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BlackBerry Z10 Question and Answer

Q: What is your first impression of this phone?

A: It’s been awhile since we have seen an all new operating system. Blackberry 10 feels like breath of fresh air. The new OS is highly gesture based and takes some time to get used to but once you have a handle it starts to really come together.


Q: How does the battery hold up?

A: It matches its main competitor, the iPhone 5, fairly well. It sometimes struggles to get you through a full workday unfortunately. Oddly enough, it does a little weird when the battery gets very low. The Z10 ships with a 1800mAh battery installed.


Q: What are some top apps for the BlackBerryZ10?

A: Popcornflix is a movie streaming app that brings you over 700 movies to stream for free on your Z10. MyAccountant helps you take control of your finances on the fly. Gadget Box is a tool that could really help you in a bind. It features a bunch of tools like protractors, compasses, and the like all built into your phone.


Q: What operating system comes standard with the BlackBerry Z10?

A: The all new BlackBerry 10 OS.


Q: How does this phone stack up to other devices?

A: Browser wise it is among the fastest, but this new OS needs some tweaks before it’s ready to be compared to the big players on the market.