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Windows Phone Apps Ability to Run on Windows 8

Will Windows Phone Apps be able to run on Windows 8? This is a question that many have asked, without a great answer being out there previous. A total of 70% of the smartphone market share within the mobile industry is held by Android and Apple, and Microsoft is only holding a small 6% of the market at this time. However, so far there has not been much interest in the operating system among developers, despite the fact that the operating system is fairly promising at this time. Perhaps people feel like both unlocked iPhone 4 and Android have the market cornered, and do not have faith in Microsoft being able to keep up."Windows-8"

The company also debuted their new Windows 8 operating system recently, and it has become abundantly clear that they are looking to go to the tile structure with the Windows 8 as well. It looks as though the company is looking to familiarize users with the style of interface, in the same way that Apple has done with their most recent version of OSx, in order to allow users to have a little bit of familiarity when they are smart devices as well. This is definitely been something that companies have been interested in as of late, and appears to be the direction that Microsoft is heading with the Windows 8 operating system as well."windows-phone-apps"

Some believe that the company is looking to streamline the process for developers so that they can develop applications both for the Windows 8 operating system, as well as for Windows phones such as unlocked HTC 7 Surround in one fell swoop. This would be a smart marketing strategy as it would give developers more of a reason to work with Microsoft and also allow them to greatly expand their application marketplace for both styles of devices. This could be a huge move that could help them to garner more market share that others may not see coming far in advance.