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 Sony made waves when it showed off it's Xperia Z and promptly took it for a swim, showing off its waterproof qualities. What we didn't know then was that Sony was also introducing what would become its heavyweight offering and a top-flight Android device. With a sleek, minimalist style, a high-performance screen, and solid performance, this phone really separates itself from the pack and delivers the best experience available from a Sony phone.

First things first. We have all been there. We've gotten fumbly with our devices and suffered the consequences. Sometimes it's a chip here, a scratch there, but sometimes you hit a grand slam of misfortune and drop your phone into a pool, or a lake, or a toilet. In that case, Sony has you covered because the Xperia Z is 100% waterproof. Now that your lining up to get your Xperia Z so you can text, talk, and tweet in the shower it's best we talk about the features of this powerful device.

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This phone ships with a beautiful 5-inch 1080p screen that boasts 441 pixels per inch. Needless to say, everything on this phone looks great. Movies, games, and photos come to life thanks to this super-powered screen. Even text, down to tiny fonts on non-mobile enhanced sites, comes across crystal clear. Those concerned about this phone feeling too large shouldn’t be too worried. While this phone treads dangerously close to the fine line between tablet and phone, it does not cross it and is still easily usable with one hand. 

Performance wise, this phone is similar in spirit to the Nexus 4. It features a lot of the same guts(1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage) but does run at a slightly slower clip due to the processing power dedicated to its massive screen. This slowdown is noticeable, but not detrimental to the device as things like movies and games work swimmingly and without hiccups. Noticeable though is the slow startup speed of the phone’s camera app.

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Speaking of which, outside of the sometimes sluggish app, the camera on the Xperia Z is a thing of beauty. Boasting a 13 mega-pixel camera, this phone takes brilliant photos. The only qualm is, of course, is the sometimes-stuttery app. The app itself, once loaded, is phenomenal. 

The only truly noticeable issue with this phone is something you won’t notice until it’s gone. The battery on this phone just doesn’t hold up. This phone will get you through a workday with average use, but don’t expect much more out of this phone. In an attempt to combat this, Sony developed something called “Stamina Mode”. Just don’t use it. This “feature” effectively turns your smartphone into a pager while the screen is off, which half-heartedly avoids a problem but doesn’t solve it in any sense of the word. Also, this phone has a clip for a lanyard built onto the corner. Why? I don’t know. My advice, keep your high-end smartphone with a 5-inch HD screen in your pocket.

Battery issues aside, the Xperia Z delivers on almost every front. It’s a beautiful phone that packs a performance punch in the form of its excellent screen and camera. It’s boutique-y features, like being 100% waterproof, add value to this phone beyond the obvious, leaving you with a phone that isn’t just the best phone from Sony, but one of the best Android phones on the market.


-A beautiful, large, HD screen

-Stunning camera

-100% waterproof



-Weak battery

-Weird lanyard clip

-"Stamina Mode"



Weight : 146 Grams

Size : 139x71x7.9mm

Screen : 5.0 Inches

OS : Google Android 41. (Jelly Bean)

Camera : 13 Megapixel

Other : Waterproof