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XPERIA Play and HDMI Output

One thing that many have wondered is whether or not the XPERIA play has an HDMI output, which would really make the device as a whole much more valuable to users considering the device is meant to play games and many users would like to be able to play games on their television sets if they so choose to. The unlocked XPERIA Play is a device that has been highly touted by does lack a few features that many find themselves yearning for. Sony should have released the device with an HDMI adapter for the mini-USB input, but they have not done that at this time. Most users would like to be able to see the beautiful HD gaming graphics on their HDTV, but apparently that might be a feature that most will have to wait for the next version of the device before receiving it.

XPERIA Play and HDMI Output

However, a new developer version of the phone that looks as though it will be making its debut at e3 next week has given some users quite a bit of hope. The device features a new port on the left side of the device. The area of the phone was previously just a place where the chrome face of the phone was, but now it looks like they might be prepping the phone for an apparent addition of an HDMI output, which would answer the requests of many of their users.


XPERIA Play and HDMI OutputIt will be interesting to see what they have to say at E3 tomorrow. The XPERIA Play unlocked is a device that has received a lot of attention as the first PlayStation branded mobile device with its own dedicated game marketplace, and it looks like Sony is dedicated to fleshing the idea out despite sales that have disappointed many in the early months following the release of the device. However, Sony has remained committed to providing an excellent upgrade with each release of the device.