylus pens available for purchase and choosing the one right for your needs is the start of some serious fun.

Types of Stylus

There are several types of Stylus pens available. These pens do so much more than point to your device. Some can be used for navigating, sketching and even strumming. With endless variations of the Stylus the sky is the limit as to what you can do!

Nib Styluses

The Bib Stylus was the first pen made available. There are several sizes of the Nib Stylus offered, including those of 7 mm and larger, as well as small versions of 6 mm or smaller. Both foam and silicone rubber tips are available on the Nib Stylus. The large Nib Stylus is best used for sketching and is too large to handwrite.   The smaller Nib allows definition to be placed in a sketch and is easy to write with. The Nib Stylus comes in a variety of body colors and styles.

Unconventional Stylus

The unconventional stylus is made for playing games, sketching and the such. Some of these unconventional stylus pens offer brush hand bristles for easy painting. An extra tip usually comes with this Stylus so the user can write. Another type of unconventional Stylus pen that you may find is a virtual guitar strumming stylus. With this Stylus pen you can actually use your fingers to strum the guitar. There are also Stylus pens made for children and coloring or drawing. These are only a few of the unconventional Stylus pens that you will find.

Multipurpose Stylus

The multipurpose Stylus is very popular as it allows the user the feature of a ballpoint pen on one end and a Stylus on the other. Some of the pens also offer laser pointers. It is a bit more difficult to use this type of Stylus as it is heavier than other models but this does offer the added benefit of feeling like you are really writing. The typical multipurpose Stylus is equipped with an 8-mm tip. The multipurpose Stylus is available in several colors.

How to Buy a Stylus Pen

Click here to watch a great video that will make it easy to purchase a Stylus pen. In the meantime here are a few considerations to make when purchasing Stylus pens.

  • What will you be using the Stylus for? This is important to know before you purchase so that you can obtain a Stylus that meets all of your needs, whether it is playing games or writing notes.
  • Is the Stylus compatible with the screen that you have? There are three types of touchscreen technology used. Those are resistive, capacitive and surface Acoustic Wave.  Resistive is the most basic of the three, reacting to anything that touches the screen. The Capacitive responds to the electrical characteristics of a finer and is highly responsive. The SAW responds to inaudible sound wave. Most Stylus pens are compatible but you must ensure before you buy!
  • Is there a foam or rubber tip? Foam tips are not ideal for writing and you should consider a rubber tip is this is the main objective of your pen.
  • Is the Stylus comfortable to use? With the many shapes and sizes of Stylus pens available it is important that one is chosen that ensures your comfort. The larger Styluses are usually easier to hold, though this also depends on the style of the pen.
  • How will the Stylus be stored? Most Styluses come with a  clip that makes it easier to store and keep track of.
  •  How much does the Stylus cost? Price is always an important factor when purchasing a Stylus. Prices start at about $5 for a Stylus, but you may want to opt for a Stylus a bit costlier as the cheaper versions may not provide you the best of quality.

Do you need a Stylus?

A Stylus is definitely a great addition to your life if you own a touchscreen device. With their many uses and affordable prices you can comfortably make the purchase with confidence and provide yourself with peace of mind knowing you are getting the most out of your device. Ensure that you look for a quality Stylus and you will be on your way to pure enjoyment.

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