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Windows 7 Phone Will not Support MicroSD Cards or Multitasking

In more news about the upcoming Windows 7 phone Microsoft released a few more details about what we can expect with this new mobile device.  Charlie Kindel, who is in charge of Microsoft’s Windows Phone developer strategy, said that Microsoft is working with developers to make sure that Windows Phone 7 handsets come equipped with enough memory for applications, 3D games and media storage.  Kindel also went on to suggest that these phones may have microSD cards embedded in them but will be locked in place so that the end user can not get to them.

Microsoft also noted that much like the iPhone the Windows Phone 7 will not be a true multitasking device.  Third party applications will not be able to run continuously in the background and those using VoiP will be limited.  “Apps that run arbitrarily in the background create an end user experience where battery life and responsiveness of the system becomes … inconsistent," Kindel said.  "We focused on getting a set of experiences right where we didn't have to support [multitasking,] but we will over time."

While it is sort of a bummer that true multitasking will not be supported with the onset of the Windows 7 Phone it is reassuring that they will be working on it for the future.  One of my biggest pet peeves about the current mobile devices is their lack of multitasking abilities.  It sounds like future releases of the Windows Phone 7 might just have that problem solved though.