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Yahoo’s Hub gives traditional SMS some fierce competition

By Megan Fleet

Yahoo’s Hub gives traditional SMS some fierce competitionFor those customers unconcerned with RIMs stellar security record, BlackBerry Messenger is a customer retention application. iPhone specializes in WhatsApp. Yahoo now barges into the mobile device fray with a free Yahoo!Messenger app - for those die-hard OS or smart phone vendor enthusiasts, you’ll be pleased with the implications Hub has for your next device purchase. Discover the latest innovative protective solutions and premium electronic accessories from the industry's most leading brands

Yahoo has fast been losing value as a search engine company against Google, so, the former has engaged in online content such as “Shine” and their Yahoo Messenger to continue driving traffic to its sites.  View the latest unlocked cell phones .

Last Friday Yahoo announced the launch of Hub. This is a new text messaging application from the former search engine king.  What sets this launch apart? A few things:

  1. It permits smart phone users to not only text free of charge, but to create group chats a la BBM without being tied to an OS or carrier.
  2. Further expanding the options for consumers inclined to pursue an unlocked phone option.

Yahoo’s Hub gives traditional SMS some fierce competition

The beauty of this application is that it is device agnostic and compatible / communicable with any device with a phone number. The other phone doesn’t even have to have Hub installed to communicate (those messages are received as good ole fashioned SMS). Imagine the cost savings that enable you to explore customizable phone accessories or perhaps a tablet!

A further recommendation to Hub is its security features: private conversation threads - a luxury in the current Android, Blackberry and Apple environment of tracked locations, texts, and keystrokes.  Luckily for Android users, Hub is available in beta as a download from Android market.  Of course, the text app options are vast, especially for those consumers not tied to an OS, carrier, or smart phone manufacturer and open to reviewing the mobile device solutions available.

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