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Laptop Bags & Sleeves- Which is best for your Laptop Protection?

Laptop Bags & Sleeves- Which is best for your Laptop Protection?

It is certain you would be devastated if you dropped your laptop. The machines cost hundreds to thousands of dollars and contain so much valuable information ruining the machine is enough to ruin the entire week. Luckily there are products designed to protect your laptop from those accidents.Laptop bags and sleeves are two of those products.

What are Laptop Sleeves & Laptop Bags?

Laptop sleeves are lightweight covers that fit over a laptop to protect it from damage, scratches and dust. The sleeves fit the laptop like a padded glove, though contain no extra pockets or storage space. Laptop sleeves do offer a carrying handle with some models also offering a shoulder strap. Unlike a laptop bag, laptop sleeves add only an additional one-pound of weight to the laptop. Bags can be big and bulky and add as much as 10 to 20 pounds to your load- not exactly what you want to carry around with you all day.

Laptop sleeves are designed to fit specific brands of laptops. It is important that you choose the right size sleeve designed for your laptop as it needs to fit just right to properly protect your computer. Additionally if you choose a sleeve that isn’t designed for your computer wires and holes may not fit properly. There are sleeves for all sizes of laptops, including the popular 15, 16, 17, and 18 inch sizes. Sleeves are available in many different material designs and styles such as animal prints, rainbows and celebrities as well as a variety of stylish colors. You’ll find pink, blue, yellow, green and blue among the color choices for your sleeve. Sleeves are perfect for students and those who don’t want the hassle of carrying around a large bag.

Laptop Bags look like backpacks, message bags and briefcases, depending on the style that you choose. They are also available in various sizes to accommodate all laptop sizes. Unlike the laptop sleeves, laptop bags offer many pockets that can store papers and other important documents as well as those to hold other items like the laptop charger.

Laptop bags are perfect for those who need the extra space for storage and do not mind the extra weight of the bag. These bags have been around for quite some time and are available in tons of awesome styles and designs to suit all tastes. Laptop bags vary in cost but are generally more expensive than laptop sleeves.

Additionally you will find that there are bags to accommodate tiny netbooks as well as those large enough to safely hold larger notebooks and tablets. Choose the size bag you will purchase based on the device that it is being used for.

Buying Laptop Sleeves

Important things to look for when choosing laptop sleeves:

  • Size matters- Measure your laptop before purchase to ensure that the right size is purchased.
  • Material- Most laptop sleeves are made of neoprene, and this is one of the best. Other materials to consider include canvas, leather and microfiber. The material will affect the weight of the bag as well as its durability, making it extremely important to choose the bag that is best-suited for your lifestyle.
  • Design- Choose something that suits your personality.
  • Padding- Sleeves come with various amounts of padding, and the amount that you’ll need varies according to a number of factors. Will the sleeve be placed in another bag? You’ll need less. Will you be carrying it around all day? Get more padding.
  • Price- Your sleeve should be affordable, with the average prices of laptop sleeves starting at around $10 to $15.

Qualities of good Laptop Bags

If you are buying a laptop bag, look for qualities that indicate it is a bag worth your money. This includes:

  • Construction- Your laptop bag should be sturdy and made of quality materials, else there’s not a lot of laptop protection you can count on.
  • Weight- A laptop bag weighs more than a laptop sleeve but there are still huge variations in the weight of different laptop bags. Choose one that offers all of the room that you need at the lightest weight for comfort as you tote your laptop around.
  • Extras- Choose a laptop bag that makes it easy to get in and out what you need. It should also have little extras like pockets for your cell phone or those for the laptop charger.

How to choose between a Laptop Bag & Laptop Sleeves

So which do you buy? Both provide great protection for your laptop, are affordable and stylish. Whether you choose a laptop bag or a laptop sleeve is a personal decision. Use the tips listed above to help you decide between the two. Laptop sleeves are perfect for those who need minimal storage while laptop bags better accommodate those of us who need space, space and more space. You can also make things a little bit easier and purchase one of both! That way you can mix it up any time that you need and always have the laptop protection that you need.

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