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We’ve got your Ice Cream Sandwich updates

By: Aldo Panessidi

Android 4.0 was first seen on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus six months ago. Still, millions of Android device owners are waiting for their Ice Cream Sandwich.  Thanks to the folks at Engaget, we have a list of the official downloads for the most popular legacy devices that have ICS, as well as those that the manufacturers have promised updates for in the future.

We’ve got your Ice Cream Sandwich updates

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Samsung has done the best job so far at adding Ice Cream Sandwich to many of their unlocked devices -- the  Samsung Galaxy S 2 in particular. Samsung’s list shows a lot more on their way, but updates to branded devices seem to stall in carrier-specific testing. Galaxy Tab users outside of Canada are still waiting for ICS.

Available Now

Galaxy S 2 (unlocked, Canada)

Galaxy S 2 LTE (unlocked, Canada)

Galaxy S 2 X (Canada)

Galaxy S 2 HD LTE (Canada)

Galaxy Note (unlocked, Canada)

Nexus S (unlocked)

Nexus S 4G (Sprint)

Galaxy Tab 7.0 (Canada)

Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus (Canada)

Galaxy Tab 8.9 (Canada)

Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Canada)

Coming Soon

Galaxy S 2 (AT&T, T-Mo, Sprint)

Galaxy Note (AT&T)

Galaxy S II Skyrocket (AT&T)

Galaxy S Blaze 4G (T-Mo)

Captivate Glide (AT&T)

Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus (unlocked, T-Mo, WiFi)

Galaxy Tab 7.7 (unlocked, VZW)

Galaxy Tab 8.9 (unlocked, AT&T, WiFi)

Galaxy Tab 10.1 (unlocked,T-Mo, VZW, WiFi)

Galaxy R

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We’ve got your Ice Cream Sandwich updates

HTC offers two different versions of Sense on ICS: Sense 4 for phones natively supporting ICS, and another for legacy devices. If you own one of the devices listed below, you'll have Sense 3.6, the "lighter" iteration that stays true to the UI's older look.

Available Now


Sensation XE

Sensation 4G (T-Mobile)

Vivid (AT&T)

Velocity 4G (Australia)

Coming Soon

Amaze 4G (T-Mobile)

EVO 3D (Sprint, Virgin Mobile)

Rezound (VZW)

Desire S

Desire HD

EVO Design 4G (Sprint, Boost)

Incredible S / Incredible 2 (unlocked, VZW)

Raider 4G


Thunderbolt (VZW)

Sensation XL


Sony is finally rolling out ICS. They plan to push Android 4.0 to all 2011 Xperia smartphones. Sony has a forum post that goes into details on models that have already been upgraded.

Available Now

Xperia Ray

Xperia arc S

Xperia neo V

Tablet S

Coming Soon

Xperia S

Xperia arc

Xperia Play

Xperia neo

Xperia mini

Xperia mini pro

Xperia pro

Xperia active

Xperia U

Xperia P

Xperia sola

Xperia ion (AT&T)

Tablet P

Live with Walkman

We’ve got your Ice Cream Sandwich updates


Motorola has a forum page for progress on each device. A large number of phones and tablets not on this list are still in "evaluation and planning" stages. By that, Motorola means they are under consideration for receiving ICS, but not all of them will see it. The devices below will get an upgrade.

Available Now

Xoom WiFi (USA)

Coming Soon

Atrix 2 (AT&T)

Atrix 4G (AT&T)

Droid Bionic (VZW)

Droid RAZR (VZW)

Droid RAZR Maxx (VZW)

RAZR (unlocked)

Droid 4 (VZW)

Xoom (WiFi global, Family Edition USA)

Xoom 2 / Xoom 2 Media Edition (unlocked)

Xyboard 8.2 / Xyboard 10.1 (VZW)

Photon 4G

MT917 (China)

XT928 (China)


LG is taking its time getting ICS to its legacy devices. The company has plans for most of its latest handsets, but only a few phones will get ICS before the end of June. The rest will have to wait until the third quarter.

Available Now


Coming Soon

Optimus LTE

Optimus 2X

Optimus Sol

Prada by LG 3.0

myTouch Q


Spectrum (VZW)

Lucid (VZW)

Viper (Sprint)

Nitro HD (AT&T)

Optimus 3D

Optimus Black

Optimus Big

Optimus Q2

Optimus EX