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The Apple iPhone 5 Review

The Apple iPhone 5 is the newest offering in the line of smartphones from Apple. The iPhone 5 is an upgraded version of the iPhone 4, offering faster processing times and more of the iPhone features that you want and love and have been wanting. Compared to the iPhone 4 and 4S the iPhone 5 is incomparable.




The Physical Features of the iPhone 5

Upon visualizing the iPhone 5 you may not see many changes. Visually its appearance is almost replica of the iPhone 4. The biggest notice you will discover upon picking up the iPhone 5 is the reduction in weight. It weighs a mere 112 grams, a whopping 20% lighter than the 4S. It may not sound like a lot of weight but once you hold it in your hands you’ll be amazed at the lightweight design. A bigger screen you wanted, Apple delivered. The iPhone 5 is exactly the same dimension wide as the iPhone 4, measuring 4.87 x 2.31 x 0.3 inches, though it is about 1/3 taller than the iPhone 4S. This taller size does not make the 5 difficult to use, as each corner can easily be reached by your thumbs. It actually makes it easier to use the phone, with more user space and better HD content presentation. A decrease in the thickness of the new iPhone 5 is also noted. The previous version of the iPhone offered a 9.3mm thickness. The iPhone 5 is only 7.6mm thick. Although not the thinnest smartphone it is impressive.

There is a front-facing FaceTime HD camera on the new version of the iPhone, just as on the iPhone 4. This time the camera sits centered above the earpiece. The home button has found a new place to live, though only slightly down. This feature makes the iPhone 5 seem more progressive and more comfortable to use. A change in the location of the headphone jack is also seen in the iPhone 5. It is now on the bottom of the cell phone. Also on the bottom of the phone you will find the speakers. The speakers come through 26 holes using a Lightning connector. The Lightning connector enables a sleeker, less bulky phone  that is easier to use no matter how you are holding your 5.

iPhone 5 Internal Features

The iPhone 5 supports only USB chargers and ports of 2.0 and faster. This feature can make it more difficult to find compatible parts and does not prove to provide any faster speed levels.

Inside of the iPhone 5 is an A6 processor. This is an upgrade from the A4 found in the iPhone A5 that Apple says is 22% smaller than the last generation phone. The A6 processor provides a dual-core 1.05GHz processor with 1GB of RAM.

iPhone 5 storage options include 16, 32 or 64 GB models. The storage level is not expandable on any of the models. There is many expandable WiFi connectivity options offered with the phone. You will find 802.11a support with dual band connectivity with 5GHz of power. A Bluetooth 4.0, GLONASS and GPS are additional features sure to be loved with this iPhone 5.

Display Features iPhone 5

The display on the iPhone 5 offers a 4-inch display that offers a half-inch of space compared to the iPhone 4. This larger display helps create a beautiful, sleek iPhone. It is among the best on the market, offering great color, brightness and contrast with 176 rows of pixels. The awesome display makes it much simpler to use the cell phone while you’re out and about in the sunlight, something the iPhone 4 failed to offer.

The back camera  on the iPhone 5 is almost the same as the previous iPhone. The 8-megapizel, illuminated sensor with a five-element, 4 2/4 lens on the camera, combined with the bigger screen size and large shutter button produces high-quality photos and qualifies the phone as having one of the best cameras on any cellular device.

The front camera offers the FaceTime HD, a 1.2 megapixel device that can capture up to 720p of video. If you plan to become a YouTube star, or want to send videos to mom, dad and all of your friends this is a feature you will appreciate.

More to Love

There is so much more to love about the iPhone 5 than you may ever imagine possible. It is two times faster than the iPhone 4, delivers twice the quality photos and videos and graphics and offers a better battery life than all of the previous iPhone versions combined.

Better battery life you say? Why, yes. After numerous battery-life tests were performed on the iPhone 5 it was determined that the phone does produce an extended life on the battery, with an average of 11 hours and 15 minutes of time. This time is using WiFi and other features. Simply using the phone can provide as much as 15 hours of battery life. You will find faster app loading times, images processed in half the time and high-quality images and videos time and time again.

The Bottom Line

If you are ready to experience a phone like you never imagined, the iPhone 5 is the perfect cell phone to fit your needs. It sits on a pedestal high above the other smartphones on the market. It is a significant upgrade to the iPhone 4S and well-worth the attached price tag.

Take a look at this Apple iPhone 5 video review here. You can learn more about iPhone, accessories such as cases, screen protectors, chargers and skins and so much more. There is no question the phone right for you!

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