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Apple iPhone 5S Question and Answer


 Q: What is the first thing you notice about this phone?

A: The awesome new Gold/Champagne colour. This is the nicest looking iPhone yet.


Q: What kind of battery life is to be expected when using the Apple iPhone 5S?

A: The new 1560 mAh battery is an improvement on the iPhone 5. The combination of the new battery, OS, and chipset should give the iPhone 5S about 10% more battery life.


Q: What are some top apps for the Apple iPhone 5S?

A: AirDrop is a new file sharing app that is new to IOS 7 and the new iPhone 5S. Google Chrome is available as a browser alternative on IOS and it’s a solid addition if you aren’t much for Safari. The Score’s app is a must-have for any sports lover. 


Q: What operating system comes standard with the Apple iPhone 5S?

A: The recently released IOS 7.


Q: How does this phone compare to other devices?

A: Apple has improved on the iPhone 5 with the Apple iPhone 5S. This is an upper-tier phone.