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All New HTC One M8 Accessories

HTC Dot Matrix

Change how you see and interact with your phone without opening the case using this unique and new case for the All New HTC One. 

  • Respond to calls, alarms & calendar and see notifications without opening the case
  • Stylish, retro-look design
  • Full front and back protection

PureGear DualTek


When bump, smack, strike, hit, whack, knock, bang unexpectedly come into play, DualTek™ provides the best in extreme shock protection.

  • 3M E.A.R. Corner Impact Protection controls shock by isolating vibration 
  • Durable Layered Materials combine strength, toughness and flex 
  • Slim & Sleek Design provides stylish impact protection without the added bulk 
  • Ergonomic Grip designed for a secure yet comfortable grip of your phone 
  • 360° Protection with added screen shield to protect against dings and scratches

PureGear PureTek Roll-On Film


The first ultimate device protection made simple with patented application tray and roller. We make applying screen shields as simple as 1-2-3.

  • Hard Coating Treatment 
  • Industrial Strength Film 
  • Self-Healing Technology 
  • Long-lasting Adhesive