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Samsung Galaxy S4 Question and Answer

Q: What is your first impression of this phone?

A:  The 5 inch HD screen is super sharp. Doing things like reading small text is a breeze thanks to this super high resolution screen.


Q: How does the battery hold up?

A: Thanks to the AMOLED screen, which doesn’t use up power projecting black, this phone ranks among the best when it comes to battery power. You’ll easily find yourself getting through the day without having to charge up. The battery comes in at 2600mAh.


Q: What are some top apps for the Galaxy S4?

A: Ambient is an interesting app. It takes advantage of some new sensors within the phone to tell you temperature, humidity, and current altitude. The Facebook Messenger app allows you to integrate your SMS messages, making it a message hub. Lastly, the Google Chrome browser improves on the GS4’s standard browser.


Q: What operating system comes standard with the Galaxy S4?

A: Android O.S. 4.2.2.


Q: How does this phone stack up to other devices?

A: The phone is for sure among the upper-echelon of phones and an improvement over the SIII. It still doesn’t achieve the dizzying heights of a phone like the HTC One and is about on par with a phone like the Xperia Z.