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Apple iPhone 5 Question and Answer

Q: What is your first impression of this phone?

A: The simplicity of the layout. Apple is known for making things incredibly simple and that is no different on the iPhone 5. Everything works well, and right out of the box.


Q: How does the battery hold up?

A: You’ll get a full days use out of your iPhone 5. Between 9 and 12 hours is easily attainable if you stay away from big apps and the camera. Using those features obviously cuts into your lifespan. The phone comes with a Li-Pro 1440mAh battery.


Q: What are some top apps for the iPhone 5?

A: I am a huge fan of the Gmail app. It’s my favourite mail service available on my favourite phone. There’s nothing else to say. Other apps I like include the work management app Asana, and The Score sports app. It really shines on the iPhone.


Q: What operating system comes standard with the iPhone 5?

A: The phone ships with iOS 6 but expect an overhaul in Fall 2013 with the launch of iOS 7.


Q: How does this phone stack up to other devices?

A: Seeing as it’s an Apple product, it will always sell. But, regardless of that distinction, this phone really does keep up to its competitors and establishes itself as not only an upgrade on previous iPhone models, but on many other phones on the market.