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Apple iPhone 5C Troubleshooting Guide

Q: What is the first thing you notice about this phone?

A: The beautiful outer shell of the iPhone 5C truly pops. This could be one of the prettiest iPhone’s ever made.


Q: What kind of battery life is to be expected when using the Apple iPhone 5C?

A: This 1510 mAh battery has been proven to give your iPhone enough juice to get through your work day and then some.


Q: What are some top apps for the Apple iPhone 5C?

A: Airdrop is a new file-sharing program exclusively designed for IOS devices. Airdrop allows you to transfer files to your friends devices provided you are close in proximity. Most social media apps are designed to be optimized for IOS as well.


Q: What operating system comes standard with the Apple iPhone 5C?

A: IOS 7


Q: How does this phone compare to other devices?

A: The iPhone 5C is very similar to the iPhone 5 in capabilities.