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Voomote Makes for Excellence iPhone Universal Remote

It is no secret that many wish that they could use their mobile device as a television remote control. The recently released Voomote One is a pretty neat device that is able to provide a universal remote to all users of the Apple unlocked iPhone 4. Along with the application, you were also able to utilize an attachment that plugs into the bottom of your device making it a universal remote. The application has some pretty interesting features, that allow you to create custom layouts that you can change based on what is comfortable for you. You can also change the layout of the application based on the devices that are in the room, in order to give you maximum potential for the device.

This allows you to set up controls for not only your television, but also your cable box and DVR and a separate bedroom. The application will also allow you to create macros for your commands that will allow you to start several different devices with the tap of a single button. It is a pretty interesting little application and add-on that will allow you to add a great functionality to your device. As of right now, the add-on and application will cost you a total of $99 in all, but will definitely provide some interesting functionality for your device that we have not seen before remote control apps for television related devices.

Watch for athlete this to catch on in the future as they become increasingly popular in common. We have seen a lot of additions to the features for applications and add-ons like this, and the Voomote seems to be the best that has been released so far. It will most definitely be interesting to see if they continue to release future versions of the remote control application, increasing the features and adding additional functionality to what is already a very solid device i.e. unlocked iPhone 4.