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Enjoy the Benefits of a Screen Protector for your Cell Phone

Screen protectors are a valuable asset to your cell phone. The cell phone screen protectors provide numerous benefits, including reducing glare on the screen, keeping dust off of your screen, prolonging the lifetime of the cell phone and protecting it from scratches and other dents. Should you drop your phone or bump it against the edge of the table, your screen is always protected from damage. It is a smart decision to purchase a screen protector for your phone. It is far cheaper to protect the screen than to replace the phone.

Choosing a Screen Protector

When you’re ready to protect your phone choosing a screen protector is an important decision. There are many styles and designs of protectors available from numerous brands and for all models of phones. Some of these are large, bulky cases while others are merely a thin film that is placed over your phone. Carefully choosing the screen protector you will purchase will provide you with even greater assurance that your phone has the protection that it needs. What should you look for in your screen protector?

  • Easy- to- use- you should be able to put your screen protector on your phone within a short couple of minutes. If the screen protector takes any longer it is safe to say that easy-to-use is out of the question.
  • Inexpensive- While prices will vary, this is not one of those “splurge” items.
  • Is the protector pre-cut to fit your phone or will you need to cut it yourself? Some companies cut their protectors to fit specific screen sizes and cell phones while others fit an average size of screen or phone. This is important information to know before you buy!
  • Is it Self-Adhesive? A self-adhesive protector is the preferred choice of most consumers. These screen protectors allow you to simply peel the protector from the sheet and apply to your phone without hassle.
  • Can it be Cleaned? Most screen protectors offer the ability to wash with soap and water to use many more times. But it is important to ensure this is a feature of the screen protector that you choose as not all will offer this convenience.
  • Types of Screen Protector Film

    Another important consideration to make when choosing a screen protector is the type of film that is used. There are a few different types out there, with the basic 3 mm invisible protection design is most commonly used. Choices in protectors include a Mirror Screen protector, anti-glare screen protectors and privacy screen protectors.

    A Mirror Screen Protector is one that is actually a plastic case. It is really cool in that when your iPod is turned on you can see through it. When the iPod is off all you can see is your reflection! Not only is it cool it is also very durable and provides ample protection for your phone.

    An Anti-Glare screen protector is one that protects your eyes from glare while also protecting your screen from damage. It can be straining to the eyes to stare at a smartphone endless amounts of time, but with this protection in place there is nothing to worry about!

    Privacy screen protectors are the thickest of the choices at nearly 8 mm, designed to darken the screen when turned to an angle as well as provide the ultimate in screen protection.

    Applying your Screen Protector

    The application of the protector is just as important at choosing the right product. Most will come with an instruction booklet that should be carefully followed, however a few more tips could never hurt!.

    First, be sure that your hands are clean. You’ll need to wash and dry them before you begin so you’re not transferring any dirt to your protector and the phone. Just a little bit of soap and water and you’re done! You may wish to wear a pair of latex gloves if you have them handy. Some experts say that a steam-filled bathroom is the perfect place to apply a protector as it is free of dust and debris.

    Your screen should be cleaned using a microfiber cloth before the application begins. Once this has been completed you are ready to begin! You’ll need to carefully align the protector, starting at whether the top or the bottom of the screen, pushing down only when you are sure all corners are even. Use a smooth and steady pace for this application for the results that you want. In the event that bubbles form, you can use a credit card to push against the edge and smooth out.

    Enjoy the many Benefits of a Screen Protector

    As you can see there are numerous benefits offered when you purchase a screen protector for your phone. If you care about your phone and do not want to waste more money than necessary, you should not wait to make one of these your own. They’re easy to apply and available for most any brand or model of phone at a great price.

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