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Windows OS hacked via SMS and Messaging

By Megan Fleet

Have you ever wondered what kind of advances could be made in the world if hackers and malicious code writers put their brains to something not quite so… well, malicious?

Windows OS hacked via SMS and MessagingAlas, that is a an unlikely scenario considering hackers consider breaking into an OS and accessing it at the root level as something of an art form and a sport. Like IT Tai Chi.  Accessories are designed to protect, personalize and enhance your mobile devices.  Discover innovative protective solutions and premium electronic accessories from the industry's most leading brands


The victim of the most recent OS hack? Microsoft’s Windows Phone. It looks like the attack is carried out through an SMS or a chat message from either Facebook or Windows Live Messenger and is used to disable the phone’s Messaging hub.  Get powered up for work, life and play easily and conveniently with their collection of desktop chargers, wall chargers and car chargers.   Get all the power and energy you need for the mobile lifestyle.


Some affected users will be notified of the infiltration by the Live tile pinned to the homescreen from the contact you received the message from. Then the phone will freeze. These victims have an easier fix – restart the device and remove the tile prior to it completely loading. A hard reset is still required, but allows a quick backup of photos etc. To prevent a possible infection of your Windows OS at the PC level, use of removable memory is a good precaution.  Discover the widest online selection of Bluetooth Headsets and BlueTooth Car Kits.  Latest technology from top brand manufacturers.  Hands free functionality is designed for the interactive 'on the go' lifestyle  and allows safe driving.

Windows OS hacked via SMS and Messaging

Unfortunately, in other cases, post attack, the Messaging hub cannot start and will require a hard reset on the device. As with any device consumers, need to consider removable memory cards as a seriously good idea in the event the handset and OS are compromised.

To rule out device specific flaws, Windows Phone 7.5 (for both build 7720 and 7740) were tested. Those results point to an issue at the OS level and not with the devices.

In all, this malware appears relatively innocuous as it doesn’t appear to compromise the security of the device and Microsoft is already working on a fix.

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