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Wet And Wild! - Best Waterproof Cases From PureMobile

We at PureMobile can't wait to hop in the pool. One thing we don't want to do is have our phones come along for the ride. But, there are cases that let that scary situation become a reality without fear. At this point, almost every accessory company worth their weight produces waterproof cases. We have decided to spotlight a few of our favourites in this blog. Scroll down, and check out our favourite waterproof cases from three of our most popular brands, Otterbox, Griffin, and Incipio!

Incipio Atlas

The ATLAS delivers the most advanced technology to safeguard the Apple iPhone 5 and 5S against water, shock, dirt and dust. Featuring a scratch-resistant tempered glass screen, this case allows you to enter the dark waters of uncertainty and emerge dry and functional.

Griffin Survivor

This case has become the easiest-to-use case on the market these days and has been designed for freedom both in and around water. This case can be submersed as deep as 10 feet and can be used every day. Waterproof is how you can describe this case and no matter how you put it, in the bathtub, a sink, the pool, it’s going to protect your phone without causing damage. This case is compatible for the iPhone and protects it from water, rain, vibration and more. You still have access to volume buttons and still have a tight seal.

Otterbox Preserver

Never fear mixing your Apple iPhone 5S with water again when you protect it with the seriously waterproof Preserver Series case. Built to withstand water up to 6.6 ft deep for thirty minutes you never need to wait and empty your pockets before diving into fun. Play in the mud, splash through puddles and run through the sprinklers with your phone. This sturdy waterproof iPhone 5s case is also built to prevail over drops up to 6.6 ft., and it keeps dust and dirt away from your device. Don’t worry a second more about anything happening to your iPhone 5s when it’s snapped safely into a Preserver Series case. Two solid pieces of polycarbonate with overmolded rubber snap together to lock out liquids and messes while locking in trusted OtterBox protection. Get protection that inspires confidence with the Preserver Series iPhone 5s waterproof case.