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Unlocked iPhone 4 HD Camera

The ability to record HD video with the unlocked iPhone 4 is something that truly sets it apart from the competition. No matter where you go you will be able to capture HD video of any landscape in front of you. It has been one of the biggest draws for the phone. The back of the phone also features an illumination sensor that delivers high quality video both in low and bright settings, ensuring that you always get the shot that you intended on.

Edit Your Videos on Your iPhone 4

Most phones that are able to capture video require that you transfer the video file back to your phone before you are able to edit it. The iPhone 4 has built in technology that allows you to edit the video through the camera app, directly after the video has been recorded. You can even set start and end points for the video as soon as it has been shot so that you do not have to take up extra hard drive space with excess video files.
Use the iMovie App To Produce Finished Movies

The iMovie app is one of the most popular apps dealing with video and the iPhone 4. At just $4.99, the iMovie app allows you to edit each video that you shoot into separate video clips, as well as polish your movies and add borders and background to give it that finished quality.

Along with the high definition camera that can be found on the back of the iPhone 4, the device also offers a VGA quality camera on the front of your phone so that you can take video of yourself or take a portrait shot while being able to see exactly what you are shooting on the screen on the phone.

Once you have taken the video, the iPhone 4 makes it easy for you to quickly send it through messages and other apps to anyone of your choosing. All you have to do is tap on the camera icon in your “messages” app, and then click on MMS, which will place the movie in a message that you can then send to friends of yours that are able to receive movies through MMS.

The iPhone 4 unlocked handset has revolutionized the way that video is shared and recorded. The HD camera allows you to capture any moment, even when you forgot to bring a camera.