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The Apple iPhone 5S Review

After months of speculation, leaks, and chatter, the Apple iPhone 5S is here and it’s pretty awesome. Representing at least a slight upgrade on the outgoing incumbent iPhone 5’s features, the 5S is a step forward for Apple, yet how big of a step is to be determined. Better processor? Check. Better Camera? Check. Splashy new feature? TouchID, Check. Apple checked all the boxes with the iPhone 5S. But is just checking the boxes enough? Read on to find out.


 The most striking thing about the new Apple iPhone 5S for me is the new colour option. Call it Gold, Call it Champagne, I’m calling it beautiful. THis is easily my favourite looking iPhone. For all the hoopla about the rumoured look, I think Apple really pulled it off. Bravo.

Internally things are pretty luscious as well. The iPhone 5S features a true 64-bit processor, making this smartphone more like a desktop computer architecture-wise. The A7 Processor roughly doubles the speed of the iPhone 5’s processor. In addition to these improvements, the 5S also incorporates a second processor which will take over when things get stressful, and also manage the motion controlled apps. All in all, a pretty solid upgrade on the iPhone 5.


The camera also receives a decent upgrade. This is done by introducing a revamped flash that helps especially in cleaning up low-light images. In addition to the improved hardware, the 5S gets a solid image software boost with the jump to IOS 7. Likewise, IOS 7 is built for the new processors and architecture of the 5S, meaning you will get the best out of the new IOS.  

The big moment for Apple at the 5S unveil was the introduction of TouchID. This feature incorporates the all-new built-in fingerprint reader. The button itself is located under the home button and the feature works well. It takes just a minute or two for your iPhone to learn your fingerprint and understand it in my different contexts and orientations. You can add multiple fingerprints, making it possible for friends or loved ones to open your phone. The true potential of this feature though is in commerce. Apple has opened the first door by making it possible to buy apps, songs, and more through its iTune’s store using just your fingerprint. Can it be hacked? We won’t know until someone pulls it off, but it certainly introduces an interesting dilemma. 


In summary, the Apple iPhone 5S is a really great device. The iPhone 5 was too. While many will question the jump, those that do go ahead with it will get a superior device. The processor is better, the camera is better, TouchID is cool, and IOS 7 is experienced best on this device. While Apple maybe thinks it hit a home run, it hit one last year too. We’ll see if people keep cheering, or if they’re still happy with the great phone they got just last year.


-64-bit+A7 Processor equals great performance and potential

-New camera suite is an improvement

-TouchID is scary and great all in one




-Security concerns surrounding TouchID

-Screen is still on the small end



Weight : 112 grams

Size : 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm

Screen : 4 inches

OS : IOS 7

Camera : 8 megapixel rear-facing, 1.2 megapixel front-facing