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Will the iPhone 4S be a Bestseller

The press conference by Tim Cook has been one filled with mixed emotions. Many people were expecting a totally new phone to be released by Apple. Very few expected to get nothing more than a hardware improving the unlocked iPhone 4. Sure there are a lot of great new features available and the hardware has been given some great improvements but overall it is basically the same phone.Will the iPhone 4S be a Bestseller

The question now should be asked will the iPhone 4S become a bestseller. It may be a little too early to tell but the increased speed and new software features of the phone may allow it to continue to be the phone of choice for smart phone users. More importantly than the release of the iPhone 4S is the release of a new software iOS 5 which has some 200+ features added to it many of which are useful improvements for users.Will the iPhone 4S be a Bestseller

Notifications have been improved basically replacing a system that previously did not do its job for unlocked iPhone 4. The eight megapixel camera on the phone is also a good upgrade as an apparently increases the pixilation of the photos by over 60%. It also records video at 1080 P. high definition resolution. Voice recognition is also new feature added to the phone which allows you to ask basic questions and phone and have the answer presented to you on screen. For example, you can ask the weather forecast for particular city and the phone will instantly tell you the temperature by pulling the data from your weather app. Ask for the time in France for example and the phone will display the time there without an issue. These are just basic examples of the voice recognition application Siri and we expect to see third-party developers create some creative applications using this powerful feature.