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Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories

Samsung Flip Cover GS4

Taking the place of your battery cover, this cover reaches around and works as a unobtrusive cover that blends right into your device. This case ships in four cool colours and helps protect your phone from the rigors of the day, without adding all the extra bulk that some cases provide.


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Moshi Overture GS4 Grey

Moshi's Overture Case for the GS4 is the sleek case you are looking for. Looking more like a folio, this case has a professional look that scream simple elegance. 

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Mipow TOPP Computer Connector Charger

This portable charger is exactly what you need if you live in a house with multiple phones or devices. This charger charges two devices at once and can charge no matter where you are thanks to the fact that it is portable. It’s also a sharp looking device, shipping with a stylish aluminum case.

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