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Reward Points

Loyalty Program

At Pure Mobile we value your business and reward you in a BIG WAY!
We realize that you, as a customer makes us great.
Our Pure Reward Points recompenses your online experience with huge points.
Pure Mobile has earned a reputation for providing remarkable personalized customer service - our Pure Reward Points is just another way we show our thanks.

Loyalty is a two-way street. And we just repaved with HUGE POINTS.

Our Pure Reward Points allows you to earn points based on your interactivity on our site. Points are rewarded for the following:

  • 20 points for every $1.00 you spend
  • 250 points when you register as a member
  • 250 points when you register for our Newsletter
  • 250 points for every friend you invite that registers as a member
  • 250 points when any customer you invited places an Order
  • 250 points when you submit an approved product review
  • 250 points for every approved tag you submit

How to Redeem your Pure Reward Points

With every 1,000 Pure Reward Points you collect... you are eligible redeem them and claim $10.00 off your next purchase at Pure Mobile

How to keep track of your Pure Reward Points

Keeping track of your Pure Reward Points is a breeze:

Account Location

Account Location