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After a seemingly endless period of trials and tribulations, BlackBerry is back. Launching with two bold new offerings, the Z10 and the Q10, the Waterloo, Ontario, Canada based company is signaling that it is not ready to throw in the towel just yet. Hand-in-hand with a new operating system, BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry led with the Z10 out of the gate, but the company also promised a new QWERTY keyboard friendly smartphone as well. With that said, here is our review of that phone, the Q10.

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Look at a new BlackBerry Q10 and the first thing you see is, of course, the redesigned QWERTY keyboard. BlackBerry hits a home run with this latest marvelous piece of hardware. The keys are laid down in straight lines and separated by horizontal frets, creating landmarks that make typing easier once you get used to it. The usual and unavoidable flaws of QWERTY keyboards on smartphones rear their ugly heads. You need to hit alt every single time you want to enter a number. Same goes for punctuation turning your “good time!!!!” into just a “good time” if you’re a time conscious typer. All in all, if you are still in the QWERTY camp, you’ll love it. If you are used to typing on a touch screen it will take some time to acclimate yourself to this phone.

In terms of comfort, this phone is among the largest made by BlackBerry. It is certainly larger than it’s predecessors, the Bold and Curve, but isn’t as cumbersome as some of the larger phones on the market. The keys are easily reachable by a person with average size hands, but those with smaller hands may want to play around with this phone a little bit before committing. The phone of course has that classic Blackberry look but does have one design flaw. The battery cover has a tendency to slide off when prompted. It doesn’t take much pressure for this to occur. It could be something as simple taking the phone out of your pocket for instance.

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The BlackBerry 10 operating system is all new with the Q10. This OS has some potential but also some serious quirks. For one, gone is the old BlackBerry home screen. Instead you flip between tiles like the BlackBerry Hub (home base for all your messages, tweets, etc), and the multi-tasking screen. This is a somewhat awkward experience. BB 10 does have some unique features though that bring you back. You can tweet and post on Facebook using the Q10’s search bars. Just type Facebook or Twitter and voila! You’re tweeting and updating your Facebook status without opening up any apps. Speaking of apps... Where are they!??! The greatest drawback from the BB 10 experience is the sheer lack of apps available. Staples like Instagram and Netflix are nowhere to be found and that is pretty inexcusable. Of course BBM is there, but BBM has been there since the smartphone crawled out of the primordial goo. People care about apps. This phone seemingly doesn’t.

Additional features like an HDMI-out port are handy for presentations but outside of that this phone is a BlackBerry, a dependable but not flashy device that will flourish in the corporate world, but fall flat once someone wants to do anything resembling fun on their phone. If you are absolutely hooked on QWERTY keyboards, and are knee deep in expense reports, slideshows, and corporate mumbo-jumbo, this phone is undeniably for you. Otherwise, tread carefully, do your research, and know what you’re getting into if you choose to give BlackBerry another chance.



-Great QWERTY keyboard

-Blackberry Hub

-Classic design



-Where are the apps?

-Badly designed battery cover

-No home screen.



Weight : 129 Grams

Size : 119.6x66.8x10.4mm

Screen : 3.1 Inches

OS : Blackberry 10

Camera : 8 Megapixel

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